[1243] Shimming The Anti-Shim Abus Combination Lock (Model 78/50) 

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Padlock shims are available at www.covertinstruments.com









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jul059 Napja
Could you do a video on how to recover a lost combination from one of those?
Chris Fitch
Chris Fitch 2 napja
Abus: Mwahahhaha our devious innovation shall repel that vile fiend at last!! LPL: Welp folks
LULU1422 4 napja
gamergod8778 4 napja
So thats how the bullys keep getting into my locker without any damage
Cameron Barker
That one definitely made me laugh, thanks LPL
Christine Luke
That was embarrassing
Seph Shewell Brockway
Still relies on a potential intruder recognizing the lock and knowing to use that particular trick.
David Bales
David Bales 5 napja
But, in any case... :D
The Gray Fox
The Gray Fox 5 napja
Why haven't they used ball bearings? That makes no sense to not use them.
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 7 napja
I comment to help statistics
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire 7 napja
Ask any woman, "harder to insert" always makes it more effective.
Simo 8 napja
Never Abloy house locks..
Rameez Jamion
Rameez Jamion 8 napja
You are a genius, always finds a way to bypass!!
Nic Erdman
Nic Erdman 8 napja
Fs in chat for Abus. 😥😥😥
while it's an easy workaround, it DOES provide more security in the fact that if a thief/lockpicker saw the lock in the wild and decided to pick it, they might not instantly recognize that this is the lock they need to modify their shim for and might not have a pair of scissors handy
Mark Fang
Mark Fang 11 napja
School give us this kind of lock for lockers but just take too much time to open, I shall just put a shim on my keychain
Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis 12 napja
LPL, is there a “best” combination lock you would suggest?
Czar Kino
Czar Kino 13 napja
This is the definition of 'I dont need to out run the bear I just need to out run my friends' I dont need to be lock pick prof but it takes an extra step so most opportunistic thieves are going to go to the next locker
IdleGaming 13 napja
Seems like a 1-2mm rim on the bolt right at the interface would stop anything being inserted easily ... for the most part.
Stephen Kamin
Stephen Kamin 14 napja
with the slot... could you just insert a small pick into the slot and push down?
Strong Wang
Strong Wang 16 napja
What school trolls use to troll others. Troll: *Opens locker and inserts a bottle of wine before the great locker inspection* School: *expellees innocent student* Troll: *Guiltiness intensifies*
Ellis The DJ
Ellis The DJ 16 napja
Padlocks don't need improvement there tools needs banning
BG Hoody
BG Hoody 17 napja
I wonder how much time and money went into Abus' R&D for this anti-shim lock only for it to be defeated by snipping a bit out of a shim with a pair of scissors?
Joe Matus
Joe Matus 17 napja
Steve Lepouras
Steve Lepouras 19 napja
Been watching your videos for a while now. Is there anything you actually can’t open?
Justizz 21 napja
You can't shim our anti-shim padlocks! Lpl: haha shim goes click
Skeleton432 21 napja
The Anti-Anti-Shim Shim
melissa gibbs
melissa gibbs 22 napja
That took seconds 😱
Grant Hester
Grant Hester 24 napja
LPL: “could have done better.” Abus: “HOW!? HOW DO WE DO BETTER!?!? Please! Please… help.”
Looking secure is halfway to begin secure
jimzplace 27 napja
The only way to know that is to study the lock before hand, meaning it was already opened. considering he does not comment oh well. sorry i dis liked this video
S L 27 napja
So Abus hiring affirmative action scientists now lol
Podgee 28 napja
@UCm9K6rby98W8JigLoZOh6FQ - have you ever try to escape from maximum security jail? just by pick locking the jail doors.
valter vava74
valter vava74 Hónapja
Party Pooper ...
Pontiac Wolf
Pontiac Wolf Hónapja
Lmao. You never fail to make me laugh when you do that.
Ron Belcher
Ron Belcher Hónapja
There is a simple design that can be implemented to solve this problem and I can't believe these padlock makers haven't seen The simple solution I'm going to give it to you for free because see I'm a genius and I really don't care about money so if you close a padlock all the way down and now you draw a line at at the lowest point that's exposed that doesn't go down into the lock itself and now go ahead and weld yourself a nice ring around that shackle every shackle from here on out should be made as one piece with a ring now when you close your lock you have these rings that are part of the shackle as one piece molds umbrella over the edges of the holes this way now you can't shimmy anything ever again problem solved if you can't picture what I'm talking about it's basically welding a washer onto the shackle so now when you close the shackle the washer completely covers the edges of where the shackle goes down into the hole now you can't put anything down into the hole.
Ashton Needler
Ashton Needler Hónapja
padlock companies are like wtf
FaZe PoZeR
FaZe PoZeR Hónapja
Millions of dollars of R&D went out the window in less than 2 minutes
Genesis Hónapja
Abus watching this: Now there’s no way a shim coul-GOD DAMNIT
Dontae J
Dontae J Hónapja
3 locks within first 32 seconds, 6 seconds spent talking..
Danny Mondragon
Danny Mondragon Hónapja
I laughed so hard!!!!!
Garrett Will
Garrett Will Hónapja
why is LPL not contracted by companies to check their products for flaws before they release them.
Alberto ole
Alberto ole Hónapja
Que buenas grapas para abrir los candados
CrashPilot Hónapja
That's hilarious!
Extraneus Hónapja
is there really a TEAM of engineers at any company? over and over we hear of "fixes" and "updates" that do nothing more than add time to the SAME procedure.
Alberto ole
Alberto ole Hónapja
Muy buenos videos
R Speckles
R Speckles Hónapja
LPL: while I commend the effort Abus: oh no LPL: I can’t help but notice Abus: *oh no* LPL: that from an attacker’s perspective... Abus: this is the end
Stjarnadian Hónapja
A for effort 😅
Corey Lahey
Corey Lahey Hónapja
Dude these guys must hate you.
Philippe Roy
Philippe Roy Hónapja
Why not send this information privately to lock manufactures? Doesn't posting these videos online do more to help thieves than it does to improve lock safety? Is LPL choosing his own popularity over societal good?
Grant Fox
Grant Fox Hónapja
I took some scissors *and cut metal with my bare hands*
Darrell Ellis
Darrell Ellis Hónapja
Surely the manufacturers test these before they go to market or do they just blindly release these them!
KDestroyer 9
KDestroyer 9 Hónapja
Why can't you just add a ball bearing locking mechanism?
Illumina09 Hónapja
Well, at least they tried. The skill of LPL is just to high.
Neeraj Yelpale
Neeraj Yelpale Hónapja
Ig if u put a metal ring about 1 cm in height, from the point where u insert a shim it might just work
Israel Anderson
Israel Anderson Hónapja
When are you releasing your own line of locks?
maxiez Hónapja
Man, this thing went through months of r&d, just to be ended in seconds by LPL. I'm kinda sad for it
Dave Meads
Dave Meads Hónapja
Lol I remember years ago in school someone figured this out using a shim cut out from a coke can and started handing them out no one's locker was safe for months
visje1996 Hónapja
Couldn't they make a groove in the slope the shim pushes upon? So the shim prevents the blocking piece from sliding out of the way
Reckoner Hónapja
Are there any locks actually worth buying? Since discovering LPL I now live in a state of low-grade anxiety than anyone can basically take my stuff any time.
Trevor Williams
Trevor Williams Hónapja
Does anybody make a combination lock that isn't easily defeated by small strips of metal?
Jonathan Desulme
I went from "I want to buy a lock from Abus, because it won't be open with standard padlock shim." to "To forget where I even thought of getting one, if I was just going to waste my money, anyways."
Spyridon Pigkas
Spyridon Pigkas Hónapja
haha thats what i was about to suggest too hehe :P
uiop uiop
uiop uiop Hónapja
ok but how dose atakker know howto does it
NTN Labs
NTN Labs Hónapja
How does it feels to shape the lock market? This is (I believe) a direct product of Your effort in lock education. Not the best one, but evolution anyway.
Pirelli Hónapja
Abus: We have the new Anti-Shim Lock 🤓 LPL: Give me 1 minute 😁 Abus: Oh noooo 😭😭😭
pablo rages
pablo rages Hónapja
No notification of any of your 5 vids in the last week :(
James Quinn
James Quinn Hónapja
When I was a kid I had a lock like this on my bike and forgot the combination. In frustration I gave it a slight tap with small hammer and it fell into pieces
Theodor Ladar
Theodor Ladar Hónapja
Maybe Abus should just stick to making planes. Or wait, was that Boing?
joel dawson
joel dawson Hónapja
My vitamin D levels are dropping because of all this shade
Zach cowley
Zach cowley Hónapja
Are there any locks he actually recommends?
Dion Remon Esmee
Well you do need to know why it doesn't work. Maybe it only works, because it's a bit unexpected. But if it becomes standard it won't work anymore
Aaron Bale
Aaron Bale Hónapja
Did Abus ever reply to this?
Micheal Memes
Micheal Memes Hónapja
i cant help but laugh at him opening these in 1 second
chocolate42069 Hónapja
Abus : Creates Anti-Shim Combination Lock. LPL : I''m gonna ruin this man's whole career.
Adequate Bus
Adequate Bus Hónapja
shim shiminny, shim shiminny, shim shim, sheree! it had to be said. -C
Adonis Fernández
Abus uses "anti shim lock".. It attracts LPL. LPL uses scissors: it's very effective!!!
Mingology Hónapja
Lock companies will hate you...
Jacob Long
Jacob Long Hónapja
They should put those little pegs around the entire thing. Then you would need something very thin to get around it.
Richard Hard
Richard Hard Hónapja
7 sec 3 locks picked.. **God damn legend
Zoes Dada
Zoes Dada Hónapja
This is like Monty Python level funny
lothean Hónapja
I never knew about a padlock shim till now. I learn something new from each video. Things no one like me should know. Lol
Matt Man Productions
As a kid I used to use a pop can shaped just like that shim to open padlocks lol
Sarvesh Jadhav
Sarvesh Jadhav Hónapja
This is what the LPL wants to say - What a terrible effort by Abus This is what LPL actually says - I commend the effort
TimberBunny Hónapja
Im curious about what else can even be done. Much more modification, and youll simply prevent your lock from even working. Maybe a pointed shackle, and a flat-topped catch inside so the shim cant slip in there?
Top C
Top C Hónapja
Wow you would think that after the design phase they would do a testing phase and see how quickly it could be circumvented
abdullah abdulaziz
Lock companies spend millions of dollars to improve their products Meanwhile, lock picking lawyer with a pair of scissors
WardenWolf Hónapja
A pity they couldn't have thought of a more effective solution like, say, lengthening the shackle and burying the locking lug deep inside the body beyond the reach of a shim. If someone did this, they could also implement a mechanism that detects and truly blocks shims.
I'm Me
I'm Me Hónapja
So, the take away from this is that like companies like Apus should send a prototype to the lock picking will I are before they invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in new machinery.
Forever Computing
Probably ideal for school lockers. If access is needed, they can do so.
Joshua Gano
Joshua Gano Hónapja
Ya know... it always looks like the thingie that goes into the Groove in the other thingie always has the round part facing Up... which is the direction the Shim comes from... has anyone ever tried flipping that thingie that goes into the Groove & the Groove itself upside down to face the FLAT PART towards the Shim's Attack Angle? :P I can't remember the Names of the Technical Parts of the Lock real well & even I can think of this...
Ebof The Chill
Ebof The Chill Hónapja
Look, locks are clearly ineffective, so let's just get a really long and decently thick bolt, put that through the links on our chains, and then put like- 3 nuts on it. Sure yeah, "than anyone can open it" but that's a guaranteed 2 minutes of safety from people like LPL, only for like 2 bucks.
RWBHere Hónapja
Saw a 1:56 duration video from LPL and thought, 'Oh good! The lock puts up some sort of fight.' Then watched him open 4 locks in that time, with pauses for explanation, and for damning with faint praise.... It's Harry's Game. 🙂👍
soldier3335 Hónapja
Why not give shims instead of combinations in the packaging
soldier3335 Hónapja
I think we can all agree that that's a problem 😆😆😆
Eric Garza
Eric Garza Hónapja
LPL Assistant: LPL, your client is here to see you. LPL: Give me two minutes. Some damn fool at Abus made an “anti-shim” combo lock.
Jon D
Jon D Hónapja
This is a short one. You know it's going to be good.
Elizabeth Mazzella
If a standard shim doesn't work, wouldn't most potential thieves simply move to the next lock? You usually don't need an unpickable lock, just one that's better than the one next door...
boom 350
boom 350 Hónapja
The rake 2.0
Illegal Lettuce
Illegal Lettuce Hónapja
Abus: *makes a tiny and super thin fail proof* LPL: *cuts the shim* Abus: guess i’ll die now