[1249] A Reasonable Choice? Master Lock Pro Series 7045 

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The referenced video: [360] 16 Master Lock Pro Series 6835 Padlocks Picked in 7 Minutes! hurun.info/to/vide/lm2bqI2o0JuUz78.html









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Bryan levie
Bryan levie 3 napja
Hey man you should look up "Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths" from the Stuff Made Here HUrun channel and try and get the lock to pick it
Yasirpathan 1st
Yasirpathan 1st 11 napja
Any padlock disklock available please contact me on Instagram @Yasir_pathan_1st
giovani gallo
giovani gallo 18 napja
is there any padlock that is good for anything? you can open everything with no dramas. makes me think if its worth it spending a fortune on them if the difference in opening is seconds. please help me make a decision on which lock to buy to secure my generators using a chain and padlock
rera Ireland picker
As awalys Good content
TheFastestSrbin 29 napja
So Pro, much wow...gym locker! LMAO!
DieselDucy Hónapja
As pretty as these are they are still easy to pick. I wouldn’t even say this is good for my gym locker lol
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd Hónapja
The guy that broke in works for the us a government
Elmer Fudd
Elmer Fudd Hónapja
1 had a person break in my house and he left a lot of pits in the lock like he held on to the lock with a tool but did he us a mechinacle pick
jessthemullet Hónapja
"It wasn't that hard *for me* to pick open". Sweet jesus, man, I don't think I know of more than two locks you *can't* just work your magic on to open. unless you've secretly done the @stuffmadehere one already, then it's one. The fact that the lock doesn't just fall off at the sound of your voice should say that it's probably decent for the average human being.
Glenn Brockett
Glenn Brockett Hónapja
"Reasonable choice?" - it's a 2:30 video. That said, most locks are not bypassed by picking.
Roy Sammons
Roy Sammons Hónapja
When you said it has 4 spools in it I thought for a second you were talking about their lock out tag out locks. You know the ones made from plastic that usually do better than most of their common security locks. Nice quick demo on opening this lock up.
evas xyz
evas xyz Hónapja
ok, a giant company can afford to male a decent product from time to time. Also don't forget that you're watching LPL or Bill, probably this particular Masterlock is un-pickable for the average lock picker.
bcvfg D
bcvfg D Hónapja
ngl that looks more expensive than what I could have in a gym lock but sure
jvanb231 Hónapja
He makes locks look pointless
Nathaniel Risner
Trucking company I work for switched from Abloy to masterlock to secure loaded trailers. I just showed them your videos and told them they made a mistake. I still use my abloy I wouldn’t use anything else on loads I run.
Paradise Products Costa Rica
In the next Purge Movie. The family must be inside the biggest and best Panic room. And after the siren they should hear... "1 is binding, nothing on 2 click out of 3..."
Green Lint
Green Lint Hónapja
3 passes to open it and it's obviously full of spools. A better core than many padlocks. Not terrible bitting on the key either. The Schlage door lock that LPL gave a bit of praise to a while back was quicker to be defeated. Maybe Master is inheriting some of American Lock's technology and quality. One could only hope.
FlamesOfAFox Hónapja
Lockpicking 100
Michael's soul
Michael's soul Hónapja
What state are you from just curious
Jamie Skinner
Jamie Skinner Hónapja
Can you please stop picking locks with the keys present! Cheating
DSG Trap
DSG Trap Hónapja
Is there an actual lock out there that you can’t pick?
Buck Best
Buck Best Hónapja
What is that tension bar?
Ken Nixon
Ken Nixon Hónapja
I call Bullcrap -- This exact master I have has a 6 pin core (pinned 5) and a C-Clip for easy follower plug removal. Easy to gut, and easy to replace core with American core pinned 6, (or even LOTO core) with security pins.
Steve 319
Steve 319 Hónapja
The average person isn’t going to take the time to pick this lock let alone even carry the tools to do it. Locks are nothing more then a deterrent for a quick grab and go. If its a step up and a little harder to get it open one way or another then probable a better bet then some of the locks that have been featured on this channel.
Dadas190 Hónapja
You have transcended beyond being just a youtuber - you have became omniscient. When im picking through my collection of locks, I can hear your voice in my head, narrating my progress - "nothing on one, two is binding, little click out of four, aaand we've got it open", just in my case its much slower and with a lot of "looks like I've overset this pin, im going to release tension a bit"
ZatriX Hónapja
You, sir, are amasing! I do have a question, which I am reasonably sure has been asked many times before: IRL you dont have a luxury of positioning your hands as comfortably around the lock. Can you demonstrate something like that? PA: Jh, and maybe I have missed it, but how does one go about them old huge padlocks? And, heh, chastity belts )
Kyle Gingerich
Kyle Gingerich Hónapja
When the LPL says the Masterlock Pro-Series is acceptable for a gym locker. Pro-series.
Jim James
Jim James Hónapja
So LPL if you had to pick one or two locks for a storage locker or similar locker what would you select? Thanks for all the great reviews.
Cynical 1
Cynical 1 Hónapja
Someone needs to invent a lock that only takes the key and if a pick is detected inserted, the insides break making the lock inoperable. The only way to then open it would be a registered fingerprint, based on heat of the finger and pressure as a third safety measure.
TRD_Mike Hónapja
1:10 Hey LPL, can you tell me what TOK tension bar you're using, and where you found it? Did you form the 90° angle in the bar or did it come that way? What you have is exactly what I need! Thanks!
Don'z Lockz
Don'z Lockz Hónapja
A pro series for a gym locker? Lol
mr ranto
mr ranto Hónapja
when are you gonna recieve the lock that stufffmadehere did?
KDestroyer 9
KDestroyer 9 Hónapja
That moment when the best a $30+ lock can do is be approved for use on a gym locker.
Ron's Book Review
I still don't understand how Master Lock is still in business.
The ReReviewers
The ReReviewers Hónapja
Damn... so you find a reasonable lock, but then how to pick it.
toxaq Hónapja
Would love to see how you pick a lock when it’s attached to a locker!
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson Hónapja
I really wish you would show your lockpicking videos with in-situ padlocks and door locks (In your own home obviously) I can't help but think it must be a whole new ball game to do when they are in place instead of being able to flip them whichever way suits you.
City Lock a polytechnikey llc company
What do you mean "Master crimps the cores on these" ? The cylinders can be dissassembled for rekeying. I sell these standard with the 7000B ( 6 pin ) revised keyway. Your sample has the 6000 keyway, which was redesigned in 2001. The differences from older to newer were to accommodate a larger master-keying capability, more key bittings without repetition. I consider these to offer mid-level security. They would not be suitable for a gym locker, as many now have nylon hasps which this model may not fit. The shuttle dial 1500id would be suitable for lockers. Though your skills are way above average, I have found these locks counter most pickers fairly well, and making access to the cylinder awkward, further thwarts picking. Master is to blame that the public is not really exposed to the pro-series locks. In fact, Master made a whole line of knockoffs of the 6121 6125 6127 6230 and other models for Home Depot. You have featured those to demonstrate that Master locks suck. Well, true, RETAIL VERTICAL CHANNEL marketed models from MAster Do Suck. Their commercial models are well hidden on the website, and online sellers are pushing locks that have common key numbers. As a locksmith, I generated bitting lists with thousands of unique bittings. Each client gets their own unique key. Further, locksmiths offer restricted keyway iterations of the commercial Master Line. I tried to find a way that PacLock could fit into my offerings, as their locks are decent. But the cylinders must improve, prices must be equivelent to the comparable MASTER models that are made in North America. They need more keyways. Because of these issues, I have only seen fit to buy their specialty items for trucks, and the JOBOX lock I helped them design and test in the field. I like the folks at PacLock, but their attention has been misplaced on Home Depot and Online, rather than distribution. I still have hopes for them, once the H.D. / Amazon bloom is off the rose. Even with all the crap models of padlocks Master makes, they still have a very wide range ( 70+ models ) of VERY GOOD padlocks. You just need to have your locksmith key them to either their semi-restricted EDGE key system, or 6 pin the locks they sell. I order ALL my Proseries MAster locks ZERO BITTED. Nothing gets sold factory-keyed. I do not order padlocks already keyed alike in groups, as hardware stores might on the light duty models such as the 1, 5, or 15. ( my dad used to carry padlocks like this, and reorder the SAME key numbers for customers' convenience. People see a identical lock, try their key..... too often, opens up... because Grainger has been selling key number 2001 and 2002 for at least 40 years, from my extrapolation.
Joni Kukkola
Joni Kukkola Hónapja
Did the Hell just freeze over?
robinjinxed Hónapja
Counting up in the calm voice reminds me of being at the dentist 😂
Russell Hónapja
I cant... hahha i cant lol.. when LPL is trying to be generous .. "i think this might be good for a gym locker" hahahha i ded
Donnie Robertson
Great job and video
Cool Legends Gaming
Master lock: *Smiles*
da turkey bois
da turkey bois Hónapja
Is there something he can't unlock?
No One's Innocent
Lol. I work in healthcare and we use this exact lock for our outside sharps bin
Oüber fox
Oüber fox Hónapja
The fact he only would use this for a gym locker is vary telling because it looks like a reasonably tough lock but it’s master lock soooo probably not
sukmawadi sulistyo
But still, in a video with 2 minutes, he start to actually picking the lock after 1 minute explanation
Bob Kaster
Bob Kaster Hónapja
"Good for a gym locker." If I'm cutting, I wouldn't even bother with this lock and would just go right through the locker!
Stormin' Norman
Stormin' Norman Hónapja
I happened upon another video of the same lock from about 4 years ago. The guy took much longer to open it.. but.. gutted the lock.. maybe it's been redesigned? hurun.info/to/vide/fK-gvKhosZvLxd0.html
David Hill
David Hill Hónapja
where can I find some explanations for some of the terms he casually slings around? Specifically, "false set" and "counter rotation" are intriguing, but confusing.
Rune Jorgensen
Rune Jorgensen Hónapja
I want to see LPL, lock himself out of a security jail. Or perhaps make some kind of a Houdini show, where he pick locks, while chained under water.
Killerofcats Hónapja
Aidan Chappelle
Aidan Chappelle Hónapja
"Master Lock" "Reasonable choice" Several people are typing...
Barack Obama
Barack Obama Hónapja
It took him more than 18 seconds to get into a master lock? Something’s wrong I can feel it
Ben Fordrin
Ben Fordrin Hónapja
Hello LPL, do you have any video about how to handle false gates? It looks like you need to lower the tension a bit, but it would be nice to see this explained in detail :-)
PunkRockLlama Hónapja
Masterlock makes good locks for your garbage bins.
David Leamy
David Leamy Hónapja
What is the hardest lock you have ever picked?
Master Lock Execs: "This one took LPL 50 seconds. Let's triple up production boys! We finally got a winner!"
Average Guy71
Average Guy71 Hónapja
If you truly need a shackle guarded, pick resistant lock to keep people out of your gym locker, you might want to look for a gym in a safer neighborhood..
Jack McDaniel
Jack McDaniel Hónapja
Wouldn't want my shampoo or stinky shoes to get stolen!!! lol
Brandon Ralston
Brandon Ralston Hónapja
The shameless plug was so seamlessly added that I wasn’t even annoyed by the inclusion.
John Hook
John Hook Hónapja
Would raking work on this lock?
Tyler Davis
Tyler Davis Hónapja
The Bob Ross of the lock world.
D. Casey
D. Casey Hónapja
So basically, you would use it to protect your dirty gym clothes. 👌
Light dark and negative
Lpl is the ip man of lock picking
Dušan Renát
Dušan Renát Hónapja
Soo ... the best Master Lock design is secure enough for a gym locker. That really puts things into perspective.
Ray Capetillo
Ray Capetillo Hónapja
LPL: Master Lock, I am about to give you a compliment. This lock is good enough to guard anyone's jock strap. Master Lock: We'll take it!
legion Hónapja
Lpl the guy who taught tv private eyes how to pick locks..
wantsome7655 Hónapja
I was picking locks when I was 14 using a paper clip.
Nick Dyal
Nick Dyal Hónapja
I saw this lock and was curious if you made a video about it, low and behold you made it yesterday
Larry Mace
Larry Mace Hónapja
I wish I could find this lock my friend bought it was a "high-security lock" and had 7 pins with serrated and spooled pins. However, the lock had every single pin keyed to the same height was hilarious my friend always wondered how I picked it so easily meanwhile all I was doing was putting in a tension wrench then putting in another tension wrench in and lifting all the pins to the same height and voila I'm in easy as pie. I can't remember who the lock was made by however it was a huge beefy lock that was amazing at being the easiest thing to pick I have ever seen. After I picked it the first time I looked at the key and was like wait a minute wtf and after that, it took literally 1 second to unlock I could unlock it faster without the key than with the key. A lock can have any set of amazing security pins and features but if the bidding is literally all the same all that fancy security goes away.
Bob The iceland volcano
Not impressive bright spots. And that's all the praise ml is gonna get, LOL
sorphin Hónapja
A Master Lock and a ~2 minute (or less) video... No surprise.
MiningToAsia Hónapja
Pick the lock from Stuff Made Here
Michael de Guzman
Hey, I know you probably get asked this every video now... but what progess is being made to produce a LPL and stuffmadehere crossover? Have you gotten his lock?
The Genesis lock picks have been sold out for a long time
Michael Raney
Michael Raney Hónapja
Master Lock: Our Pro Series is designed to protect what you value most! LPL: meh, i'd use it on my gym locker.
Tommy2cats Hónapja
It's still a $50 lock. Is there really any value in buying a lock that costs more than the items it's securing? That's like spending $30k on an insurance policy for a $20k car. What does LPL's shed look like? A 3 inch solid steel walled fortress with retnal scanners and turrets to protect his lawn mower, a rusty shovel, and a rake he found?
Jacob Siegel
Jacob Siegel Hónapja
I wonder if LPL has a naughty bucket.
Slick Back
Slick Back Hónapja
Hi I’m new and I just subbed
CoolEarth 7
CoolEarth 7 Hónapja
Yooo are you going to pick “stuff made here” lock? Would be a very interesting video
All LPL videos should be called "Destroying the Hopes and Dreams of Lock Makers Everywhere in Under Two Minutes".
alexander bisson
It dose not matter for me. Everything you pick is impressive!
pablo rages
pablo rages Hónapja
Only took 2 days to get the notification for this vid :(
Whizzy the Elephant Adventures and Memes
It is a shithot looking lock actually. Love the slight blue to the hard beautiful metallic shine.
C West
C West Hónapja
Would love to see you open locks that are actually being used.
Kilo Hónapja
master lock: ....holy shit we got a video longer than two minutes! *entire office high fives*
Joe Duarte
Joe Duarte Hónapja
So spool pins are that easy? What's the point of security pins if they don't slow a picker down? Or did he have to spend a few more seconds on it than usual? How much do security pins typically slow down someone who isn't LPL?
Imagine waking up and hearing out your front “click on one, click one two, and we’ve got this open!”
bean boi
bean boi Hónapja
Have you ever broken any pick tools
James Faulkner II
Gym locker? How much are these? Are parents willing to shell out the money for a junior high school locker?
Dave Kolp
Dave Kolp Hónapja
Is it a good idea to teach people how to pick and bypass locks? I understand he is showing how bad locks are but what is our alternative ?
steeltrident Hónapja
Are there any good Padlocks?
David Gordy
David Gordy Hónapja
Does anyone else find his videos calming lol
The Dark Gamer
The Dark Gamer Hónapja
Casmige Hónapja
How about a "Stumped the LPL Chump" Can't Pick-it nor cut-it Review?. Like for every 4 Failures you do?? Do a Success story of sorts. Suitable for Gym-Locker aside....smh. Jeeze Louise, it's always BAD FREAKING NEWS with you & the demise of the locks that would but couldn't. We all need some good news these days, if you please?.Thank you. Please drive through, pay @ 2nd. Window & DON'T Pick your nose....
John Yarbrough
John Yarbrough Hónapja
Currently using one of these as my primary practice lock, it's fitting for my skill level and I can usually get it within a couple minutes.
Lavante Lemar
Lavante Lemar Hónapja
Any word on when we will get the lock from Make Stuff?
MikeAnn193 Hónapja
I watched this with my shed in mind. One thing I'm not sure I've seen you address in past videos is the question of weatherproofing. 🌧️🌨️🌩️ I'd like to see a list of locks which you've found reasonably challenging to pick or otherwise breach, which could also survive years of precipitation and weather variabilities. Thanks. ☺️
David Brooks
David Brooks Hónapja
I get the feeling Master lock might be charging something on the expensive side for a gym locker
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