[1248] Absurdly Paracentric CES Euro Cylinder Picked 

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The video I referenced: [82] How To Pick Locks With Paracentric Keyways hurun.info/to/vide/p42Tk6moy4O2ut0.html









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LockPickingMechanic LPM
See why I’m a ces fan and good skill
Sander 28 napja
Bruh, you shouldn’t demonstrate how to pick locks that people use to protect their house and belongings...
Dark GT
Dark GT Hónapja
I bet he have database of descriptions of what he had open in each of those 1200+ videos. I can't even remember what I had for lunch.
martin pejchar
martin pejchar Hónapja
I do not think that orientation of lock in LPL hands make any difference but it is still weird as europian looking to EURO lock picked upside down.
jagger2kk Hónapja
Just an observation, these locks would be fitted in a door the correct way round, but when you are picking it, you are holding it upside down, would this pick be possible installed in a door in the correct orientation?
Daniel Rocha
Daniel Rocha Hónapja
These videos are ASMR for rogue fans.
Alexander Wijnhamer
Wait... what were the dimples for?
adamf663 Hónapja
Excellent explanation on vid 82. Seems a lock maker could make the lock nearly unpickable if there was a second keyway halfway down the cylinder. (Or two 'half' cylinders with a 2nd keyway between the two?)
DKTAz00 Hónapja
I present you this solid square block of steel, and now its open
DangerMouSe Hónapja
Lol, just had a Schlage commercial before this 🤣
Hangist Hónapja
I think people should be aware of the why and the why not with these cylinders. These Euro cylinders just like the PExtra en F9 from Iseo or this CES were built for particular reasons. Not everything comes down to picking a lock. It's just bad publicity for the manufacturer (CES in this case). Also, there are pins on the side of the key which you have not picked, were they present in your demo cylinder ? These cylinders were produced for profile attribution for vendors and or master key system. Also it will be good to see the EN1303 grade shown, germans, italians, spanish and french's follow the Euro rule.
Jorge Augusto Teixeira
Feels like I'm watching in 2x speed
Fada Te
Fada Te Hónapja
LPL: shaming lock industry since the dawn of time.
Noahmoahreal Hónapja
this man could probably break into anyones house
bigliftm Hónapja
@LPL : Any news from that guy that made the unpickable lock ( 3 months ago ) you know he made that automatic basket ball hoop video. And asked if you would try to pick it. Looking forward to that video.
Wiku025 Hónapja
is there a lock that LPL cannot pick?
lee morant
lee morant Hónapja
I'd like to see you pick some of these in a position like it would be if it were installed. Not doubting your skill or anything, it's really cool watching these, but holding stuff all nice and comfortable in the hand must make it a lot easier. I thought that a few vids back with the decent motorcycle lock, that maybe be a diff story if its on a disc 6" off the ground. Just an idea for something a little different.
Cullen Gallagher
Hey bud, I'm gonna need you for a job. And then need your lawyering skills if we get caught. Deal?
The Ultimate Random Gamer
You're at the end of the world. The lockpicking lawyer is one lock away from nuclear destruction. The last words you hear: *binding on 4... And we're in*
william ladd
william ladd Hónapja
Saw the video was 2:01 - and wondered how he would fill in the remaining 2 minutes.
Cool Legends Gaming
Hey would you ever apply/try for a GWR in lock picking?
Forza Ninetails
Forza Ninetails Hónapja
Your videos sure have come a long way since episode 82. Keep up the good work.
The Man of Iron 78
Thia looks like Le Coq
Mindseas Hónapja
Good stuff, as always, but a little dissapointed in no disassembly in this or many others recently. Stay LPL and be safe!
David Miscaviage
You should do one of those disc detainer locks where the bike frame comes apart and you use the seat to.complete the lock
nemo4evr Hónapja
Someone should make a mash up of you and Chef John narrating each others videos ;-)
Agaton E
Agaton E Hónapja
At this point companies should be paying you to test their locks
I taint mistaken
Oosh21 Hónapja
They snap easily too.
Peter Wood
Peter Wood Hónapja
Looks like a Coq but the shape reminds me more of a duck.
OrganistJohn Hónapja
anyone else start singing the joker when he said if you're a picker lol
Zach Kruger
Zach Kruger Hónapja
Not even interested in locks or picking but I am subscribed
The Dark Gamer
The Dark Gamer Hónapja
I have no idea about any of the terminology but I like watching you pick
Mr H
Mr H Hónapja
Did they said pickproof?
Emily Lowrence
Emily Lowrence Hónapja
Can you retry the Ultion lock But turn it the right way up
Sneaker Official
LockPickingLawyer: literally breaks into Fort Knox Also LockPickingLawyer: so as you can see this lock isn’t very secure
Sneaker Official
@ShadowDragon8685 he’ll pick the guards
U.V. S.
U.V. S. Hónapja
@ShadowDragon8685 Some pickers would at first glance consider this tank brigade unpickable, but you can pick them with relative ease using the techniques outlined in video 66.6. A click on tank one, a click on tank 2, a click on tank 1000, and now we only got these little locks, for which I will use this wave rake. And we've got this open. Once more, to show you that it was not fluke, fort closed, the tanks, the lock, fort opened, closed again, tanks, lock, fort open. As you can see, this was not a fluke.
I'm pretty sure the security on Fort Knox isn't very centered around the locks themselves so much as armed guards.
Thomas Withaar
Thomas Withaar Hónapja
vlk Hónapja
Try tokoz Gama pro :)
whuzzzup Hónapja
Can you please make a video about if it's harder or easier to pick Eurolocks in the correct (how they are used on doors) orientation?
Dehoniesto _
Dehoniesto _ Hónapja
Medium hook
Abhilash Kannan
Abhilash Kannan Hónapja
oh ok
kevin Hónapja
I know you are a very talented lock picker but I think you should get out and away from the comfort of your desk and do real life lock picking situations because you do make it look to easy and I don't think you are challenged enough like how long it will take you to pick a lock with out being detected by security or a bystander just my opinion
ZKusand Hónapja
Does LPL shave his hands normally? Never noticed the hair before...
It was just like picking a Schlage. There's a lot of room at the bottom of that keyway.
Termitreter Hónapja
@John Smithe Hehe look at that guy not knowing what picking a schlage means xD
John Smithe
John Smithe Hónapja
I feel like this is an innuendo I don't understand.
Chancey Hónapja
ZING! Thats just what I was saying
The hentai senpai
Hey o
lr 21
lr 21 Hónapja
Yep 😆
Tokyo 420
Tokyo 420 Hónapja
Question or comment below: Why don't you pick cylinders both clock- and counter-clockwise?
Paul Blitz
Paul Blitz Hónapja
Being in Europe, my house has 2 euro-cylinders, a similar oval one, a normal cylinder lock, and two mortice locks. I don't think ANY of them are particularly high quality. Reading online, it appears that the majority of attacks on (older) euro-cylinders like this are NOT by picking, but by simply BREAKING them (they break at the weak point, where the screw is)... But even more breaking and entering is done by just breaking the glass / adjacent wooden / plastic panel. So, fitting a "better lock" isn't much of a help, you need to think about securing the internal lock mechanism too, don't leave keys on the inside of your doors etc.
Tjita1 Hónapja
"...unpickable, however..."
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel Hónapja
He sounds so excited when you play it at 1.25x speed
zack koval
zack koval Hónapja
I feel like his intro and outro are longer than most pickings.
Fubuki Hónapja
You should make a video where you try picking your own locks. Safe, padlocks, house/apartment doors etc.
David Castillo
David Castillo Hónapja
I like that you can watch LPL's videos upsidedown, and it would still be perfectly watchable
nightsage217 Hónapja
This man will not get any sponsorship from lock makers. However, he can make royalties out of not making a video of their locks instead.
noelsnotes Hónapja
I'm going t o cry now.
Honduranp14 Limas
You got a new coq I see
Word ov thee day is paracentric!
J G Hónapja
Lawyer here. Dude, when I have to start measuring the videos in Planck lengths, it means you need a course in marketing.
mothman1967 Hónapja
LPL, do you carry keys for your house and so on, or pick the lock just because it's quicker?
Lee Blake
Lee Blake Hónapja
LPL, your skills are obvious, but I wonder how much more difficult some of these locks are to pick in a real-world setup. When you pick locks in your videos, especially these kinds of locks that are usually on doors, you're holding them in a way you would not be able to if this was securing someone's door. It would be awesome if you would, on occasion, show us you picking some of these locks when installed in a door.
Steve’s Howtoinfive
Agustin Gonzalez
I love the fact that the lock looks like it's used in Fort Knox yet the video is still only 2 minutes long.
Zicky Kane
Zicky Kane Hónapja
Man, that keyway looked nasty. Not AS bad as some you tackled from the naughty bucket, but still. And you made it look easy. Amazing skill. :)
David Bermudez
David Bermudez Hónapja
🤔 🤔 🤔 💭 Video 1248 vs Video 82
CamoAssassin00 Hónapja
Will LPL ever pick a euro cylinder the right way up? Not today seemingly
Thomas Bohl
Thomas Bohl Hónapja
Question: This cylinders often can't be rotate when keys are inserted from both sites (at the same time). Does that mean, as long as there is a key inserted, they can't be picked from the other site?
Я. B
Я. B Hónapja
Correct, I have one of these.
HenryLoenwind Hónapja
Depends. Those locks exist in 2 variants, one where one side locks out the other when a key is inserted and one where it doesn't (so called "hotel locks").
Tom Hejda
Tom Hejda Hónapja
If the key is inserted and turned from the inside, yes. Given it's not possible to manually rotate the inside cylinder and the cam through the keyway (which I believe isn't unless tghe lock if flawed).
Everything is fun and all till you hear *Nothing on 1, Click on 2 outside your house at 3 am*
Friend of the One-Eyed Ladies
Click #3 was my safety disengaging.
KuK137 Hónapja
I like how it didn't show the key opening the lock. For all we know, internals were replaced with much easier ones to make the lock defeatable quicker...
Mr Allan
Mr Allan Hónapja
A teardown of this lock would've been interesting.
Vicary A
Vicary A Hónapja
LPL is doing much less guttings recently.
Yves Legh
Yves Legh Hónapja
You need to pick it in the other way! In Europe it is in the other way in the doors!
Khunvyel Hónapja
I am genuinely curious how much easier picking a lock is when it's not actually inserted in a flat surface as it should be. I looks like the grip holding the exposed lock makes it easier to tighten the core. Any insight would be welcome :)
Patrick Quanz
Patrick Quanz Hónapja
you make this look so easy :D i got some bigger issues with rough keyholes wich try to give you almost no space for your pick
Gavrilo King
Gavrilo King Hónapja
Can you please do a bank vault door? That would be so cool!
Massimo Di Giovanni
I swear I've seen a video of you on this before. Where you explain the keyway reads CES. Is this dejavu? Edit: video 1237 I knew I wasn't going crazy
hmidouch boetekees
Don'z Lockz
Don'z Lockz Hónapja
Not challenging for LPL only. Lol
recoil Hónapja
You're good with any sized hook, LPL 😳
You sound sleepy in 82
Jason Pitts
Jason Pitts Hónapja
Remember that guy on PBS with the big hair that painted? LPL voice is very relaxing like that. I have a feeling that if you were on the stand and he was grilling you.....you would be in trouble.
Leon Verrall
Leon Verrall Hónapja
I always look at the time of the video to rate a lock.
Samantha owen
Samantha owen Hónapja
You know the lock is a piece of crap when the video is about 2 minutes or less.
moises rodriguez
I know we're on episode 1248 but you remember episode 82 right? No!!! Well shame on you should've been paying attention.
aihtdikh Hónapja
This video number, read backwards, is a valid ending to a sequence from the Collatz conjecture. :) (Or, to put it another way, a forward sequence of powers of two, but that doesn't sound as special)
Demistic Hónapja
Finally, a fluke! He named the wrong pick! He IS human, not just a pickbot :D
Benjamin B06200
Benjamin B06200 Hónapja
Hi Mr LockPickingLayer , Do you know if it's possible to pick this kind of lock if on the other side of the lock , the key is on and already turned ( i mean not just pushed inside the lock but pushed and turned , not on the "neutral position") ?? Thanks
Alan H
Alan H Hónapja
That should say absurdly badly designed keyway. The top part of the keyway on that shambles doesn't even come into the equation when you leave acres of space down the bottom to fit any pick at all in there :O
D T Hónapja
The only lock LPL can't pick, is the one on the Mars rover... But give him maybe a full 6 minutes and he'll probably have some radio wave/satellite set up through NASA to communicate to the rover, and open it with some Mars rock and some aluminium foil from the rover...!!
Metal Galaxy
Metal Galaxy Hónapja
You'd be great in a heist movie. Your skills are real and legit. 👍
Jason Zeng
Jason Zeng Hónapja
Isn't this the same lock as his coq
JTN 02
JTN 02 Hónapja
Interesting thumbnail. Don’t mean to look to much into it, but plz don’t start adding clickbait thumbnails that are covered with emojis and surprised faces. It always starts with these thumbnails and the decline of the HUrunr is set in stone.
Mícheál ÓhUaine
LPL,These locks when gripped by locking pliers and twisted side to side break in half so you gain entry, there is a more expensive model that they say wont break .
Girish Kumar G
Girish Kumar G Hónapja
I wonder is lock picking you profession or hobby?
ZMAPP Chan Hónapja
bijibijmak Hónapja
So when are you gonna pick the lock from Stuff Made Here?
Barking Spiders
Barking Spiders Hónapja
When you say "wiper insert" are referring to the metal strip you would find in an automotive wiper blade? Because that's what it looks like.
Shannon Davis
Shannon Davis Hónapja
yep that is correct i keep several in my tool bag and car you can also fashion a pick with a needle file from them aswell very handy to have around
Morellio Benoir
Morellio Benoir Hónapja
You need to change your name to LockpicingSurgeon. This was just magic to watch.
BlackDolphin90 Hónapja
I have seen worse keyways from your other video showing the most extreme keyways. I learnt from Potti314 and my own experience though that a decent hook will pass through the warding just like the pins do. If the pins can a pick can.
James LaFayette
James LaFayette Hónapja
Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive
Bassam Alsheef
Bassam Alsheef Hónapja
Did you get the door lock from Stuff Made Here ?
Freak80MC Hónapja
Hey did you ever receive Stuff Made Here's lock? Just wondering since you commented on his video 3 months ago but I don't see any video from you about his lock.