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First Max
First Max 13 órája
Imagine being the “engineer” at master lock
Adam Koetsier
Adam Koetsier 13 órája
Yes...this is exactly what dropshipping is.
Axt Chaos
Axt Chaos 13 órája
"where's my ice cream?!" "I'll do you one better, what's ice cream" "I'll do YOU one better, WHY is ice cream"
Dante Allen
Dante Allen 13 órája
hey.. isnt that my parents safe........
Ukraine James
Ukraine James 13 órája
I would love to see you pick those Toyota locks that use TOY48 keys to open. Can't seem to find anything online other than the Lishi decoders opening them. Wondering if there are other ways to pick.
Benjamin Cornier
Benjamin Cornier 13 órája
Hrng, cognac
K T 13 órája
Score 1 for the disc lock here which did it's job. If hasp broke then build a better one. Lock win LPL.
E T Von Rashke
E T Von Rashke 13 órája
I found out my dog is the most reliable security I have.
Quinten Maccalla
Quinten Maccalla 13 órája
It's kinda funny I have never been into locks or lock picking but I love this guy lol
Raven Rav
Raven Rav 13 órája
1 little tap ended that whole lock(s) career
Pranith Maddirala
Pranith Maddirala 13 órája
This was the lock to my home all through my childhood! My parents still use that lock!
Tequila And Tacos
Tequila And Tacos 13 órája
Good video
angrytexan666 13 órája
The company is probably owned by a donor, friend or family member of whoever decided to set up this purchase
soil the stillborn
soil the stillborn 13 órája
I think it's for a comedy thing like something you bring to a gun convention or whatever with your bros and you hype it up sarcastically as this godsend of a gun lock then present them with that. Would make for a really good 1 time joke at a big convention showing it off to gun enthusiasts and such to make peoples day. But other than that useless
Watching Videos
Watching Videos 13 órája
You need a better publicity rep. You only got 23 million views for your obviously superior potential criminality.
Jonathan Rosales
Jonathan Rosales 13 órája
Wow he did it in 1 .11 seconds.
Chris Heath
Chris Heath 13 órája
whatever you used to cut that "thin metal can" can be used to cut that thin "metal core" saved a step :)
HexiisGaming2012 13 órája
If i ever get booted i’m throwin that shit in the back, any idea on how to tell if it’s fake tho? lol
Hari Seldon
Hari Seldon 13 órája
He sells the notched decoder over on Covertinstruments.com just in case anyone is too lazy to cut one out of a Red Bull can like he showed in the past... :)
Rockwell Rhodes
Rockwell Rhodes 13 órája
A locked gun is a useless gun... much like a liberal.
noel patrick
noel patrick 13 órája
Hi-Tech exposed,,,, great work
racsomv 13 órája
I work in retail. And if you’re going to do this “fix” please steal the whole pack. I’m tired of cleaning up half stolen sock packs and boxer packs with holes in them.
Austin_B33l 13 órája
75 bucks for 2 mins of fucking cutting wtf lol
Slav Boii
Slav Boii 13 órája
Zack from JerryRigEverything also made a video on this lock
eric heine
eric heine 13 órája
Cordless angle grinder with a metal cutting disc. Hold the lock with a vise grip.
_blod 13 órája
At least your belongings are safe from fire. :)
The Matrix
The Matrix 13 órája
Oh my God I want one.
Mark Eichin
Mark Eichin 13 órája
"Not having seen my videos is simply inexcusable in a lock sold today..."
Dem0nflare 13 órája
I don't even use locks anymore because of this channel. I just leave a piece of paper that's say "Hi", it was more effective then "don't touch" for some reason.
JustOneAsbesto 13 órája
0:38 wuzzat? Oh. The other guy.
Down Scope
Down Scope 13 órája
Doors are not hung with the hinges on the outside.
Minecraftranger 6
Minecraftranger 6 13 órája
soo free stuff?
Anthony Manzalji
Anthony Manzalji 13 órája
Hackers get hired by software companies.. Time for masterlock to hire LPL.
Roger Harris
Roger Harris 13 órája
When the LPL is picking a lock -- "Nothing on 1... 2... click on 3..." -- it always reminds me of a trip to the dentist.
Elon Musk
Elon Musk 13 órája
it reminds me of a typical security system written using an outsourcing company located in India. Absolutely the same idea: security through obscurity.
Ethan moua
Ethan moua 13 órája
orrrr you can cut out the top or bottom
Lit Q
Lit Q 13 órája
This is The story of a girl
RumbleZero 13 órája
Now I wanna know what happened in 1983
Wesley Billy
Wesley Billy 13 órája
Gonna guess it rhymed with Warriot Motel
Bot 5
Bot 5 13 órája
All I can say is “you get what you pay for”
Mar Kazain
Mar Kazain 13 órája
If you’re married to a woman who lock ice creams, find another one
Bot 5
Bot 5 13 órája
All I can say is “you get what you pay for”
K B 13 órája
Sheffy55 13 órája
Idk what the mechanism here is like, but it looks like it's shimmible?
Tom Haflinger
Tom Haflinger 13 órája
The rounded notches in the shackle suggest it's probably got ball bearings and can't be shimmed, right? I feel like shimming and this actuator trick are kind of on the same "level" in terms of lock bypass techniques, so it's silly that the lock is hardened against one exploit but not another fairly similar one. It would be like adding security pins to a lock but still leaving it susceptible to combing.
P D 13 órája
They are cheap locks, they are mainly to stop someone in the yard pinning up and pulling a trailer out of the dock when it still has freight on it. Most trailers have a GPS tracker built into them (look for a out of place yellow clearance light on the top front of the trailer, that is the transponder. control and battery pack are built into the wall of the trailer, charges up when lights are on). You will never stop a determined thief. The pin locks are exposed to dirt and grease, no real lock would survive much use. There were "better" locks that would go onto the gladhand for the emergency brakes (cant hook the airline up, can't release the brakes and move the trailer) thieves got around that by cutting the airline and splicing in a new hose. Locks are for honest people in trucking lol
Disorbs 13 órája
xD "Think smarter not Harder"
Fps 0077
Fps 0077 13 órája
But can he pick my nose in under 3 minutes
Raimizan razak
Raimizan razak 13 órája
dang now i wanna know about Mr LPL senior
UwU 1234
UwU 1234 13 órája
The bad smell was intentional, thats the only defence it provides
Team_ Ghost
Team_ Ghost 13 órája
So you teach thief’s?
flshmastrj 13 órája
LPL I'm wondering if you can pick my cousins chastity-belt for me?
TheCrimsonChin 13 órája
Makes sense
FarizzulFarouk 13 órája
Reading the letter took much longer than unlock that lock tho.
CLOUD NINE 13 órája
I want to kno what lock/bike lock does he actually recommend. ?
Greg Fam
Greg Fam 13 órája
Wow.... is there ANY lock that you could recommend then for my luggage? 😳
Kevin Tao
Kevin Tao 13 órája
What the fuck ? He recommends these locks but has videos picking them in a matter of minutes ?
hypnobearcoup 13 órája
China, truly a trustworthy fellow first world nation.
Tamas Mihaly
Tamas Mihaly 13 órája
That sound is mesmerizing.
Fox 13 órája
Me: Buying cheap bikes and lock it with $800 lock Thief: Cuts the pole where the bike usually lock to Me: I need more thicc pole
Boomblox5896 13 órája
I have no idea why anyone would want to copy a "worthless" lock like this. (Other than for money of course) That seems almost counterproductive to be doing that as soon as this lock gets bad reviews. It would have been better to copy a half-decent lock or at least try to improve it somehow than do this.
Qiqi 13 órája
LPL really don't believe in the "unpickable" that he welded their own love lock. Outstanding move
Weeb Girlll
Weeb Girlll 13 órája
Hah imagine being married what a SIMPPPPP
MXM 888
MXM 888 13 órája
Awesome!!! New subscriber. And like!!!
BringerOfD 13 órája
Book smart people know how to pick locks. Street smart people know you don't need to touch the lock.
· Dickbooster ·
· Dickbooster · 14 órája
The government- *puts coin locks on toilets Women- so you've chosen death
Ohh Man
Ohh Man 14 órája
Thanks HUrun and this man! I now have 2 new bikes and a lawnmower
James Page
James Page 14 órája
The door is installed incorrectly the hinges should be inside not out. Weird.
Captured By Smartphones
Modern bikes have quick unlock mechanisms for most of the parts anyway. Just gut the bike up on the spot in minutes and all that's left would be the frame.
mickmorrell 14 órája
haha great comments section again for another great lpl vid. in reality I find it much harder to pick a lock because once it's been out in the elements, been opened and closed a few hundred times then the slots all get a little loose or they all start binding because they full of dirt and dust and it's hard to tell what is a gate and what is not.
Kevin Tao
Kevin Tao 14 órája
Why doesnt this guy recommend safes, locks to us that are excellent ?
Draco West
Draco West 14 órája
mmm *keyways*
Armistice023 14 órája
He said Bosnian Bill!
Mitchell Tennant
Mitchell Tennant 14 órája
Have you ever picked the lock that you have to inject the key into the slot?
kyle wineinger
kyle wineinger 14 órája
Any lock that warrants a video longer than 30 seconds is at least a challenge for us pleebs
Shyplays7 14 órája
i like to call it a "divorce"
Cort Peterson
Cort Peterson 14 órája
That is way to easy
Socheata Ros
Socheata Ros 14 órája
Patrick Radcliffe
Patrick Radcliffe 14 órája
I had a slaymaker bike lock when I was in elementary school.
Ryzha 14 órája
I want to see the STUFF branded lock