[1242] NYT Wirecutter Says These Are The Best Bike Locks 

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Richard Leung
Richard Leung 38 perccel
Can you recommend a bike lock please?
Wes_The_Hunter 7 órája
I hope Bosnian Bill and LPL don't get sued by some big billion dollar company. Because if Bill and LPL didn't make this tool, Someone else would have. Lock Companies should always work as if they're products will be cheated, and need to not be lazy and have innovation.
Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain 15 órája
No, you're educating consumers
Mr. W
Mr. W Napja
Good luck stealing my brother's bike after picking the lock. It's slow, heavy, bright, and he always removes the seat after parking it. A real eyesore and a literal pain in the ass.
GET: Food
GET: Food Napja
I wonder how many thief's are watching this.
Jason Gooden
Bowling needs to make a U lock
Rispatha Napja
A lock picking tool that is so uncommon that not all "locksmiths" have one in spite of the relatively inexpensive price tag.
This is the reason why my bike will get robbed
Briente McComber
So the question remains, what is the "best" bike lock?? Geez.
TheMiniRobot 2 napja
It's simple, just insert the photon displacement apprentice inside the vibranium coupling module and adjust the quantum neutrino parameters until a critical antimatter flux ratio is achieved. And that's how you pick the kryptonite lock!
Eduardo Montero
So what you are saying is this would be really hard to pick if only you hadn’t gone out of your way to make a special tool to do it, and is now being sold to the public.
Thomas Corcoran
What bike lock would the lockpicking lawyer recommend?
Greggory 2 napja
What bike lock do you recommend?
Sergiu 2 napja
That's how those fu@#ers stole my bike 😂
hgjghgh 2 napja
why Doesn t kryptonite put a cipherlock instead of a keylock on these ulocks? ciphers are safer or?
jym daddy
jym daddy 3 napja
Is there a lock on the planet that the LPL has failed to open? No...
drvxd 3 napja
Having recently purchased one of these locks, that was a rather depressing watch...
Matt Clary
Matt Clary Napja
@drvxd yeah by an experienced picker with a special tool. A normal thief won’t be able to pick it
drvxd Napja
@Matt Clary locks that can be picked in seconds.
Matt Clary
Matt Clary Napja
Wym he said they were good locks
Aaron Hutton
Aaron Hutton 3 napja
This man is just built different. These locks however, are not.
My Channel
My Channel 3 napja
Henry N.
Henry N. 3 napja
Does ANY lock work??!!
Alfreeerson 3 napja
1:37 yo that little pogo stick looking nice
Don't Worry, I'm A Professional.
Is there a disk detainer lock that starts in the counterclockwise position?
Spartans Football and Basketball
I've watched a bunch but I've come to realize this dude is picking locks as a professional with proper equipment..... Sitting at a desk in his home. Keep wasting your time folks....
Click Beetle
Click Beetle 4 napja
Has Bosnian Bill ever made an appearance? I would be super curious now that the man is a legend by proxy
Paul T
Paul T 4 napja
Would Primus lock be a better option for these locks?
Jerrybasel 5 napja
A few years ago i had such a lock, brand new. And i got stuck for a hour because it didnt open with the key. Perhaps its made too cheap or its because it was brand new... the key didnt enter properly to the very "in" position. After wd40 and lot of time i saw the problem, could enter the key and open it and brought it back to the shop.
mrkeefor 5 napja
I guess we have to use multiple locks of differing types so no 1 tool can be used to pick.
death box
death box 5 napja
this is harder than it looks.
miguel panta
miguel panta 5 napja
why he sells these tools?
Makyah O'Sullivan
i want to get an ebike, so definitely would need one of these lol
Mostly Penny Cat
But. Didn't _you_ invent these tools and give them to people?
Jon Boy
Jon Boy 6 napja
Subtle. 😉
I've been trying to find a lock that would do well, but I'm incredibly paranoid when it comes to security... It's not so much that I feel I'm surrounded by thieves, but more that I'm so low on money that I don't think I'd be able to risk losing my bike since it's my own method of transport at the moment. (though, I do live in a place with bike thieves, my bike stays inside the house so it's not possible for people to take it, more so shops, work, and town.) (EDIT: OK, I'm a little dumb, and didn't realise I had a video qued for auto-play about recommended locks, so I call back this question (unless people have insight), but am keeping it in because I personally like to not entirely change my comments after I post them.) What locks would best be recommended? I heard a lot about these Kryptonite locks, but I feel like (since they are advertised and praised) people looking to steal bikes are more aware and prepared for their existence. I then end up falling into this loop of "this lock is popular, so people are probably able to recognise and break them", and "this lock isn't popular enough, does that mean it's shoddy design?"
Sterling Archer
This is like “it will keel” videos in minor
Richard Rama
Richard Rama 7 napja
There are locks the have a deafening alarm like the oxford Alarm-D. Would you be able to pick those kinds of alarm??
killer121l 8 napja
People would just get a bolt cutter anyway
Travis G
Travis G 8 napja
Both can be picked open, don't trust using any lock in New York City, just bring your bike with you. In that city, a bike that isn't attended for 3 hours is good as gone.
Christine W
Christine W 8 napja
Most bike theives don't use lock pick sets and especially a $45 tool that LPL and Bosnian Bill designed. They use an angle grinder, or a can of butane and a hammer to destroy the lock and it only takes a couple minutes if that.
Roberto Vilches
In short with any security padlock we are screwed
HW2800 9 napja
My bike lock cost $450.00.
JAWA Deepak
JAWA Deepak 9 napja
*That's what I call a HOLY CROSS* 💥
Sonic Rose
Sonic Rose 10 napja
So, I was watching a movie the other day where a woman was kidnapped and put in a locked room. I was looking at the lock and thinking how to pick it. Given she was being held prisoner in a house, I imagine that the lock isn't much more complicated than the one in our bathroom, which means she could probably have picked it with a butter knife. Her captor did not give her a butter knife, which is unfortunate, but she did have a spoon and salad dressing, and smart enough to undo the bolts that hold the door on the frame so... there is that. Still, this is evidence I have watched too much LPL videos, when I'm watching a movie and going "Pssssh.. give me a butter knife, I'll be out of there in no time."
Cheryl Dahl
Cheryl Dahl 10 napja
Too be fair, LPL can open any lock.
Andy Jayso
Andy Jayso 10 napja
Put a GPS Tracker on the bike... and go attack bandits
Noeono Ohno
Noeono Ohno 11 napja
this man sells the product that makes the tools not hard to get so people can pick my bike lock :(
Logical 11 napja
I never get these kind of locks, topical american it seems. The problem is that when you secure the bike with the lock, people will just pick up the bike, move it somewhere and get it open. Then you might think locking it at a fence or something is an good idea, actually no, the thief simply can use the bike as leverage. They don't even need tools.
burt panzer
burt panzer 12 napja
Why compromise one of the best products consumers have in combating theft? Guess it's true what they say about lawyers...
Fred Prophete
Fred Prophete 13 napja
If one were to get an expense e-bike, which lock would you recommend? thank you and really appreciate your vidoes.
Adam S
Adam S 13 napja
This is a depressing channel as a consumer. Thinking you have found the perfect lock, to find it opened in 10 seconds.
Rune Moberg
Rune Moberg 13 napja
I would love to see a top-10 list of bike locks with good cores. I need to replace my old Master lock that LPL picked with a toothpick while blindfolded under water.
Alejandro Torres
It's funny, I went to the bike store and I was going to buy one and the guy was like, I have to be honest, those are easy to pick, you can youtube it. Some guy picks them all day long, he's a lawyer. You might as well get the Abus, I think he recommended that one instead and I use it myself. So I bought the Abus instead. I searched youtube and I found your video on it and now this one LOL. I know exactly who he was talking about. Wow!
I Love Photography
I feel that you were being polite and generous to the NYT journalist who wrote the article... ...I hope that the Times journalist gets a chance to watch your library of videos.
Nicholas Orr
Nicholas Orr 16 napja
I've been putting the lock opening in a tought spot that even putting the key in is hard. so pretty sure this lock is not always pickable if there is no access around the whole to use the tool. so pretty much people need to break the mechanical structure of the lock, so it'll work good if i simply put the opening in a tought spot :)
Nfn123kingkong 16 napja
In Norway Yale doorman is very popular, if i send you one, will you check it out?
Harsh Chandola
Harsh Chandola 18 napja
Dad 20 napja
I just checked the article and they have updated it to no longer call these locks unpickable, but rather “...should foil all but the most savvy criminal using specialty tools.”
s baxter
s baxter 20 napja
ABUS are better for a few reasons, the standard D shackle is slightly longer, they are as strong but lighter! They don’t rust for years and years.They do not rattle on the frame mount. but kryptonite fail on tese points, but they do look very good. ABUS are a bit more expensive.
s baxter
s baxter 20 napja
i've owned both by the way, the new york lock is great but if you have owned both for a few years like i have and left them out in all weather conditions, you will know what i am taking about. With the new York lock it is best to be kept under cover. ABUS can be left outside for years and only need a little oil once a year if that. A grinder will get through both,of course.
grndzro 20 napja
Considering how long it took LPL to defeat these with a custom tool I would be fairly confident in picking either one of these.
2007zodiac 22 napja
I’ve just bought a Great bike, and was Googling the best locks to buy, Kryptonite was no1.. now it’s not Getting purchased!!!
Stony Rerootkit
Stony Rerootkit 22 napja
Suddenly All Hope is Lost!!! Evacuate N.Y.C.!!! Mr. Rossman... Buy a CLUE!!!🆖💋🗿👿💩
melissa gibbs
melissa gibbs 22 napja
Sooooo.... He designed a tool to break into locks
Huw Williams
Huw Williams 23 napja
Well yes, they are relatively easy to pick with the right tool. The tool that you and Bosnian Bill developed together and publicise. I, for one, do not miss the irony in that. EDIT… reading down the comments, the irony is not lost on many others either.
John Smith
John Smith 23 napja
Most of the bike theives in my area cant count as high as the number of disks in these locks, needless to say manipulating them...😺. Another good vodeo tho!
5teve85 25 napja
Love your videos and agree. But could you try do it on a bike that is actually locked, between other bikes (limited space) by the side of a busy road? The way I think about bike locks is to always park next to someone with a worse lock than mine, and try not to leave room to slip jack into it to bust it open
michaelrowave 25 napja
If you making and selling the only pick for these locks aren’t you profiting from other people loss? Spoken as victim off a picked unlock who lost invaluable bike.
robotech 25 napja
New York Times is FAKE NEWS, that's why
Jacqueline. Dibenedetto
It seems like you know a lot about picking locks can I know what is the best bike like to buy can you give me some advice
Jacqueline. Dibenedetto
Best bike lock to buy
It’s like those best gaming pc articles
rocketsfancheif 26 napja
What do you recommend them? Your recommended lock is also a disc detainee from kryptonite, right?
rasheed211287 27 napja
I have a feeling these are thinly veiled “how to steal a bike” videos.... 🤔 Since he’s also supposedly a lawyer, the videos are presented cunningly enough to not be flagged as thieving tutorials or links to his self developed lock picks. I could be wrong... Anyhow, I hope Kryptonite sees this and gets their act together, because there’s a special place in hell for bike thieves. 🤬
Chazz Lidell
Chazz Lidell 27 napja
Yeah these 🔧 tools are easy for a crack head to get thanks to the pick Bisnian Bill and LPL made😭😭😭😭😭😭📌
John Elwer
John Elwer 28 napja
Is any lock safe from this man?
Chazz Lidell
Chazz Lidell 27 napja
Bet LPL can't pick open a bank vault.
Topo842 28 napja
I think making that tool was a mistake D:
Chazz Lidell
Chazz Lidell 27 napja
Bruh if They didn't make that 🔧 tool someone else would of.
leash dog
leash dog 28 napja
After watching this, I will sleep more soundly.....not..🙄
Bobbie Bees
Bobbie Bees 28 napja
Screw it, I'm never riding my bicycle anywhere again.
JohnNC 28 napja
I love and hate these videos. I bought an ebike and immediately started looking for recommendations for a good lock on HUrun. I came across the LPL and it seems like there is not any good locks, I don’t think he has ever not been able to pick a lock. So 2 years later I still have not bought a lock, and when I ride I never leave the bike anywhere. Thanks LPL!
Corz Illa
Corz Illa 28 napja
Where do you buy these tools from.. "asking for a mate".
Erebus-RVN 29 napja
As much as I hate the fact that he's selling these tools he made, the lock makers out there are saying their lock is unpickable and to prove them wrong. So of course if you don't have the tool for the job why not make one and show the lock companies that their design is still flawed. Like he said, just because you don't have the correct tool to fix your car it doesn't mean your car is unfixable it just means you need the right tool for the job. Of you don't have one, make one
Choose A New Name
Security through obscurity is not security. These tools existed for years, or variants of them. They are basically 0-day style tools. This knowledge was once a fairly small circle of people in industry and government who used it for their ends. All that’s happened is this information is now available to you, and you can better protect yourself from it. The exploits were being used, are being used. People knowing them doesn’t make you less secure. It makes you less ignorant.
Marco Schön
Marco Schön 29 napja
Why can lock manufacturers not make locks more difficult to pick? They should know the tricks by now.
Enoxitus 29 napja
Thanks for the tutorial, I stole about 13 bikes using this video as a guide and made really good money both selling the locks and the bikes. Since then I have quit my job and became a professional bike thief making about 130k a year.
Dies1r4e Hónapja
I mean, if you happen to have a fifty dollar tool and a skilled lock picker, sure, but the average bike thief does not have 50 bucks to spend or a year to sharpen their skills let alone the thousands of man hours you do LPL. one of my best friends is a cop in an urban center and just retired, said in 40 years he had only rarely seen locks picked at all, maybe a dozen times (mostly people just forced entry or cut through things) and he had never seen anyone attack disc detainer locks or any type of "fancy" lock (requiring special tools or that couldn't be easily bypassed). Long and short a ramset or an angle grinder are far cheaper, easier to use, and faster then picking these sorts of locks in a practical setting.
Don Ho
Don Ho Hónapja
It has to be asked why two expert lock pickers invented and marketed a tool that less expert pickers can use? I would much rather see you and Bosnian Bill design a lock that is near impossible to pick and market that.
Neolexious Neolexian
I own one of these locks. That article was written before any picks for them were available. I watched with growing concern as LPL brought his disk detainer pick to market.
MrBluemoonhalos Hónapja
Stop teaching thieves how to pick bike locks
4 Cool Kidz
4 Cool Kidz Hónapja
This is the Ultimate Lock so Heres a Pick Designed to Counter It
Hunter Biden's Crackpipe
The tools are becoming more common because you are selling and profiteering off them.
Go Figure
Go Figure Hónapja
With you making the product for thieves, and showing it can be done with practice, makes you as bad as them...
Chris Whitman
Chris Whitman Hónapja
For a beginner which picking set would be best suited to start?
Stormraider Hónapja
Do you actually use keys to open your own locks or you just throw the keys and pick them open? xD
Andrew James
Andrew James Hónapja
So what IS the best bike lock today?
Eric Majerus
Eric Majerus Hónapja
Amusing that HUrun next recommendation is LPL video about why he uses the lock he just picked in this video
RooSter Hónapja
Well that's makes me feel better about my 5 thousand dollar Santa Cruz when I'm running in to grab a sandwich 😑
Moritz K.
Moritz K. Hónapja
Damn, I gotta check my bike right now!
krucdfumv Hónapja
Everytime i think i can buy a bike lock i can't, so sad.
Flemming Pedersen
I like this guy: In a roundabout way he tells other lockpickers, they should buy his lockpick, to be wellrounded, then he tells bicycle thieves that they need to buy his lockpick, which could lead to more work for him as a lawyer (if he does criminal law) and finally he implys that the lock producing company should hire him to consult on how to make better locks, and he is nice about it.
Itiso Hónapja
Bruh someone needs to rate thsoe 1 star and send link to this vid as explanation
Okan İzgi
Okan İzgi Hónapja
Useless writers as always .. The important thing is what they write or how much true or wrong the article they write, it's just writing something of. It's so funny people like them also get paid by things they just invent out of nowhere by using words... Hell I can even write how to spin the world the other way around if I want to, it's free to bullshit all day long afterall. Just bunch of useless effortless cash grabbers.
Michael Cochran
Michael Cochran Hónapja
If I were to design a cage that allows just enough room for the key to fit in the keyhole would it make it a lot harder to pick?
Mj Verostek
Mj Verostek Hónapja
Still going with OnGuard The Brute for me!
nasko Hónapja
thanks lawyer ima get myself a 45 doller bike with a step by step guide
How secure is your bicycle lock?