[1241] A Love Lock That Can NEVER Be Opened?!? LOL 

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Happy Valentines Day!









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Nicholas Lukowski
Nicholas Lukowski 15 perccel
I used to work city maintenance. One day I had to go around all the bridges in my city with bolt cutters cutting all these love locks off. Apparently all the extra weight affects the structural capacity.
JoeMoe Moe
JoeMoe Moe 18 perccel
Shims do a number on master locks also. Great chanel
Owen Teague
Owen Teague 22 perccel
Forever isn’t as quiet as long as it used to be
Restalk 51 perce
So love is everlasting......... unless someone else comes around to mess with it.... Yeah sounds like reality.
John Anders
John Anders 59 perccel
I could only imagine LPL going to a bridge and picking all of the locks.
International Stacker
jamfoxs Órája
Mr. Lock picking lawyer spitting fires at the end of the video
No One Important To You
Is there anything you don't destroy?
Ed Bradburn
Ed Bradburn 2 órája
Wedding good, welding better.
Zachary Albarelli
I would guess the lock is in Wilmington NC
Alexandar F
Alexandar F 2 órája
Hilarious ending 😁
Survival of the Fittest -only truth
1:31 "with the right tools forever isn't quite as long as it used to be" "it's just your turn" Both statements represent the same deep message. The world of temporary will always remain temporary :((
Blank Channel
Blank Channel 2 órája
"And That Lock, Is Welded Shut." LockPickingLawyer -2021
PsychoLucario 4 órája
authorities absolutely hate these things since well known bridges get absolutely covered in these things
Yvonne Howard
Yvonne Howard 5 órája
The lock has probably been removed by the city. The locks damage the fences.
Antonio Harris
Antonio Harris 5 órája
Took me a long time to find this video. I can now pick my lock.
Fionor 6 órája
Please, don't put locks on the bridges. It's terrible habit and it damages those brisges. Prague and Paris (and other cities) have lot of troubles with this and it cost a lot of money to remove locks and repair damages to the railings.
Sherzy Jr
Sherzy Jr 6 órája
Welded shut? Pass the bolt cutter.
Fred Floyd
Fred Floyd 6 órája
You’re the reason I got divorced, thanks
Oily Akara
Oily Akara 6 órája
"With the right tools, forever isn't quite as long as it used to be"
Rod Lester Felipe
lol give me some wielding rod I will gonna wield my love lock forever
Maniesh Ramanayake
If you draw the outline of this lock, you get 8===) 😉
Brendan Bush
Brendan Bush 7 órája
LPL: "This is the LockPicking lawyer and today I will be destroying people's marriages by picking each and every love lock on this bridge"
cojón biónico
cojón biónico 8 órája
imagine opening someones lock with a big pair of industrial shears and go "your wife died" open, but never truly unlocked
mag1cally 8 órája
wouldve been nice if you used a method that wouldve worked on all keyless locks and not just poorly made gimmick ones.
Quayle Man
Quayle Man 8 órája
Intil a million ppl do it and nearly collapsed a bridge lol
Kyrkogrim 8 órája
Marco Garcia Jr
Marco Garcia Jr 9 órája
Saw it in half...
Cranky Chip
Cranky Chip 10 órája
Is it just me or is it a ding dong
Zyvo2 10 órája
Lockpick this * Throws actual heart with keyhole in it, still beating *
Twisted Tempo
Twisted Tempo 11 órája
Bro when lpl said he welded his lock, it cracked a rib 😂😂😂
Lindsey 11 órája
i know thats right
xxWintersLullabyxx 11 órája
I didn’t search for this
ItsReaperGrim 12 órája
I just kept a spare set of keys
Marcus Collins
Marcus Collins 12 órája
LockPickingLawyer: “it symbolizes the eternal love in this temporary world... *NOW AS YOU KNOW IN THIS CHANNEL* “
K B 13 órája
Qiqi 13 órája
LPL really don't believe in the "unpickable" that he welded their own love lock. Outstanding move
Shyplays7 14 órája
i like to call it a "divorce"
Socheata Ros
Socheata Ros 14 órája
This guy is obviously a divorce lawyer lmao
BDFFRNT 14 órája
Love picking lawyer
Ezbib 14 órája
Don’t give people ideas 😂
Ion Hunter
Ion Hunter 15 órája
Apparently my ex wife is a lock picking gold digger.
Mans is out here ending relationships...
Jacob Paint
Jacob Paint 16 órája
I realise that having the lock welded shut is a romantic gesture but that wasn't the immediate thought that came to mind. Maybe it's a product of having watched all of the April fools videos but I can't help but think that a welded shut lock seems more like unfortunate innuendo suggesting of trouble in LPL paradise.... Has LPL ever picked a chastity belt on this channel? 😉
im about to go ruin some relationships with this knowledge
Anxiety Child
Anxiety Child 16 órája
When forever is 16 seconds
Madeline 16 órája
Love the videos of cities taking bolt cutters to bridges being ruined by tourists leaving love locks
Thorn Matthew
Thorn Matthew 17 órája
Big issue here in Boston and in Paris with this. The weight of 10,000 locks can threaten the structural integrity of the bridges that become super popular for this practice.
Mand'alor te maan
Mand'alor te maan 17 órája
I'm going to unlock every love lock I see now
Sean Lewicki
Sean Lewicki 17 órája
This one seems somehow deep and poetic. And I laughed at the part about that lock being something that he could not tolerate, ha.
🌟 𝕋 𝕀 𝔻 𝔾 𝕐 ✓
This video coupled with the comments has made my day. Actually scratch that it's made my month ☺️☺️
doot lord
doot lord 18 órája
divorce unlock
soan 18 órája
wife : you ain't got dinner this month.
Talisman 18 órája
>welded shut There's always a way.
Andres Diaz
Andres Diaz 18 órája
And just as I'm about to break up with my gf lmao
Mercedes 18 órája
I felt the sarcasm in that “LOL”
Uncle Bob
Uncle Bob 18 órája
If after opening you shimmy the lock even further, you'll find that the lock itself transmutes into notarized divorce papers.
Liam Callaghan
Liam Callaghan 18 órája
My ambition in life is to become a master locksmith and travel the world unlocking love locks and throwing it back in the faces of the twats that put it there.
NAMELESS 19 órája
Would love to see a vid where you take locks off of bridges lmao
Jonni - EmeraldBlade98
“Love you ever”
Jason VonIrsik
Jason VonIrsik 19 órája
I'm going to create a lock he can't open. Once locked it will release thermite, just enough to weld it shut. (HE LITERALLY SAID WELD IT SHUT AS I WAS TYPING WELD IT SHUT)
Elysian 19 órája
Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. They use bolt cutters instead of picking the locks to remove “love locks” in highly popular locations for this activity. Primarily because the combined weight of thousands of locks can degrade structural integrity over time.
Eeveenii- 19 órája
I love that your lock is welded shut. honestly shouldnt have expected anything less from you lmao
Reality Reviews
Reality Reviews 19 órája
LPL: now let me show you why your symbol of love is meaningless
Gage Capps
Gage Capps 19 órája
Actual lawyers explaining divorce papers" with the right tools forever isn't that long"
jerckï72 20 órája
imagine this guy going to bridges and picking the love locks -_-
Alex White
Alex White 20 órája
Imagine breaking up with a chick and doing this
Glorious Psychopath
This lock can't be opened Lpl "and I took that personally
Cu Adfeng
Cu Adfeng 20 órája
That "welded shut" sounded like a challenge.
Menacingly Fried Chicken
1:30 ....
Snow 21 órája
any pad lock can be defeated with a good pair of bolt cutters
Name's Roz
Name's Roz 21 órája
Adam Levine : if i got locked away LPL : I'll pick that away
YoshiThePuppet 22 órája
The way to break loves bond is by cheating, thanks LPL
Ryan Red
Ryan Red 23 órája
Give this to your wife or GF and say it will open when I stop loving you
Just The Hedricks
Just The Hedricks 23 órája
I love that detail at the end, extremely wholesome.
Michael Brown
Love Locks are Great
Ghost in a Jacket
That love lock 100% was made like a penis
This made my day, a beautiful video. Especially since this cretinous idea of the love lock is wearing down bridges for the weight of those cursed things combined. I saw it in Rome (where they removed them by force, har har) and I saw it in Hamburg. I hope they outlaw this useless tradition.
Dirtlipdom Napja
If this guy said he could open any lock with a single strand of hair i would probably believe him...xD
Proto Propski
LPL performing turbulent devorce of lock
Brian Stells
when you get a divorce: *we goin fishin*
Aldryth Rhu'læl
"And that lock is welded shut" That's one way to do it....
Skarscat Napja
Well that’s sad
Kale Chapo
Kale Chapo Napja
Lock pick lawyers coming to take your woman
RedDogge Napja
Lpl defies the laws of physics
Nooby Napja
*The power of love is bullshit*
Lee Young Woo
probably been cut off by now LPL
Pranav Nair
Basically *How to Cheat*
mike mitchell
A little high amp 220v will make any lock un pickable
that lock looks a little sus
The Tutorial Guy
A million sorry souls just found a reason to be single again 😂
lane dobbin
Imagine a girl gives this to some guy and he proceeds to lock pick it open and you hear him say "nice click on one"
Smasher lol
Love lock exist.... This man I am going to break up all the couple's love locks
Kafke Napja
>welded shut Truly the only way to keep a lock closed. Heard it here first.
一分鍾學一句英語Learn Chinese daily
How about pouring superglue on those cracks.
Helbram's Gibbs
Love is strong, but Padlock Shim is stronger!
The Sethioz Project
Anything that can be closed, can also be opened and vice versa. It's just question of how much effort are you willing to put towards opening / closing something.
yugen _
yugen _ Napja
"This lock cannot be unlocked" LPL: ...and I took that personally