[1246] INEXCUSABLY Flawed Police Car Gun Lock (Patriot Products) 

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SlySquriel 2 órája
You should see those "trigger locks" that come with many guns. Two pieces of plastic with a screw going through the center
Cyber war
Cyber war 3 órája
Why has the police shotguns? It makes non lethal usage of the gun almost impossible like shooting in the leg?nope leg gone. Arm? Nope ripped off by the bullets . Shoulder? Nope probably shot him in the neck and heart also arm gone
Joël 3 órája
having mixed feelings about this video it's true, it's an easy lock and all, but it's still hidden inside a police vehicle, witch you don't brake into just for a shotgun... but like you said, any confident picker will open almost any lock np, so what do you suggest for firearms ?? and without this video, hardly any1 would know it's such an easy lock...
Diogo Sousa
Just imagining someone trying to capture him beside his guns he can just lockpick whatever u put him in
Shouganai Napja
but magnets ............... are magic, right?
Sonia Nevermind
Why the fuck do they give cops in America pump action shotguns anyway? What the hell are they expecting to fight; Lickers?
AcidDaBomb Napja
It doesn't feel like he's even picking, he's just showing serious design flaws.
Belka50 Napja
Where can I get a magnet like that? Umm asking for a friend 😂
Che Delirio
A lot of the police gun rack locks seem to have the same issue with the unshielded magnetic lock -- I suppose they figure tha average person does not walk about with a rare earth magnet in their pocket. And as for the backup non-lock I get it that they want the officer to be able to immediately open it FAST with the first thing they have quickly at hand if the remote fails, but, still...
El Diablo77
El Diablo77 3 napja
any other locks that can be open with a magnet??
Phantom9252 3 napja
Thank god this guy is a HUrunr and not a supervillain
Jeffrey Myles
Jeffrey Myles 4 napja
But isn't everything about the police inexcusably flawed?
Felix Mueller
Felix Mueller 4 napja
Daniel Varela
Daniel Varela 4 napja
You should try a Santa Cruz gun lock
Dababy 5 napja
It’s also really rare for anyone to know how to lock pick
Tempestive 6 napja
Why steal guns from the police when it's so easy to get one legally xD
Dababy 5 napja
Yeah if getting a background check and needing an ID is really easy then yeah!
maxrockhammer 6 napja
Anyone gonna talk about how that shotguns can still be fired and loaded easily
Chillin' in the Desert
What he showed may be why we've never heard of the company
Itslvle 6 napja
I suppose the idea is that it's even easier to get a legitimately attained gun in the US anyway so why bother. :D
Thundercunt McGeezax
I endorse this product, ACAB
Tippex 9 napja
‘Okay keys, phone, wallet... shit I forgot my neodymium magnet!’
Mr VolcanicLemon
So the magnet unlocks the shotgun faster than the key? Cool, cool, good to know
Adam Cavanaugh
Adam Cavanaugh 10 napja
Link to that magnet?
Der Stoff aus dem Joghurt gemacht ist
Not much patriotism has gone into the design of that lock..
WarWolf’s Gaming and Life
Thanks for telling every criminal how to get a gun from their victims household to use against the owners their robbing from
boneav83 16 napja
It seems it would be more secure if it were Zip-tied
Jonas A
Jonas A 16 napja
Good luck trying to go into a police car without getting shot.
killgorees 12 napja
It's really not that difficult, especially in secluded/rural areas. There have been many documented cases of weapons being stolen out of police vehicles.
Rodney Schmidt
Rodney Schmidt 18 napja
I need to ask is that part of the lock mounted for access available to the public to be able to use the magnet
man you'd think with all the money that the police drain away from state and city budgets that they would have tech that wasnt so laughably bad.
Do any of these lame lock makers every try to sue him for defamation? Oh wait... Lock picking *lawyer*. (Seriously though, I'd love to hear about manufacturer reactions)
ChrisR 23 napja
I just found this...would be really interesting to see what happens if you could get your hands on one of these eu.glock.com/en/Technology/GLOCK-Safety-lock
Newton Newton
Newton Newton 25 napja
Is there a lock that cannot be broken. You show how each lock can be broken. So how do you protect yourself from thieves?
TheMulk777 25 napja
Can you review some of Snapsafe's products? Do they all use the same locking mechanism and backup key?
Shay D
Shay D 25 napja
They don't lock guns in that part of the vehicle for 99.9% of them. And why lock the shotgun when the M5's are hanging unlocked 10" from the officers in front. Though if out of time Thermi,te Never fails and is insanely easy to get components for. Cut you off? Eh they can get a new engine. Just don't damage city or gvt. Property yo.
Totally Not A Cylon
I feel like the real solution here should be that maybe the cops shouldn't have shotguns in their cars?
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 25 napja
Cant exactly carry them on them at all times. And there are some surround where a handgun isn’t enough.
MrWonka 26 napja
Anything that's associated with the word patriot is probably best to avoid
Don't worry it's loaded
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 28 napja
2:10 very cool magnet
ロックマン 29 napja
heh pp
Trav Shep
Trav Shep Hónapja
Okay normally I would say the comments about you making this public knowledge are stupid - but is this tragic flaw really something you want to be advertising?
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 25 napja
Yes. Only way things change is by exposing them.
Luke Chaise
Luke Chaise Hónapja
I have a question. You pointed out that you can unlock it with a magnet, but is the same true if it had power to it? For instance, if it was hooked up to the button and a power source would it still unlock? Did you test whether having power might engage some sort of fail-safe or not?
iTs Messiah
iTs Messiah Hónapja
This guy is way more dangerous than CIA 😂😂
Bean Hónapja
he just casually has a gun for every gun lock
Gael Time
Gael Time Hónapja
Yeah bitch! Magnets!
Gael Time
Gael Time Hónapja
Really? HUrun is now asking me if I want to post comments if they seem "disrespectful"? Get your shit together youtube, it's a damn quote...
Smarty Charles
Smarty Charles Hónapja
LPL, trying putting a rubber (eraser) between the magnet and lock
Chris Kessell
Chris Kessell Hónapja
TIL that there's a "standard handcuff key" which is ludicrously simple and insecure. Why don't all criminals carry one?
Fred Carlisle
Fred Carlisle Hónapja
Wait a minute! I’ve watched this video once before a while ago probably half asleep but I just noticed he has a magnet with an off switch
Fred Carlisle
Fred Carlisle Hónapja
Wait where’d he get the gun
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 25 napja
Where do you think? A gun store most likely.
Kamka Myles
Kamka Myles Hónapja
Gun Lock Companies: "our locks are so strong and completely imposssible to pi-" Lpl in less than it took you to read this: "its open. This is unsafe, im worried of children."
Scotland For the win
Me:LPL ain’t violent he couldn’t hurt a fly LPL:pulls out shotgun
Joe Beam
Joe Beam Hónapja
Saying a no longer used product is inexcusably flawed is the equivalent of say Hitler was wrong, we know the past is muddied with bad history. Don't stir the metaphorical pot my friend.
Killer2600 Hónapja
The only unattended parked police cars I know of are at police stations. You want to go there to steal a shotgun?
Human • 62 years ago
Thanks i was able to stole my dad gun and shoot him
olavl Hónapja
But it is called "Patriot" and it has a cartoon flag and eagle on it. Surely that must count for something?
Jacob Mayes
Jacob Mayes Hónapja
Those in the BDSM community would have keys to this
moot toom
moot toom Hónapja
For US-A, gun lock is mean for "compliance" rather than real safety.
joseph lazer
joseph lazer Hónapja
Gun safety laws is meant to protect the politician from the people.
J C Hónapja
A cheap ass product made by a company presenting itself as American as possible is the most American thing I have ever heard thus far. That said, this is so disappointing for gun safety that I’d sue them for as much as I can
Cronic318 Hónapja
"Hidden in the car" It's the button on the siren labeled "gun lock". I have both.
Add E
Add E Hónapja
I think you may have confused this holder for a security device. Police cars are routinely left unlocked and running, their idea of security is different than yours.
Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies
Handcuff key. Rofl.
R Speckles
R Speckles Hónapja
That’s not even a lock. That’s just a turntable switch to open the thing.
Shiggydig Dugdigerrino
Damn that 870 is nice.
gza06955 Hónapja
I've got the same lock, the stickers on mine say 'Big Sky Racks Inc. - Bozeman MT' - There must be one manufacturer and everyone slaps their own labels on.
He has too many guns and knows to pick every lock. I'm scared
FlyingHangman Hónapja
Pretty sure the lock is more to stop it being grabbed and run off with. If there are cops in the car, you're not gonna have time to pick the lock. If the car is parked, and unattended, then its locked. If you can get into the locked police car, you can probably get around the gun lock... even breaking/cutting/unbolting the lock from the car itself.
Shibbi Hónapja
once i had a wheelchair it was lockable with a magnet... it already reactet to the loudspeakers of a cellphone
Bugaj Games
Bugaj Games Hónapja
What gun locks do you believe is the most difficult to bipass?
Nathan Fielure
Nathan Fielure Hónapja
This is the third similar video on a similar lock.
Brandon Whitehead
I agree with you that it is inexcusable but you are compounding the problem putting people at risk by advertising this flaw. Not cool man.
The Sethioz Project
WRONG ... this is not suppose to protect the gun, it's only suppose to be there to prevent someone from grabbing it quickly, including officers or to prevent it from coming loose in a crash. It's not suppose to stop people from bruteforce taking it. HOWEVER I strongly agree that lock shouldn't be THAT easy to open. My point here .. is that some random brat smashing police car's window, has no knowledge or skill to open one anyways, even if it's as simple as sticking a basic lockpick into it and turning it .. they just have no brain and those who know how to open locks (like LPL), will get it open regardless how difficult it is (unless it's some super secure device, which would never happen in real situation anyways).
Cris T
Cris T Hónapja
So bad had to embarrass it twice.
Craig Conway
Craig Conway Hónapja
Brandon Worf
Brandon Worf Hónapja
Patriot Products basically takes a lot of existing law enforcement vehicle equipment and makes cheaper versions of it. I used to install these in cars all the time at a previous job. They're notoriously insecure, and you can trigger the electromagnetic lock with a 9-volt battery. The mechanical lock is literally just for a handcuff key (as you demonstrated).
Cosmos Hónapja
I like'em all brother ! ! !
Cops are the dumbest people on earth. You expect them to have anything like a gun lock that was any good?
Jasper Hónapja
To be fair, both the hidden button and the lock that can easily be opened are nicely in line: this product is not meant to do more than prevent crime of opportunity. Anyone with the know-how or preparation can open it. As such, I'd rate it higher than other gun locks that aren't so honest about it. Does that qualify this lock to hold a shotgun? I don't know. I live in a place where we do not believe in selling guns in supermarkets or police needing shotguns (or leaving weapons in their cars) so I'm probably not the right person to judge this.
Cristobol Santantantana
Yeah, he's gonna pop the lock, he always does. But was I the only one who noticed the safety is off?
Leeroy Hónapja
featuring handcuff key and no paper clip? wtf
Matthew Griffith
You of all people should know locks keep honest people out of stuff
Nathan Grange
Nathan Grange Hónapja
Does it bother anyone else that the lock doesn't obscure or block the trigger at all?
Nathan Grange
Nathan Grange Hónapja
I assume that a shot gun in a cop car would be loaded...
Gunhaver Hónapja
most cops i've met tend to rely on the door lock of the car to cover for the dogshit quality of the gun lock. or they just aren't allowed to have a rifle/shotgun up front, and its in the trunk anyway
Angel Emmanuel Perez Muniz
He says he used a lock pick but I just see a standard handcuff key.
Tony Cotto
Tony Cotto Hónapja
The scary part is that this lock was approved by someone carrying a firearm.
Mangos Tech Corner
my brain at 4 am: aaah yes give me all this knwoledge about locks
Chris Hónapja
"Police pump action shotgun"... WTF??? What the hell do the police need a pump action shotgun for????
killgorees 12 napja
@Chris Christ Mate, if someone were to hand you a Kalashnikov you'd surely faint from shock. I can assure you that Australian police have shotguns/rifles, you just don't see your average bobby on the street with them. Australia isn't full-on Baghdad but it isn't a spotless utopia where everyone solves their problems with a friendly card game either, violent crime exists in your country just like everyone else's.
Chris 13 napja
@Randy H. I live in a part Australia, most of the police don't even carry a firearm! Seriously, how fucked up IS 'murica?
Randy H.
Randy H. 14 napja
@Chris The worlds not a Utopia, I live in reality. You know, where natural human nature exists.
Nugget The Nugger
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 25 napja
@Chris Police have been using pump action shotguns for over a hundred years dude. Jesus Christ calm the fuck down.
Richard Kidd
Richard Kidd Hónapja
How many police shotguns have been stolen from police cars?
Justen b
Justen b Hónapja
Wouldnt it be mounted on the bottom?
SharienGaming Hónapja
you know... maybe policecars in the US shouldnt contain firearms anymore until such a time that they can prove that they can adequately secure and handle them...
Dan W
Dan W Hónapja
Did anyone touch on the fact that where the magnet is used would be bolted to the cage of the police car? You would not be able to get a magnet against that surface without first removing the entire lock from the car. Thoughts?
How have departments not seen this and gone with something a bit more expensi- oh yea that whole "defunding the police will help reduce police violence" bullshit. You need more funding for better training and equipment. Better training and better equipment is the ONLY answer to reducing police violence. These types of locks are in pretty much every cop car. Any criminal daring enough can just smash the window out, swipe a magnet on the lock, grab the shotgun, and run off all within 10 seconds of the window breaking. Like you, I find this INCREDIBLY inexcusable. People should start going around to departments and demonstrating just how unsafe these are by asking if they can, under police supervision, demonstrate how easy it is to steal a shotgun with just a magnet
LRosieB Hónapja
The main defense for the gun is the fact that it is in a police vehicle, not the lock
Hunter Smith
Hunter Smith 25 napja
Doesn’t stop people from stealing them.
Bo Malo
Bo Malo Hónapja
Are you cold? Lol your knuckles and skin look a little pink and purple.
keithy077 Hónapja
I reckon you could activate that solenoid just using a 9v battery.
Steven Z
Steven Z Hónapja
whose carrying hand cuff keys?
stul0031 Hónapja
That magnet is by far the best part of this video, super neat.
nickg421 Hónapja
Man, pretty furniture for a police magnum.
OnyxRooster Hónapja
I’m not a cop and i have a handcuff key in my house and another on my actual keys. I also have handcuffs cuz u honestly never know when a moment will come when u may need them. See videos all the time where people would be in a safer position if they could bind a criminal. Anyways them allowing these keys to undo the lock defeats the purpose of the lock. If I’m a criminal with a handcuff key, not only did i just get out these handcuffs, but i also have their shotgun now...
Dowlphwin Hónapja
-patr +id
aterack833 Hónapja
Would have been cool if you switched the magnet and said “there’s a key, a switch, and I brought my own switch”
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