[1247] A Serious Flaw In The Anytek Fingerprint Padlock (Model L3) 

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Joël 3 órája
high tech lock, brought down by primitive tool :D
Nusrath Ullah
Nusrath Ullah 10 órája
I need that magical piss-colored hammer
Hiki 247
Hiki 247 3 napja
I tried but it not open like yours 💁
rouxx 3 napja
piss mallet
Mr. Unlucky
Mr. Unlucky 5 napja
This lock gave up more easily than my relationship
Al Marshall
Al Marshall 6 napja
This lock is top of the line and indestructible... until you move, shake or tap it gently :)
Carlos Rebolo
Carlos Rebolo 7 napja
If Apple made a lock, this would be the product.
I feel all my existence has been a fluke untill I discovered this channel
zcribe 9 napja
Another lock built by an electrical engineer.
cahn7435 10 napja
i just bought this then youtube recommends me this channel....wat the...
Geoff Wolyniec
Geoff Wolyniec 10 napja
"Ok folks"... this is a piece of shit
i think is a crime to build suck shit padlock :( they are expensive as hell too
Eloy Berna
Eloy Berna 12 napja
*Padlock exists* LockPickingLawyer: imma end this man's whole career
Anthony N
Anthony N 13 napja
Wow... 😲😲😲
SkyBoomer 18 napja
Mr. Lock Picking Lawyer, apparently they all suck. Which lock can I buy that doesn’t suck so bad?
GradientGamer 21 napja
High-tech lock Defeated with only a hammer Wrapping
Someone's Youtube Username
"Umm. It's a.... BACKDOOR ACCESS FEATURE! Yes, that's it!" - designer, probably.
zobitX 27 napja
How much does this hi-tech lock cost again?
Dustin Hull
Dustin Hull 27 napja
You should have a mock up door or gate to show how difficult it would be to do when actually attached to something. I would think your hands get in the way and make this more difficult.
TheMonkeyGrape 28 napja
I did have a nice day, thanks
pa bu
pa bu Hónapja
I wonder, why won't the companies producing locks hire a professional to find out the flaws of their products before mass producing them and putting them on the market and ruining their own brand. Just imagine if these Anytek or whatever company produced 20 of those locks and sent them to 20 locksmiths before actually starting to produce them in bulk. There wouldn't be low quality metal used, and they could actually find a way to stop the lock from opening with just a flick on the side!
Heimdall Hónapja
old school picking.
eksentrysyti Hónapja
Damn, I must have leveled up, because the moment he said "spring-loaded locking lug", I immediately thought "rap attack?" And I've never picked a lock in my life...
Aswin S Nair
Aswin S Nair Hónapja
Hey U need i check the Dindughal Lock which is actually a big lock made in Tamil Nadu India
Mulluk Kullum
Mulluk Kullum Hónapja
4 je Alcorythm ❤️
Gerardin Pinguin
im pretty sure the lock picking lawyer is not a real lawyer 😬
epic man
epic man 24 napja
I heard he isn't a lock picker either😤
Fred Last
Fred Last Hónapja
I think this would be fine for a dressing room locker, obviously not a high security application.
Gaurav Pareek
Gaurav Pareek Hónapja
At this point I don't even want to lock my home because thanks to him I know no lock is good enough
A Dog
A Dog Hónapja
if you design an electronic lock - you really should use at least 2 testing tools. A mallet and a magnet. No skills required.
Louis Yeung
Louis Yeung Hónapja
this is a beautiful dummy lock, nice one
Slimser Sensei
Slimser Sensei Hónapja
lets make a lock that use DNA, lazer, 120 digit code, voice sensor,infrared sensor , AI , TV screen, netflix subscription, water bending, hokage level, nuclear bomb, humain eraser and finger print lock ... of dont worry make is of plastic and a single spring
Drive EVolution
Drive EVolution Hónapja
Take 2 sec to open... xD
Fright Hónapja
your probably doing this to make awareness but imagine how many people watch your videos to break into locks
Para Bina
Para Bina Hónapja
Thank you. Save my money from buying it.
Jeffrey Velasquez
I want to design garbage like this and make millions too!
John Joehr
John Joehr Hónapja
1. Me Buying Anytek lock... 2. me googling how I add a Fingerprint 3. me finding this Video....
Dusan Ivanovic
Dusan Ivanovic Hónapja
I like how he picks them in seconds. But this is like a school for thieves.
RMJ1984 Hónapja
Mc Hammer would be proud. It's hammer time.
Zangetsu OPBR
Zangetsu OPBR Hónapja
I don't see anything wrong here. If the fingerprint stopped working, you could use the hammer. Why don't people understand it's part of the design smh...
Sanjit Hónapja
It went from "padlock" to "trashlock" really fast
AnAZPatriot Hónapja
A whack-a-mole toy designed to look like a padlock. How quaint.
Zorgdub Hónapja
It's never a fluke...
Michinobu Imai
Michinobu Imai Hónapja
Plot twist : All the people disliking are the people working for the key lock industry
RainbowGuy182 Hónapja
Shubhang Borkar
Shubhang Borkar Hónapja
Its not a vulnerability. Its a feature called "Double tap to unlock"
Chad Muskaa
Chad Muskaa Hónapja
SEND the video to the MANUFACTURER and STOP showing criminals how to break in!!!
Matt DeKok
Matt DeKok Hónapja
Are there any good and actually secure locks?
t0nda Hónapja
I have never fully understood the use of biometrical security devices (except for very specific cases). While the LPL, for instance, tends not to show his real keys or his real locks or his precise location, it would be easy for anyone to remodel and fake his fingerprints by the high-definition HUrun videos of his alone, or by offering him a glass of soda and then applying some simple adhesive tape to the glass afterwards. Perhaps one might even get the fingerprint off the very fingerprint sensor. Even though, admittedly, some more advanced methods of fingerprint analysis have been developed -- you are bound by your at max ten fingerprints. You will not be able to change them. So once they have been leaked, you have been, erm, insecured. This disqualifies biometrical security for purposes of legitimisation or authorisation (albeit not for identification, but there are serious downsides even in that realm). So: Why?! Must be just toying around.
johnfaber100 Hónapja
Isn't the fact that you can turn aluminum into powder with a single drop of gallium reason enough not to use it for any security devices?
David Michael Hasselhoff
Easyest way to open many things and trues
stew Hónapja
It looks good, but as the saying goes, Don't judge a lock by it's aesthetically pleasing well curved body.
Naqi Raza
Naqi Raza Hónapja
Everyone gangsta untill LPL brings out his hammer
DaveOz Hónapja
what happens when its battery dies
E H Hónapja
I wonder how many thieves are subscribed to this channel
N Baua
N Baua Hónapja
You nailed the lock picking with a hammer 😂
DoctorX17 Hónapja
You should try the EMP generator on this
Ziggy Schumann
Ziggy Schumann Hónapja
You are quite the intellectual, a great puzzle solver.
Where did you go to school ?
Dr. Shadox φ
Dr. Shadox φ Hónapja
Anytek lock Anytime open
The Mini Machinist
you should design you own lock to be better than the other locks and then have a cnc or manual machinist make it for you
Reina Rodriguez
Reina Rodriguez Hónapja
Haaa... No ablo inglés 😐
Eugene S.
Eugene S. Hónapja
Is there any fucking lock, that you really recommend and can last at least 20 minutes to pick or crack open it?
The Gecko
The Gecko Hónapja
Denis Rhodes
Denis Rhodes Hónapja
may be good enough for your gym locker
Joseph Willis
Joseph Willis Hónapja
Feels odd when you predict how to open it just by looking at the thumbnail.
Dusty Road Design
And anytek stocks plummet through the floor 😅🤣
Josiah P.
Josiah P. Hónapja
"Obviously, that was a pretty disappointing performance." --my girlfriend, if I had one
albert lee
albert lee Hónapja
Garbage 😆😆😆😆😆
Grey_ Whatshisname
Other people: hmm this lock is made out of lock Lockpickinglawyer: hehe door go brr
Nate Hansen
Nate Hansen Hónapja
He isn't even picking them anymore. "Just lightly slap it aaaaand its open."
the0master200 Hónapja
Every few months this channel pops up on my feed, and then I keep watching it for days.
Osw719 Hónapja
any lock that needs to be recharged is pure garbage
Cuda Mike
Cuda Mike Hónapja
LPL you are proof of the Old Adage that locks only keep out honest people. All your videos are great & I enjoy all the different ideas you have to defeat locks with some of my favorite tools. 😎
Ddamien17 17
Ddamien17 17 Hónapja
Why haven’t there been lawsuits against these lock makers.
Cyber war
Cyber war Hónapja
There are more non magnetic metals if u count all steel variants as 1 point which surprised me when i found that out yes this comment is unrelated i just thought of it since he said the lock isnt magnetic
Marked Ashamed
Marked Ashamed Hónapja
Fancy tech is no match for fundamental mechanics.
If you think about it any lock can be broken regardless of what it's made of
deepwater-jew Hónapja
How exactly do you find a flaw like this? Do you just say "I think I'll hit it with a mallet" or what?
Pranay patel
Pranay patel Hónapja
Why don't you create a lock
Stuart Wilson
Stuart Wilson Hónapja
Bang bang, pop. Ok, fuck I am hitting dislike.. I really dislike this lock.
God Hónapja
You are teaching people to break into peoples houses.
Marshall Ephisto
Basically Ork Tech to open that padlock
Needshoe Hónapja
Your my Go To magician, lol I can always look forward to your next trick.
Mushious Hónapja
But hey, it's pick resistant!
Pete Ball
Pete Ball Hónapja
You should do a collaboration with This Old Tony. I would love to see the 4 hands working together. Maybe design a lock.
Don't Cry
Don't Cry Hónapja
Seems good for a school locker nice and lightweight won't scratch up the locker no combo to forget. Does it have a master function? How much is it?
KAORU VIRUS [a.k.a. Selvariabell]
I am pretty sure, our lockpicking lawyer can lockpick anything and everything
Clayton Cronk
Clayton Cronk Hónapja
If there is ever to be an apocalypse, it will end with the words “This is the LockpickingLawyor and what I have for you today is a steel and concrete bunker with a serious flaw...”
Crimson Digital
Crimson Digital Hónapja
But is it waterproof though
Mark & Ilene
Mark & Ilene Hónapja
Its like a coolish school locker lock if you don't have anything interesting to steal stashed inside
Chizzles playz
Chizzles playz Hónapja
How long does it take you to figure out how to pick these locked? Or break them open
LJCyrus1 Hónapja
Maybe it's just me, but "Anytek" sounds awfully similar to "Initech", the company from Office Space.
s s
s s Hónapja
I only come here for the flukes 🤣
Thierry Thelliez
1:54, is that the shortest video from LPL?
Scotty Smith
Scotty Smith Hónapja
LPL putting lock makers to shame! 😂
Axodus Hónapja
Why doesn't the lockpicking lawyer own a lock design company.
ABaumstumpf Hónapja
When HUrun takes longer to load the video than LPL takes to open the lock.
vlk Hónapja
Try tokoz Gama pro :)
DecimyS96 Hónapja
There's no such thing as a good lock 🤣😂😭
6re6ory Hónapja
High quality :)))))))))