[1244] Schlage Deadbolt OWNED By Lishi Pick/Decoder 

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[1209] This Tiny WiFi Camera Owns Kwikset SmartKey (LockTech LTKSD)









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Caveman Ballistics
The point all of us should take away from all of this guys videos, is LOCKS ARE FOR HONEST PEOPLE! Don’t we have enough criminal activity going on in this world without people showing criminals how to pick locks 🔐!
Purwo Erdiantoro
Purwo Erdiantoro 7 órája
Claude Hayden
Claude Hayden 13 órája
Holy crap!
david hiskett
Your basic home locks, Are mostly Schlage and kwikset, so only 2 needed. Great video 👍🏼
Gomez Juarez
Thank you bud!!
Figy 4 napja
I like the word schlage
Jake 5 napja
"And after it's in here we can start cutting the key" You might've made a working key at the price of making my hearing not work.
John Imig
John Imig 5 napja
I just bought and received a Lishi KW1. I got all excited pinning up my first practice lock (ABUS 83/40) with tough bitting, security pins, etc. And then I snapped it shut, and suddenly realized that I hadn't pinned it to a key. And it's been in my vise for months. Lotta false sets, but little to no progress. So time to get a cheatyface tool, get it open, and pin it to a key so I can stop being a smoothbrain.
Yiziikho Krichena
Wer can i get 1 of those??
Throatwobbler Mangrove
I'd like to see the tool used on a lock that's installed. Limited maneuvering space in the door jamb sometimes makes picking harder.
James Nekechuk
Kwikset locks can be decoded with the appropriate Kwikset Lishi tool as well.
Go Away
Go Away 10 napja
Stop the lockdown
Bryan J Harden
Bryan J Harden 11 napja
So, would a tool such as this be a useful picking tool, or does the toll ONLY work for the specific lock?
Tas Camping & Hiking Adventures
Bond of locks lol
kelvinvalencio 13 napja
Kapan kuncinya stuff made here oi
KillarneyMark 16 napja
So... how can he tell that 4 is binding, but 3 is already set? It looks the same response to me! What’s the difference?
Bob Rutherford
Bob Rutherford 17 napja
Hi I'm new to picking I'd like to get the Lishi picks can't find them in Canada and I Tried Amazon that where I've got all my pics from any help would be appreciated
Raterman 18 napja
everyone please thumbs up this!! LPL, Try to lockpick a Bluetooth Realtor lock! ive always been curious if it could be done
Metalhead 20 napja
Schlage users been reallll quiet after this one
Jon Whick
Jon Whick 21 napja
These tools and actually teach you how to pick
Zutto Aragi
Zutto Aragi 23 napja
Okay, serious question. Is there ANY (available in the US) door lock and/or deadbolt less than $100 that isn't a piece of garbage?
moogthedog 23 napja
I'm upset he didn't cut a second key to prove it wasn't a fluke.
neopalm2050 29 napja
are locks allowed to have a 9 and a 2 next to each other?
Warren McCrory
Warren McCrory Hónapja
Gotta add a little caveat to the video. In the real world of the conditions you come across these locks in, sometimes a Schlage Lishi will read close enough to a "half cut" that they can put you on the wrong cut for that particular cut. Plus not all of us are blessed with great vision & occasional challenging lighting. Generally not a huge deal but it's something to be aware of.
VadimCC Hónapja
Luceph Angelo
Luceph Angelo Hónapja
Remember, LPL uses Kwikset locks ;3
Rennegadde Foxxe
Fubuki Hónapja
“OWNED” We don’t use that kind of language here.
Alin Marian Balasa
I absolutely loved every second of this video and the end was the best, when he started to make the key 😍
B Quint
B Quint Hónapja
Thanks for all your vids they have been extremely helpful I have a question regarding the locks you are getting for practice etc. Where are you buying these locks? Are you getting the full set knobs, handles, locks, etc or are you able to just purchase the casting with the lock cylinder someplace? Thanks....
Paradox Shift
Paradox Shift Hónapja
I'd respect this guy 1,000,000x more if he were the "LockPickingDude". Lawyers are liars.
Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd Hónapja
Is there a door lock in which they do not have that tool for??
Beanie Dog
Beanie Dog Hónapja
Mans just fabricated a key into existence
Dethofasalesman Honeyboi
This is why I use guards and attack dogs locks will always fail you
Skinflaps Meatslapper
Ugh, I wish Lishi picks weren't so expensive.
тнє υѕχя
тнє υѕχя Hónapja
How yo make a assault
John Catron
John Catron Hónapja
Hey LPL or any fans that know. I picked up picking as a hobby recently. My biggest issue right now is I'm bad at consistently feeling out the next pin and often skip around by accident. I was curious if there are any picks sorta like this lishi that have depth measurement guidelines on them. I know lishi is lock specific but just a tool with markers every few mm would be awesome for gauging how far I'm moving the pick as a novice. It seems the pick you and bosnianbill made has the style of markers I'm talking about but I'd love those on a standard hook
Oh wow you just visually explained lock picking to me in the best way possible. That thing is a teaching tool too. Would you please do more with that tool and other tools like that?
Specter247 Hónapja
Where can I get those? I'm a locksmith and a lot of customers show up saying they lost their key and ask me to decode their lock. I can, but that looks so much easier.
Audrey Strouse // Venango EAS
The backdoor of my house has a lock but no key at all, not even the landlord has one, can I make one using this method?
pablo rages
pablo rages Hónapja
No notification ... again
LeetoSteve Hónapja
I've never picked a lock before til last week, all I know is it's a schlage, and I managed to get it open in about 1 hour of total effort. Your videos + sheer persistence was the reason I got it open
omg that's so cool...thanks LPL
Alaric Brann
Alaric Brann Hónapja
Half the things u have seem hella illegal 😂
Alaric Brann
Alaric Brann Hónapja
This is why I use duct tape 😈
Shrined Hónapja
Where can one find tools like this? 😏
Billy Fagan
Billy Fagan Hónapja
Ever think of giving up law and doing locksmithing for a living?
Mike Hough
Mike Hough Hónapja
So, what if someone took that "visual lockpick" concept, and combined it with the swappable card concept from the cutting machine?
MrSplic3r Hónapja
You'd also need swappable front fixed portions to turn the keyway, but I was thinking the same thing
Kriplovski Hónapja
ahhhh, so this is how the deus ex lockpicks work.
Contrrolfreak Hónapja
When I go to prison I take LPL with me
lee Roberts
lee Roberts Hónapja
Can you use this for a car door lock
Chris L
Chris L Hónapja
Great! Now I'm gonna have 97925 stuck in my head for the rest of my life.
TheRealMarcD Hónapja
How convenient the lock is in the palm of your hand. Let’s see it done on a door bet it’s not as easy
Just a SydeFix
He already did that it, didnt take him much efforts. infact, he used it for a joke
Mr awesome357
Mr awesome357 Hónapja
Lpl why don't you and Bosnian Bill design a decoder that can be adapted for different locks?
specky 123
specky 123 Hónapja
Would you say this is a better option to buy then a lockpicking gun
sippy_cup Hónapja
Hello Mr. LPL, it seems that one none-LPL video slipped into "all LPL videos" playlist. Don't know if that was accident or you're trying to tell us something, but I thought you should know, unless it was on purpose or you are already aware.
lowercase v
lowercase v Hónapja
Soon LPL will just look at the lock and say a bunch of numbers to open it like "Oh yeah its the 42069, ive seen this combination, gonna be easy"
No U
No U Hónapja
What locks do you recommend?
Viktor Varga
Viktor Varga Hónapja
Hey LPL , what is the safest/hardest door lock?
Jonathan R.
Jonathan R. Hónapja
... “Stop Em With A Schlage” advert no longer applies. More like, “Better update and increase your home owners insurance policy with a Schlage.”
Jonathan R.
Jonathan R. Hónapja
... Bosnian Bill better start making some new tools fast or he is gonna lose the LPL advert contract.
Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker Hónapja
Honest,y I have no clue how to pick locks but I like watching this
soldier3335 Hónapja
I wonder if most of your subscribers have criminal records?
Rick Hornsby
Rick Hornsby Hónapja
After a couple of years of LPL videos, I think my only real defense is to JB Weld the keyway shut or just never leave the house.
jordan van es
jordan van es Hónapja
DogCoins Hónapja
un poco de todo
Carson Townsend
Carson Townsend Hónapja
Hello this is the lock picking lawyer and today I’m going to be responsible for 97% of home burglaries worldwide.
Ewout de Graaf
Ewout de Graaf Hónapja
It looks so simple that I cannot help thinking: There must be a way to automate this in a machine of sorts...
zkr99 Hónapja
Next episode LPL decodes angry rottweiler behind the door
ricky heckendorf
How do I buy one of these?
DG Hónapja
How does this guy not run the world?
TheRealEngineer Hónapja
When are you going to try to beat stuff made here’s deadbolt?
D M Hónapja
Sheesh. So why lock?
Standa Novák
Standa Novák Hónapja
I think the correct pronunciation is [shlaa-geh].
jj Finigan
jj Finigan Hónapja
This is getting out of hand...locks lives matter 😐
Thomas Vali
Thomas Vali Hónapja
hello LPL, is it possible to decode European locks with one of those?
rager trolling korea음경
This channel has gotten me really fascinated with the mechanisms of locks. They're another one of those things we encounter and interact with every day but don't really think much about.
In Gratitude I Am
Imagine a burglar with LPL's knowledge and a small fraction of his tools. "Your honor, I didn't break into that house. I had a key."
Omar abdul hadi
Omar abdul hadi Hónapja
there was this one episode of pokemon I watched as a kid where team rocket used a special key to automatically pick a lock with some clever robotics. this tool legitimately makes me wonder if you can modify it with some servos and pressure sensors to just auto pick any lock out there. i'd try making that...but lockpicks as a whole are illegal here...
thomas train
thomas train Hónapja
Couldn't you please make a video about the "best bang for the buck" front door lock and padlock / combination lock?
Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley Hónapja
An interesting introduction to key cutting. Thank you
Don'z Lockz
Don'z Lockz Hónapja
Hope they don't make a Lishi tool for a Bilock.🤔🍺👍🇦🇺
Standardbred Adventures
A video about buying the correct locks would be great. I enjoy these videos but now feel worried about lock buying.
Brian Borell
Brian Borell Hónapja
When you picking tool is 10 times as well engineered as the lock.
Brander Roullett
Oh man that sound takes me back... I was a locksmith for about 5 years during my college years, and spent a lot of time on the HPC codes cutting machine working the front counter. I was rubbishy with car tools, and picking so I did most of the instep, rekeys, and lock repairs. It was a super fun job. Then I met this girl...
Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley Hónapja
And you accidentally gave her the keys to your heart???
You sound like a Londoner saying ‘slag’
Ian Wille
Ian Wille Hónapja
I’d like to see you pick some late model car ignition lock cylinders
Az Erty
Az Erty Hónapja
That tool is amazing
R Nelson
R Nelson Hónapja
Can the sc4 be used for both 5 n 6 pin same with kw lishi it would be nice to only buy 1
Brian Camargo
Brian Camargo Hónapja
So that tool only works on that manufacturers lock? What would happen if you use it on anothers manufacturers lock? Can you do a video on details about that tool?
Turn-a-Key Locksmith
I don’t understand why you show the general public how to use these tools. These tools are very powerful, and teaching the general public how to use them is not a very good idea considering this tool and knowledge will fall into the wrong hands.
Alfa fox
Alfa fox Hónapja
ngl this tool makes the viewing experience a lot better and makes it a lot cooler to see what is actually happening as you pick it. if possible i would love to see you pick a bunch of diffeerent locks with a tool like this, or if its possible have like a more generic version
Rich Hónapja
Do these decoders work for custom cut and keyed lock or only on factory cuts?
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson Hónapja
Love the key cutting machine. Must be pricy to be that nice.
Brandon Westfall
LPL shit talking the shit talkers. My man!
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson Hónapja
I have this Lishi and used it to pick a lock I needed to rekey. Worked fantasic
Justin Zhang
Justin Zhang Hónapja
Hi LPL. LiShi is pronounced Lee-Shure not Lee-Shee. It actually means lawyer!
Fillup 40
Fillup 40 Hónapja
You don't have a blue punch ?
closedonmonday6 Hónapja
Is there a pick like this that works in every lock? It doesn't have to have the numbers on it or anything I just like the simple slide the lever then push on it idea.
Jonathan McLellan
Unbelievable how LPL can destroy someone’s sense of security in a matter of seconds.
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