[1252] This Bike Lock Fights Back... But Is It Legal? (SkunkLock) 

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Hooper Mumble
Hooper Mumble 47 perccel
HAHAHA funny oh you can not boobie trap something to protect that something you worked hard to get for yourself as a reward, yet it is "ok" for someone to steal it I understand no it is not but ( subliminal message saying yes ) basically saying you can only protect the stuff if you are there oh wait kinda but only to a point if you cause them to much harm they can sue you and win, wow how fucked up is that a world where we are trying to prevent stealing, well kinda. ( oh also stupid people steal and will continue to be stupid and will not change so too bad for them bastard ass mother fuckers)
callme Órája
Well is it really a booby trap? Its not hidden in any way, its like someone trying to drill into a pressurised oxygen tank. Like it has warnings on it saying what will happen if you do so idk.
FunGi Channel
FunGi Channel Órája
Breaking news: a lock so good it's illegal to use
Noah 2 órája
I mean stealing is wrong but I can see a kid trying to steal a bike and I don’t think they deserve to be blown up
Bob Ayotte
Bob Ayotte 5 órája
Don't forget, criminals have more rights than you.
Wikterror 2807
Wikterror 2807 6 órája
I find it funny that putting for example traps in your place of living, made for someone with Ill will towards you is illegal
Mod Grip
Mod Grip 10 órája
I have no idea what he’s talking about but I’m still watching 🤷‍♂️
TheRetroLog 10 órája
Dumb that it could be illegal to protect YOUR property from thieves.
ItsReaperGrim 12 órája
I want one
Mixima101 17 órája
In Canada if you set up traps on your property for tresspassers that cause harm it's illegal.
Luka Marinov
Luka Marinov 17 órája
So you are really a lawyer. I was always wondering.
Marcel Piskor
Marcel Piskor 19 órája
3:01: BUT we live in a world of locks LAWS, world of laws...
aden hooks
aden hooks 21 órája
ok but fr what this guying to do sue you while admitting to trying to steel your shit
Santos Kemmer
Santos Kemmer 21 órája
i keep forgetting that he's actually a lawyer
Norma Garcia
I love the lock!!!! If you dont try to steal the bike...it would not explode. Airbags, propane tanks, gas stations, pellet guns...all are examples of potential explosions. Yet...we still have them. A person protecting their bike....well thats just genius. If a thief gets hurt....blinded.. death...THEY SHOULDNT BE STEALING. Unfortunately....crime has no age limit.
wyatt hatch
That's dumb; if you try to steal someone's shit you at least deserve to get skunked They should be thankful it doesn't contain OC/CS too
Pditty Napja
Causing hardship to a thief is illegal, only in America.
Should fill it with coronavirus
Kojo0tti z
Kojo0tti z Napja
Yeah... If it's already illegal them might as well wire a claymore on the lock.
why cut the smelly hollow tube if you can cut the lock side that doesn't have the chemicals in it.
Doug Leister
its is totally legal to use the skunk lock in the us.....look at their website they explain it all
David Napja
Speaking of legalities, are the tools you use legal to own? How about a lock that incorporates a 50,000 volt stun gun mechanism?
DoubleM Napja
Traps should not be illegal. Dont steal dont get hurt, jackass. Someones rights are stricken when they are acting malicious, thus when someone tries to steal, fuck em.
greenaum 2 napja
If it were me, I'd just make the lock out of something stronger, instead. Rather than allowing it to be cut open to release tee-hee stinkbomb. Stinkbombing a bike thief is the sort of thing stupid HUrun prank channels are made of. Instead of bottled farts, I'd fill the inside with very strong metals, welded together, with maybe spikes or little lumps of super-hard stuff that will damage the blade of a cutting tool. As well as stuff like cylinders that just spin round instead of cutting, some safes and doors use those. There's all sorts of stuff you can use to thwart cutters, all long-standing, just not necessarily cheap. If you can at least make a thief take a long time, he's gonna be spotted, or else get nervous and leave. Or else his arms get tired and his cordless tool's battery runs flat, or the motor overheats. You can't grind away forever without pissing off neighbours. Regardless not worth it for most bikes. A reeeaaaally nice bike, you keep indoors and don't take on the street, or if you do, you don't leave it alone. For running errands you don't buy a super-lock, you buy a cheap second bike.
greenaum 2 napja
There are chemicals that, by the proportions mixed, can be made in many different combinations, and later identified on a person sprayed with them. Or else micro-tags, tiny tags imprinted with a serial number. There's also ink that will not wash off skin for several days, so a perpetrator is easy to find. Some combo of these might be a good thing. The problem with this is that people, by definition, don't use bike locks in their homes. So it's either somebody else's property or, most likely, outside. That means passers-by. Spraying passers-by with an obnoxious stink is very likely illegal. And setting booby-traps is illegal. Setting a booby-trap on a busy street I'm sure the punishment would be immense. So yeah I wouldn't have one of these, no chance. I might use one with ink, because a passer-by sprayed with ink can go to police, be checked out and eliminated from enquiries, and then just needs to carry on for a few days' inconvenienced. Though if the next day was their wedding... Yeah you just can't do it. You can't set booby traps in public, even non-lethal ones. Any sort of inconvenience big enough to put a thief off would have horrendous liability risks to the public. You're not even allowed to harm an actual thief with a booby-trap, never mind passers-by. Imagine in New York or London how close together everyone is. I'd LOVE to see the insurance the Skunk company has taken out for this. "Bad-Idea Lock Company And Dyspraxic Brain Surgeons Who Suffer From Parkinson's, Insurers, LTD" How this got off the drawing board...
Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone 2 napja
it has a disclaimer on it, if they don't read that before they angle grind it, isn't it their fault?? you're a way better lockpicker than a lawyer.
Ruel Pondeglow
Well, maybe thieves shouldn't try to break bike locks then.
Raph Walker
Raph Walker 2 napja
Use the lock if you come back to your bike and see a red faced criminal and a cop stood by just keep walking ,they dont know who's bike it is.
megman24 2 napja
I don't like this video, the lock did not even put up any resistance against LPL...
Alien Latino
Alien Latino 2 napja
Why would I walk to the crime scene of a blinded, injured thief and tell police I'm the owner of the bike and the Skunk Lock?
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 2 napja
So that you can have your bike back. If the owner cannot be identified, the bicycle cannot be released by the police -- it'll just sit in evidence. At that point, you might as well have just let the thief steal it.
Ryan Gordon
Ryan Gordon 2 napja
I think if someone was trying to steal my bike I would have no problem with this device affecting the thief in any way.
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 2 napja
You might not, but the law does. The reasons that booby traps are illegal are very similar to the reasons why vigilantism is illegal. Society breaks down when you let anybody take justice into their own hands... In fact, that's a big reason why the modern justice system was invented; previous systems were too capricious & depended too heavily on the biases of those who were wronged.
ImaCyclePath 2 napja
Simple solution.... thief cuts your boobytrapped lock, tries to sue you: ...that’s not my bike, what are you talking about? It’s not like the bike is registered to you with license plates. I say go at it. Don’t fu*k with my shit.
Dr. Zoidberg
Dr. Zoidberg 2 napja
At that point you might as well just let the thief steal it, because the effect would be the same -- you'd never get your bike back. But then again, we do live in a modern world. The likelihood that you would have been caught on camera riding that bike at some point in the vicinity where you chained it up is high. In that case, you'd still be facing legal consequences.
kevin bergeron gentes
their is a warning on the lock... i call darwyn award if the theif tries to grind this and harm himself
EightiesTV 3 napja
If lockpicks are prohibited in your jurisdiction, is that an "unlawful detainer pick?"
screw googleplus
We could spend hours on a video hypothesizing about the legality/lethality of pressurized gas in the lock, but I think what would really put everybody's curiosity to rest is a demonstration.
Sure, Buddy
Sure, Buddy 3 napja
The amount of laws protecting criminals is tiring
Wonder if there would be a way to engineer something that leaks ink and colored smoke to make the crime be apparent and draw attention.
loctite222ms 3 napja
How about something more like an exploding dye pack? Apparently banks have no issue with that. Is there a difference in protecting money vs property from theft?
Harry 3 napja
It's a sad sad world when you have to think of the wellbeing of the would be criminal BEFORE the security of your property.
Auklin 3 napja
Step 1: Use lock Step 2: Never talk to the police Step 3: Start at step 2
snick snack cracker jack give a dog a bone
I'm not entirely sure it's legal to just leave pressurized canisters of vomit-juice around the city as is, let alone if someone were to actually cut into it.
Axel Brinkmann
what happend if that gas catches a spark it migth explode pipe bomb anyone
Tristan Sévigny
i never understood, stealing is illegal too and even more. fight fire with fire
voltirsilent 3 napja
If only there was a way to set it off remotely... :>
AntiRix 3 napja
So what you mean, is that this is a good lock but the law is stupid
black demon 107
Put explosive instead of chemicals Can't sue me if you are dead
KamiNoCube 3 napja
This world terrifies me... If the thief would not attempt any illegal activities in the first place, then this lock would harm nobody - why this is even a question...
Winston Deleon
@KamiNoCube No, you didn't. I'm just pointing out that your rule is hypocritical because you wouldn't actually want it applied to yourself. You're not actually interested in rules to guide your actions justly, but rather in rationales to create excuses for acting barbarically. Once again, the point seems to have flown right over your head. Maybe that's my fault, I guess I shouldn't have expected a great deal of comprehension from someone who doesn't see something as basic as why murdering people over trivialities is wrong.
KamiNoCube Napja
@Winston Deleon So I convinced you to abandon your own rules ? Great, I won.
Winston Deleon
@KamiNoCube Let's start with you.
KamiNoCube Napja
@Winston Deleon A valid reason to murder people is the fact we should get rid of stupidity and stop spreading genome of such specimens.
Winston Deleon
@KamiNoCube "Mine, not yours" is never a valid reason to murder people.
Brian Kleinschmidt
That's right. We live in a country of laws. It's not that obvious, you know.
Boxish 3 napja
“Oh yeah, he’s a lawyer, I forgot” Even though it’s in his freaking name
Google Account
0:47 so is trespassing but hey for every rule there's an exception ain't that right mr. lawyer. Like what if you have one of those open terminal spring button mcdeallys you see in the door jam for security systems but had it setup to send a current through the deadbolt or door handle when the door is opened. Have it connected to two car batteries with some extra fat gauge wires and on a slow charger always charging so its ready for if they flip the power. Would that be illegal? That would be so hilarious.(revision 12 volts isn't enough to do anything but if you combined the cold cranking amps of a car battery and wired the spring button to be the starter button for a 2000 watt generator, you could have 800 amps at 120 volts should good enough make that handle hard to let go of. Definitely have to mess with the setup for maximum fun but all in all would get the point across.)
R 3 napja
Thieving scum deserve what they get.
sicarius100 3 napja
But is it really a 'booby trap'? I mean the name of it is clearly on the lock (everybody older than a 3rd grader knows what a skunk is and what it does) and the warning label is on the side so there is no hidden trap here.
Army1 3 napja
Yo were you a real lawyer once lol
James Ekholm
James Ekholm 3 napja
are u a real lawyer or is it just a youtube name?
Mr Picky
Mr Picky 3 napja
one time you could prove your name and thats what we get? change the name now! )))
CubiCNooBiC 3 napja
So thief tries to steal bicycle gets injured and can sue the owner(victim)?? is this real life? that "legal system" is illegal... what next? serial killer gets accidently stabbed with his own knife while attempting to kill someone will sue the victim? gg 1:23, so we have to think about the thief when we buy security locks?
Philipp Sponsel
I wanna see the defence mechanism in action!
Eirik 4 napja
Is there a video about that lock pick and how you designed and created it?
master of blue
He set up a trap that hits the thief in the head when he tries to lockpick the door I tried to get to his house to kill him but i activated the trap so you have to arest him cuz thiese traps are not legal Hmmmm who will get arested?
Jan Mašek
Jan Mašek 4 napja
hit them with womiting gas me: yes at 120psi me: yes! while they´re operating a grinder me: ultimate karma :O
Raoul Duke
Raoul Duke 4 napja
i would use it, what's the thief gonna do, call the police on himself? "uuh officer i was trying to steal this guy's bike..."
zeanomourph 4 napja
It's hardly a boobie trap when it's clearly marked on the outside of the lock "WARNING: DO NOT CUT THIS SHIT OPEN OR YOU'RE GONNA GET A PRESSURISED FACEFULL OF FUCKOFF"
There would be no issue if they just don't break the lock. They bring it upon themselves.
Lachlan O'Neil
They deserve pain but not death or serious injury and the law has atleast protect them to a degree or some people might get away with murder by temping people to steal something.
Cajun Rabbit
Cajun Rabbit 4 napja
While I agree thieves deserve what they get... you can't allow people to "Trap" their belongings or houses... it creates FAR more problems then it will ever solve. What if a firefighter needs to cut the lock to move the bike to do "firefighter shit" now hes getting blasted with a face full of noxious chemicals and can no longer do the job he was there for. What if some kid playing near it hits it hard with a rock because "kids are dumb" and gets blasted with 100psi of vomit gas, or has asthma complications and dies. To many "what ifs" and opens you up to far too many legal attacks. Better to buy a big beefy boy that cant be cut easily.
SkunkLock Brought to you by Skunkworks
Nick Bowen
Nick Bowen 4 napja
So this is a stupid question, but I have always wondered, is LockpickingLawyer an actual lawyer? Again, stupid question I know.
*Smells so strong real skunks hump it*
Ric Vanesh
Ric Vanesh 5 napja
that thing scream of involuntary harm. picture this, a car runs on it , the containe breaks, sending shrapnel in a kid's eye or make a baby vomit to dehydration.
Dr MVPhil
Dr MVPhil 5 napja
Not sure if this has been asked. Has it been confirmed that this lock actually contains this gas or is it just a little theater to turn would be thiefs away?
Frank Genner
Frank Genner 5 napja
They need to change the laws
Adam Woolston
Adam Woolston 5 napja
Today I learned that it’s illegal to protect your property with something that could hurt someone attempting to steal it. Where’s the logic?
Derva Kommt von hinten
i have to say, i really like the core idea. as long as they can gurantee that the lock doesnt accidentally leak the gas im all for it to make those locks the standard.
Joël 5 napja
WTF, not legal ? the only way you can get hurt is by actually performing an illegal act, no crime, no hurt so why would this not be legal to protect your stuff, you only hurt people with bad intentions... if this is not legal, I feel like the law is protecting criminals more then your stuff from those criminals in my country, if you get robbed in a store, you can hurt the robbers in proportion to the weapon they use, so when they have firearms, you can shoot them (selfdefence) how is this lock any different...
red saaryn
red saaryn 5 napja
Laws are made to protect the criminals, otherwise people would wire C4 to their cellphones batteries and set them so with a special call these explode (it is a matter of customizing one phone number to use vibrator instead of tone and the energy going to the vibrator detonates the C4) why laws should care about criminals?! They do harm to innocent! Guilty shouldn't be protected from retaliation! Otherwise this would lead to criminals not learning!
Ken Wittlief
Ken Wittlief 5 napja
Booby Trap Lawyer will sue you for everything. Insurance on your bike costs less than the booby trap lock.
MrDeothor 5 napja
IMO the moment a THIEF decides to STEAL something from you, you are allowed to use any (non-lethal) means neccessary to fight him back. any case where you legally CANNOT defend yourself and what is yours, or where you are guilty of hurting a THIEF is law working against the society.
Why Me
Why Me 5 napja
Honestly I do have a recommendation for you you should honestly attempt that if you can and some kind of controlled environment not with you physically but some kind of mechanical device to lower the bike lock slowly enough to apply pressure to a certain part because my assumption is if the angle grinder is rotating well the disc is rotating a certain direction if the flow of gas being at 150 psi I'm not sure if that's enough but I know that would create a increase in RPM that's at a unstable blade either being cheap or old or a expensive but damaged one that's all but guaranteed to shatter it but if they're using a new one it might be that it has to be ground at a certain spot on the blade whereas the air would be coming out and forcing itself down with the direction of the disc some of them are not rated for more than about 8,000 to 12,000 RPMs it is possible that it could increase it into the dangerous limits which would further increase the danger of having one of those locks
My concern would be: pressurized chemicals that might get heated up the angle grinder, or even set ablaze = stinky flamethrower in thief's face. That would classify as bodily harm.
Mitch Rogoff
Mitch Rogoff 5 napja
We should legalize Booby traps
Questioner 5 napja
I also have reservations about putting a pressure vessel between my legs while my vehicle bounces over potholes and rough gravel pathways.
Arnold Layne
Arnold Layne 5 napja
Hopefully it causes serious bodily injury or death. I mean come on, people are overcrowding the planet like cockroaches.
Lazarus Long
Lazarus Long 5 napja
Fascinating; old-timey safes occasionally have capsules of chemical warfare agents included in the locks and activated much like glass relockers, one should always use a gas mask when cutting into them (because if there is no CW agent there might also be asbestos!). If modern doctrine makes causing bodily harm nonviable, perhaps damaging property in return is the way to go, some kind of chemical that breaks down textile materials seems tempting, but the question then becomes, does any such chemical exist that isn't liable to cause such bodily harm as to run afoul of the law?
Brawler1216 5 napja
*me trying to figure out a lock that shoots a person trying to steal what I locked up while this just shoots an obnoxious gas* "Ah yes..... legal reason things..."
Sam Gomersbach
Bit here is the thing. If someone is trying to cut open the lock and they get sprayed. Are they really gonna call the cops and incriminate themselves?.
Justin Eberlein
So who else immediately thought of Katko v Briney?
sure dick
sure dick 5 napja
dude seriousllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly!!! BURST THAT SHIT OPEN!!!!!!!
Nick Mazur
Nick Mazur 6 napja
In some countries they cut thieves hands then they move on to feet
Jonathan Höppner
So Teslas are illegal? If I damage one of these unattended properties the electric shock could kill me. And windows, are they illegal too? If I punch one the sharp corners might injure me.
Palahume 6 napja
How do we get the pick that you and Bosnian Bill made? Do you have a link for it?
David White
David White 6 napja
150psi? That's about what a road bike tyre can be pumped up to, so it's not too alarming. The chemicals, however, are a different matter.
mreventos 6 napja
This lock also helps with social distancing.
Lol Vivo
Lol Vivo 6 napja
Is mark robers glitter bomb legal?
J R 6 napja
Imagine people getting hurt trying to break your stuff. Yeah, I mean, totally your problem! You should have picked a safer lock for the thieves /s
Dath123 5 napja
There's legal reasons to cut a bike lock, like it's blocking access to something the city needs to get to. That's why boobytraps are Illegal, they can't turn off if it's a legitimate reason.
JDAZ 6 napja
Even if it is illegal, it's likely only a misdemeanor. In my opinion, it would be worth taking one for the team to get the satisfaction of seeing the thief get what he deserves :)
Taylan G
Taylan G 6 napja
Oh don’t you just feel bad for the criminal, poor guy almost got hurt trying to literally angle grind your bike lock. Sue the owner of the bike they injured a theif
Chillin' in the Desert
"Merry Christmas you filthy animal" comes to mind 😆
Stan Marsh
Stan Marsh 6 napja
“Consult with an attorney before using this lock” Attorney: ok I’ll tell you if it could get you in trouble, for a small fee of $5,000
TOAOM123 4 napja
Thats just the consultation
Enjgine 6 napja
TBH the law is full of stupid stuff. If you have something that causes no harm when the law is followed, then the law should definitely take into account the malicious intent of an attacker in a damages claim. If you have to commit a felony to be hurt by a defence mechanism, then the law shouldn't follow up someone who protected their property.
Dath123 5 napja
@Enjgine I was saying you aren't allowed to use it in the first place, forget the intent of whomever would mess with it. I do agree they shouldn't be able to sue you for it, but there's good reasons it's not allowed.
Enjgine 5 napja
@Dath123 “if you have to commit a felony to be hurt by a defence mechanism” guess someone can’t read
Dath123 5 napja
Boobytraps are Illegal because of emergency personal, like if your house was on fire and they needed to force access but you had the door boobytrapped. There's plenty of legal reasons to cut a bike lock, like it was blocking access to something the city needed to get to (in which case it would go off on some city worker).
Brad Taus
Brad Taus 6 napja
Someone needs to alert Legal Eagle. I'd die for a LegalEagle / LockPickingLawyer collab.
L0K1 3 napja
He actually did cover a case reminiscent of this. A guy set up a shotgun booby trap in his unattended property.
TOAOM123 4 napja
LegaEagle is great when hes not being sanctimonious
Justin Eberlein
Speaking of Legal Eagle, it's because of his channel that I immediately thought of Katko