[1251] SereneLife Safe Picked FAST 

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GradientGamer 6 napja
this is why i call amazon. Scamazon for their locks
VICTOR Austria
VICTOR Austria 11 napja
Do a xiaomi safe!!!
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Herczeg Zsolt
Herczeg Zsolt 27 napja
I have had one of these "safes". It can be opened with a tiny imbus key (L shaped) because it fits between the lock and the door panel. You can literally push the latch open with it.
Frosty 28 napja
I don’t even lock pick and I absolutely love these videos. from the way the videos are set up and get straight to the point. No loud intros, or background music. It is absolute mastery at its finest. Thank You.
OZER 29 napja
They put these on purpose to make thief's life easier
John Smith
John Smith Hónapja
I just imagine some dude in the middle of break in, pulling out his phone and following along to one these videos.
Aaron KoRn
Aaron KoRn Hónapja
locks are for “show” only... lol
Mx. Xander
Mx. Xander Hónapja
Could you just put super glue on that lock so its unusable and only use keypad...i mean prying could work easy to but at least you would see the proof of prying unlike this.
R Hecker
R Hecker Hónapja
so...the device you used to instantly open the safe...can anyone buy one or are there restricted to lawyers ????
dkwroot Hónapja
I would gorilla glue the cap over the lock. Your move, LPL.
Avocado Hónapja
SereneLife: Here's our free safe we sent to you! LPL: So you've chosen death...
adrowsypoet Hónapja
What kind of safe do you recommend?
RWBHere Hónapja
Of course, the door can be made much more secure by putting it inside a bank vault. 👋😂👍
j7a1k1e Hónapja
They should make these electronic pin safes with a mechanical lock that only turns when the battery is dead. A fail open system could pin the cylinder locked until the battery died and only then will the key work allowing you to keep the battery's inside the safe and pick resistance only needs to be on your mind for low frequency users. It could be modified for hotel use by wiring the power to the building and having a service access switch cut the power to open the safe after a guest has checked out allowing the hotelier to reset the safe password.
Bob Dole
Bob Dole Hónapja
40 years and we didnt correct a poor design in what is supposed to be a "safe" . Somehow we destructed and reconstructed a virus possibly created by someone else and have a vaccine in a year.
Vickie Bligh
Vickie Bligh Hónapja
Wow. Is there any secure safe or lock?
Rahul A
Rahul A Hónapja
Bro you are amazing. Could you please suggest a safe to buy which is not that easy to break
Obama Hónapja
“Simply inexcusable”- LPL. As a company, that is like hearing your death sentence.
aljowen Hónapja
That locking mechanism is a totally generic unit. I have a super cheap and much smaller safe from woolworths? (or wilkinsons) in the uk from about 10-15 years ago with the exact same design, placement of parts, pins, etc. Just with a different handle and graphics on the keypad.
Don't Cry
Don't Cry Hónapja
I would like to see you fix the door to something and pry it
gatekeeper88 Hónapja
I swear, stressed out - A dose of LPL... just does it. Actually beginning to wonder about a career change as I do love the intricacies of locks etc. Some good money to be made as well.
Pen Fold
Pen Fold Hónapja
That door looks exactly like the one on a Smith & Locke safebox I have. The bolts are the same too. Just mine has a plastic knob to turn, a slightly different keypad and a wafer lock that's easily raked open. I would be interested if you could look inside at the solenoid locking mechanism. If it's the same inside as mine, it can be easily forced open by turning the handle with a lever. This is because the solenoid pin doesn't fit securely far enough through the locking fork. Let us know what you find. (Oh and its also possible to reach the reset button by drilling a small hole in the side)
dvdvnr Hónapja
Damn, I blinked at the wrong moment and missed the lock being opened!
InThruTheWindow Hónapja
I was just adjusting my posture, getting ready to watch him crack open this safe and I looked up and heard "well, that's all I have for you today."
_apnovi _
_apnovi _ Hónapja
This same safe front and keypad is also used on the yale YSV-200-DB1 and varients in the UK.
Hazzard is life
Hazzard is life Hónapja
You should do videos on locks that are harder for you to show of your elite skills
They've known about this design flaw for about 40 or 50 years...........?? That means they will finally stop using it in about 50 or 60 years. That is, unless it keeps making them money.
Phillip Kunze
Phillip Kunze Hónapja
Where do you find that tool
Swear Jar
Swear Jar Hónapja
I’m happy that you don’t over do your ads for videos and you don’t try to get every video to 10 min
Millie0405 Hónapja
"so-called safe" holy shit that was smooth
dino nuggies guy
When he become a burgular, he stole the whole house.
Russel Proctor
Russel Proctor Hónapja
I'm the lock picking lawyer, in any case, another lock company goes out of business.
minj4ever Hónapja
Was there ever a safe that did not suck?
Zack Tautz
Zack Tautz Hónapja
Any brands you would recommend?
HexxxiZ Hónapja
Best seller on Scamazon...
SiiickGravity Hónapja
Thanks for the tutorial!
gajustempus Hónapja
I remember picking that kind of locks about 30 years ago when I was little...with nothing but a piece of carton
meanotaku Hónapja
best way to find unbreakable lock just search if it is not available in lawyers videos
Chris's Adventures in Lock Picking
I have this one, sold under the yale brand for 30 euros I'd love to see the emp and a magnetic attack
Dave Hónapja
Something I would be interested in seeing is a "Secure Your Security" section. Where you take some of the most common locks and show how you would improve their security. In this one for example, would you be able to get different strength springs and different length driver pins to improve it?
Deformiter Hónapja
There's a video on Amazon's reviews of someone just jiggling the handle a few times and it opens
Garbage man
Garbage man Hónapja
well sh*t, I have one of these
HenkeBoy Hónapja
Have you ever tried to pick the Assa bikelock from 1980s? Very common in Sweden back then.
Liberty Cosworth
"Inexcusable" Always the lowest rating LPL assigns to the lock taking the path to join the march of the condemned locks.
michelle badalov
I went to type a sentence and he finished picking it not even halfway through me typing
Jack Of All Master Of None
Didn't see that EMP take out that electronic lock...lol
Eric To
Eric To Hónapja
Is there an LPL recommended fireproof safe...?
John-Paul Silke
John-Paul Silke Hónapja
Should have put a Master Lock in that safe. 😆
Daniel Loveson
Daniel Loveson Hónapja
@LockPickingLawyer you should start carrying handcuff keys for sale
Olacarn Hónapja
This looks like the safe we bought rebranded for YALE here.
Bongo Baggins
Bongo Baggins Hónapja
What's the most you've ever stolen from a safe
Michael Polaski
Michael Polaski Hónapja
You forgot to make sure that wasn't just a fluke ..
andyman aus
andyman aus Hónapja
"...appears to be a best seller on Amazon..." Is it just me who hears death bells tolling whenever LPL uses that phrase?
Patrick Proctor
Patrick Proctor Hónapja
Somehow that was even more anticlimactic than I was expecting.
Eric Carabetta
Eric Carabetta Hónapja
Since it has an electronic keypad I presume it also has an electric solenoid which can be opened with a magnet.
mariokarter13 Hónapja
"This flaw has been known for 40-50 years." Just call the flaw racist, that'll fix it.
deepsy2k Hónapja
It's SAFE to say that it's not a good SAFE
Tron Cat
Tron Cat Hónapja
its like lock companies dont even test their locks before putting them our
"picked fast", he started speedrunning locks
Donnie Robertson
Great job like all ways
Pavonis Gaming
Pavonis Gaming Hónapja
Doge coin
The Novel Ice Cream Studios
I have a theory that LPL knows so much about locks is because he made them all
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero Hónapja
Human • 62 years ago
Thanks i just stole 10k usd
EvilTim1911 Hónapja
Wait, he didn't unlock it twice, what if it was a fluke?
Dimitris Pikiokos
Hi! I have a question regarding an idea that came to my mind while watching LPL in this video. If the rotating handle was offset around 45° counter clockwise, I believe he wouldn't be able to rotate it with the impressioning tool in place. Is that correct? That would require the original key to be short enough for the handle to rotate over it of course, but it would prevent longer tools or copies to be used. I know it sounds primitive but I believe it's fair to say that this product could use another couple of seconds of resistance. Just an idea. Best regards.
CFW Production
CFW Production Hónapja
imagine if LPL made his own lock
Bart S
Bart S Hónapja
Another big disadvantage of this so-called "safe" is that it appears to only be a door, without any compartment behind it.
YensR Hónapja
That's a tubular combing attack, right?
Ryan Milton
Ryan Milton Hónapja
Can one tell from looking at the key way that it was flawed?
Mandy Flame
Mandy Flame Hónapja
“Inexcusable” - the way he says that. Like so many of us, I’m not very interested in locks, but LPL’s voice is soothing. A small oasis of calm in these turbulent times. The antidote to the fake hysteria generated by the shock-jocks and media monkeys. Thank you, LPL
Toccuby Hónapja
I would call it pretty safe since no one ever will have such a tool except you of course :D
Bastien Levesque
Jerry rig everything exposed
Christopher McKee
You should look into rack locks. You can find a video about them on Makers Mark channel. I think it would be an interesting pick. It may be hard to find a real version but a 3D printed version should work. Hope to see it! Have a good day.
badmally Hónapja
The shorter the video, the bigger the impact. It defies HUrun logic.
bazoo513 Hónapja
Let me see if I understood correctly: merely using driver pins of different lengths and/or springs of different strength would defeat this kind of attack that requires no skill, just an appropriate tool (that is, an attack suitable for, say, a maintenance or cleaning staff member in a hotel to perform systematically)? Now, that really _is_ inexcusable!
Pocket Women
Pocket Women Hónapja
Thanks for this video, cheers
Adolfo Pla
Adolfo Pla Hónapja
I’m the only one who would appreciate a cameo from LPL in a heist or bank robbery movie? Like the “expert” in opening the safe casually listen to a video while waiting to the gang meeting? Just me? Ok...
Mic k
Mic k Hónapja
Is it just me or fact LPL was only sent the door an obvious big red flag concerning the security of the product.
Étienne Schramm
Am I the only one being slightly disappointed? When I saw an electronic lock, just after the last video where the electronic device was defeated by an EMP, I had hopes.... Nevertheless, nice video.
Larry Baker
Larry Baker Hónapja
Maybe I missed the video but I asked you what locks to you secure your personal residence with?
Jub` is Jub
Jub` is Jub Hónapja
First always very nice vidéos and smooth talk. I was wondering, the flaws you see and demonstrate, does any company try to teach you or take your advices? I assume that you already send them some of the flaws you see? Cheer
TwoTapTorben Hónapja
Security company: i think this is safe. LPL: Whatever you're thinking, rethink it
Zlatan Ibrahimovic
We need LPL in the next Ocean's movie.
Ihsaan Mangera
Ihsaan Mangera Hónapja
On a dark and stromy night, the security guards at the national treasury can here a slight whisper in the corner of the vault room LPL: 1 is loose, so is 2, a click out of 3 and as you can see the vault isn't that secure, it took just about 8 seconds to get into the vault, and that is all I have for you today
Odimus Hónapja
Hello, this is Lockpicking Lawyer. I was put into a high security prison for nuking multiple major cities across the world. However, this high security prison cell door has an INEXCUSABLE design flaw. Here’s how I’m going to open it with the zipper I broke off of my jumpsuit.
Nineteen80seven Hónapja
so as far as the electronic lock goes what happens when you hit it with the EMP?
Mena Hónapja
Just checked in to hear to you say this is the lock picking lawyer
Rotor pick
Rotor pick Hónapja
👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍 👍
Do you have a giant storage unit where all these fallible locks go to die?
Matthew Vieira
Matthew Vieira Hónapja
thank god i dont keep anything of value that cant be replaced in my "safe" then i need a good suggestion for a secure safe for when i buy a house
Conner Wright
Conner Wright Hónapja
I would like to see you use the zappy box to unlock electronic locks more
VonSchpam Hónapja
I would have thought the fact that the door isn't attached to anything to be it's weakest flaw.
AirrowCodeZ Hónapja
I want to see his collection of locks
Jimmy Catalina
Jimmy Catalina Hónapja
AAAAND, it's gone!
Xitrial Hónapja
I'll say it again. All videos of tubular locks should be first tied to be opened with a Bic pen before the impression tool.
Arlene S.
Arlene S. Hónapja
Thanks. My eighbor keeps his peeping tom videos in his. I'll bet he snuck one of me too. I'll have to his wife see how you picked that lock, and boy will he be in trouble.
István Borsányi
What the hell. You believe that you bought a security product. But these are just rubbish. I can not understand the manufacturers. It is the same as my new fake 256 GB SD card which is 32 GB in fact.
Yami Omo
Yami Omo Hónapja
serene is now a thief feels after finding out you bought this to protect your money.