[1253] Korean Zarker Padlock Picked (Model J45S) 

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Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
J E 18 napja
tbh, I bought this lock because I figured a beginner picker isn't going to crack it open... and it's rated for outdoor use, where it secures my canoe to a rack. That Canoe is behind a gated area where only residents of my condo can access it... and the item here is a large 14" canoe. I'm certain that, if someone was keen on taking it, they'd just cut the lock, or saw the rack apart... so I wasn't going to buy an overly expensive lock... but also I wasn't going to buy a masterlock.
jack worse
jack worse 25 napja
imagine you constructed a lock and the review says: 'not a bad lock for a beginner to practice on.'
Connor W
Connor W 27 napja
When is the stuff made lock are you gonna pick
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 28 napja
Haven't seen this lock tool in awhile
Dubz 28 napja
I came here for the same exact reason. Just got my lock pick in the mail this week, and bout a couple of these and another model. Could feel around, but still so new I wasn't exactly sure I was doing it correctly. Definitely questioned the first disc insert point, but didn't think too much on it. Thank you for clearing the air on this!
Corey Radtke
Corey Radtke 28 napja
Is there a video where LPL describes what he's feeling when he says something is set, binding, false set, etc?
Chris Udonthani
Chris Udonthani 29 napja
Yes i agree there a gazilliam of asian locks that are like these i have opened them with a spiraled wire and a tensioner moving back and forth (clockwise/anticlockwise) becoming kindof a rake, rotate the spiraled wire left and right left and right ... and keep tension
EnderKiller225 Hónapja
It’s funny that I’m having exactly the opposite problem with the same pick. I’ve found a disc detainer with a really thick spinner and the prongs on my pick don’t even make it to the first disc
Moazzam Ali
Moazzam Ali Hónapja
oh my God
Zig S
Zig S Hónapja
What happens when LPL picks every lock?
Lake Slusher
Lake Slusher Hónapja
I wish I knew all the slang / terminology. “In a gate” “binding” etc.
Supreme Leader laughs at pathetic false Korean lock tech
Frank ML
Frank ML Hónapja
What tool do you use to pre-turn the discs?
MrDLRu Hónapja
You can make one using a popsicle stick..That's what I use. If you are looking to practice with the Korean lock $16, you can use the cheap chinese disc pick $10 with some mods, and it works better than the Sparrow pick, because the ring around the chinese pick can be adjusted so the pick is resting on the lock.
MarkOTB Hónapja
Ive watched a lot of your videos and as a noob picker who only deals with pin tumbler and wafer locks, Im looking to expand my skills, one thing that isnt quite clear is: once you have turned all the discs clockwise, are you then picking/rotating the discs counter-clockwise? And whenyou say 'it feels like disc one is in a gate' does that mean that disc is picked? Assuming no false gates? Im clearly missing something,. Thanks in Advance, love your work!
MarkOTB Hónapja
@MrDLRu Holy cow Man, thank you so much for the info. This community IS the best.
MrDLRu Hónapja
Yes, once the discs are turned CW, a trimmed popsicle stick works, you pick CCW. Some discs are zero cut and are already in the "gate", which means they are at the side bar cut-out for the side bar to drop into once all the discs are picked to the "gate" location. I just started myself and have the Sparrow, which you don't need for this Korean lock, which is my first disc lock picked and a good practice lock. If you want to go cheap, buy a Chinese disc pick which are all over the web for about $10 or less. If you have a Dremel tool you will need to trim, FROM THE BOTTOM SIDE, the pick blade because it's too thick for most all disc locks. Trim to .040 of an inch, but don't go all the way to the shaft. You are good when the blade rotates freely in the middle of a disc on the padlock. You leave some material so you don't lose the tightness of blade to the shaft. It looks like it's staked on the end and that's why you don't want to trim from the end. Mines pretty tight and hasn't come loose. The other easy mod is, you have to cut the middle out about 1/16" deep on the tensioner section, so the blade goes all the way to the tensioner tip. The tensioner is the section that puts the tension on the cylinder using the number 1 disc in the lock. You can see how the Sparrow is cut with 2 forks for the tensioner, but you don't have to go that deep. The cool thing about these Chinese disc picks, is that the handle ring can be adjusted so that the pick is resting on the lock and the tensioner is only on the first disc, instead of on 2 discs like LPL explains in this video. Resting on the lock comes in VERY handy when disc 1, the tensioned disc, is NOT a zero cut, and needs picked to open the lock, which means the whole pick body has to be turned until disc 1 is positioned into the gate. You have to use the blade on a zero cut disc for tension while you are picking disc 1. This is challenging when the pick is held out like LPL does in this video. Good luck with the picking.
Marcel Hensen
Marcel Hensen Hónapja
@LPL: please do the Abus 20/70, you had it in a previous video but did not pick it.
Dan Sanders
Dan Sanders Hónapja
So if locks only keep honest people honest then whats the point of even using one? Legit question not trying to sound douchey.
shadowraven137 Hónapja
Most "incidents" are due to opportunity. Easier to break a window then pick a lock anyway. (i remember hearing about a US marshall/prisoner transport person who uses the issued masterlocks to secure chains). As for securing things (note above about opportunity), having a wierd or hard to cut/break lock will deter theives from your stuff and they will move onwards. i personally after buying the specialised tools, took over a month to figure out the lock shown in the vid properly and get into it... aka: normal pickers without disc detainer experience are just gonna move on However locks are a mechanical puzzle to alot of people, and "solving" or unlocking them in these sorts of people brings a certain amount of joy, and i suspect many of LPL videos are of the same mindset of "gimme more puzzles/interesting mechanism's".
_ Hónapja
Someone needs to make “the pick Bosnian Bill and I made” a black card on Cards against Humanity.
Aussie Ingot Casting
Can you do a video of making the tools
Jazmin Shae
Jazmin Shae Hónapja
I want an actual bank to give you the opportunity to straight up break in and open the vault just out of courtesy for us subscribers....
Paul Hónapja
Just starting out myself on the lockpicking adventure. I'm having a hard time knowing if I'm even touching a pin or just pushing them all up with the pick's shaft. Is this something you eventually learn? Are there any tips to knowing if a pin is in position rather than too far? These are the main things I've got problems with so far.
shadowraven137 Hónapja
All about feel. many videos about it online. Easy thing to try out is without a tensioner try to lift the pins in a random order, so you can feel the spacing and spring tension. As for oversetting, its hard to explain with text. just keep it up and if in doubt, release tension, let the last pin fall and continue. then if you still have issues make a mental note about the order you are setting the pins and try a different order
Eyemem Hónapja
Bro why you diss Eric
Eli A
Eli A Hónapja
Which came first, the "LP", or the "L"? (Did you become a lawyer to defend yourself against a burglary charge? Or did you win some case by staying up for 4 days straight learning to pick a lock to prove it "wasn't that hard"?)
MrDLRu Hónapja
If Eric is reading, try this technique. Put the disc tensioner all the way in like you were most likely doing. This makes it easier to keep the pick blade centered in the discs. You should make sure of this before picking, that is, that the pick blade can move freely in and out of the cylinder between the discs. Then pick discs 7-3, and once done, while still maintaining tension, slide the pick body out so it's on the 1 disc only, then pick the number 2 disc and done. It gets tricky if the 1 disc isn't a zero cut. Also, once the discs are initially rotated CW, you will be picking the discs CCW just in case you didn't know that. Imagine not being able to hold onto the lock in the position that LPL does while he's picking. Holding the pick out on the first disc while keeping the pick body straight so that the pick blade moves freely is going to be a challenge. They should have made the flats smaller, but all the way down the tension tube so the body of the pick can be adjusted to rest on the lock. I was thinking on making a sliding lock ring for those encounters. Right now I'm using some nylon washers for spacers and it's so much easier if not using the method I mentioned above. Good luck with the pickin'.
lothean Hónapja
So lock picking lawyer, are there any locks you can recommend for us to use to protect our valuables. I just look at my lock and wonder when it be your turn to be compromised.
Brad Bolender
Brad Bolender Hónapja
It’s fun watching an expert!
Earl Lim
Earl Lim Hónapja
Can you pick Abloy padlock?
Martin Nielsen
Martin Nielsen Hónapja
Name the darn pick!!! :)
Uncle Ned
Uncle Ned Hónapja
No spinner. Trap for young players!
Sammo Hónapja
Reminds me of being at the dentist....
Waterdust Hónapja
and this kinda customer support is exactly why I will be buying from lpl, other companies may want to take notes so they can improve.
Jordan Brancato
Jordan Brancato Hónapja
love the videos but ive come to expect LP to be able to unlock everything in under 5 minutes. I wish there was a lock out there that was an actual challenge for him
Harrison Bentley
"Lock Companies Hate Him" See how he opens locks with the pick that BosnianBill and he made!
Doomsayer34 Hónapja
I have no idea how to pick locks nor is interested with picking locks but it is entertaining so i will continue watching the lock picking lawyer channel
Lpl makes it look so easy
make something
make something Hónapja
What tool is that for turning the discs? A dimple rake maybe? Having trouble finding something wide and thin enough in my tool collection to rotate discs.
shadowraven137 Hónapja
it is a dimple rake, but anything that fits in there works. i used a tension tool until i got my hand on some jigglers, and one of them fits in there perfectly
Loui Handwerker
Loui Handwerker Hónapja
Is there a lock you can’t pick?
kevin mcmenamin
kevin mcmenamin Hónapja
damm i used a similar lock on a self storage unit
James Rochon
James Rochon Hónapja
Could have been a fluke!
Müller Volker
Müller Volker Hónapja
You can't use this pick for the Bordo x-plus because it isn't the same as the prototype. why? why did you shorten the tensioning nose wings?
smallstory Hónapja
LPL에 한국 자물쇠라니!
Mage Etherios
Mage Etherios Hónapja
Ouch- I think Eric might've lost some pride.
Advanced Human Academy
this guy is single handedly responsible for the 50% increase in lock picking thefts.
William Frost
William Frost Hónapja
I love your videos so much man! thanks for all the good memes!❤️😊
Coolbreeze02050 Hónapja
Have you received Stuff Made Here’s lock that he said he would send you in the video he made about it 3 months ago? I’ve been eagerly awaiting to see if you can pick his lock, but after 3 months I still haven’t seen the video posted yet. Hopefully you see this and are willing to reply with an update
Plywoodcar Johnson
North Koreans: "Order picks. Invade South." And that is how LPL and Bosnian Bill changed the world forever.
John Gromskie
John Gromskie Hónapja
Anyone know if he can pick the Abloy protec 2 yet?
Mark Foster
Mark Foster Hónapja
I look at the vid length, 2:15 in this case, to determine how good or, more likely bad, the featured padlock is. Haven't watched this video yet but I'm guessing LPL will likely sneeze and it will drop open😁 Edit: Watched. Yep, pretty much. Easy pickings here!
BriickSquadGoon Hónapja
has he done the lock from Stuff Made Here?
Linus Fu
Linus Fu Hónapja
"Our tip is in the back so we'll start there" hahah
Treytrey Hónapja
What do you think is the most secure lock?!
Dominic Diaz
Dominic Diaz Hónapja
bilis ampota
Gael Time
Gael Time Hónapja
Has there ever been a lock that just kinda broke your heart on how easily it was picked?
Carter Mendez
Carter Mendez Hónapja
hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html you will not be able to pick this one
Sullen Snake
Sullen Snake Hónapja
Wish we could buy your custom lock pick
After Dark
After Dark Hónapja
I know it’s unnecessary but for the love of goodness I need to look at your hands in 4K.
Harry Gregory
Harry Gregory Hónapja
if i left my padlock keys in my locker with the lock on the locker door accidently, would it be possible to pick the lock and keep one of your lock picking sets on hand in case? cause this actually happened to me in high school during the ninth year
Anthony B
Anthony B Hónapja
He He said all the words but In the wrong order
pieandcheese647 Hónapja
Hey, what type/brand of lock would you say is the most secure and/or hardest to pick? I’d like advice from the expert on this.
ThroatHead! Hónapja
Don't you mean [1253]?
Drew Honderich
Drew Honderich Hónapja
Did you get the lock from the “stuff made here” guy? Can’t wait to see how it stands up!
Dakota Clawson
Dakota Clawson Hónapja
What set of picks would you recommend for beginners I've been looking on Amazon but everything seemed kinda flimsy in make
shadowraven137 Hónapja
Start out cheap and find what works for you, most sets have picks you will barely ever touch, so it is worthwhile finding your style and going from there. If in doubt go talk to a locksmith/toool/reddit lockpicker about tools to go for a ballpark set, and then make your own. probably most important things to have are std hooks in various thicknesses (~.012"+~.018"+~.025" [last to get used to picks without breaking them]) edit:typo
Matt Hohmeister
Matt Hohmeister Hónapja
When does LPL deflower Abloy Protec2?
EvanIsMyName Hónapja
Can you get that tool from a website ? I don't see it on Coverinstruments.com
Max Garascia
Max Garascia Hónapja
I took many hours and multiple locks to get the hang of the ”tool” ! Sometimes it’s easier not turning all the disks clockwise first but learn placement by individually turning each one with the tool . A front tension kit from Sparrows would be awesome
Frank D'Angelo
Frank D'Angelo Hónapja
Keep practicing Eric.
Spooderman Hónapja
he should review jk brickwork's lego safe
Sal Goodman
Sal Goodman Hónapja
Found the 🔒 but not the pick is it on covertinstruments.com?
Zaul zarzuela
Zaul zarzuela Hónapja
wait what this man can open all lock .🤔🤔🤔😌😌😌😌😍😍😍
Clemens Grätz
Clemens Grätz Hónapja
Last video before I am going to sleep.
Damian Lillard
Damian Lillard Hónapja
This should be episode 1253 tho right??
LankyLink Hónapja
Why not make a lock that makes loud sounds 3 seconds after the insertion of any tool, key included? It might be a minor inconvenience to any slow key turners out there, but I doubt even LPL could pick a decent lock in under 3 seconds. Sometimes the best security is the fear of being caught.
Orhan Güler
Orhan Güler Hónapja
This guy is menace to society
Jimmy Gustavsson
Is there any lock that have given you real problem when you have tried to pick it?
Every tik tok makes me lose brain cells
Still waiting for the stuff made here lock don’t think we forgot
Sebastian Mares
Sebastian Mares Hónapja
Eric sends in lock, opens this HUrun video, sees 2:15 and thinks "F*ck!". XD
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero Hónapja
Professor Xangus
A few weeks ago my mom took my lock picks for some reason and forgot where she put them, so now I’m stuck with 2 locks I can’t open because I don’t have the keys and relied on my picks to open them.
nayan ghosh
nayan ghosh Hónapja
Can you please suggest some of the best padlocks.
Rob Cunningham
Rob Cunningham Hónapja
I love how positive these comments are! Nobody is dragging Eric, and everyone is giving even more helpful advice. Great job, LPL comment section!
yungsoup Hónapja
This video is numbered as 1252 but it’s vid 1253
robert.a.ziemba Hónapja
I have watched many, many of your videos and I have to ask one question. Do you ever use keys???...LOL
Carlton B
Carlton B Hónapja
"Hello, I'm Lockpicking Eric, and welcome to my new channel..."
TheGameBored Hónapja
If this man ever goes to jail he won’t just open his door but every single one in the prison
U.V. S.
U.V. S. Hónapja
It is not a bad lock. For a beginner to practice on.
JustKeith Hónapja
I was in the store yesterday , in lock section. (what are the odds!) Two ladies came up and looked at locks. They looked at the security rating by Master Lock, looked at some Brinks. They compared the locks and kept asking each other the price. They settled on a Hyper-Tough, and walked off, happy. THAT in a nutshell is why Master Lock and Brinks have a line of cheap locks. There is no hysteria and piousness in the public like there is in lock picking community. Not saying what is right or wrong, but until public changes its attitude, things will stay the same. Companies will listen to consumers.
Dirte883 Hónapja
Bought this lock a month ago. Thinking, wow this lock looks pretty hard to pick. And you blew through it! Ahhh!
Travis Wright
Travis Wright Hónapja
Can you review the loctote bag? Thanks :)
Phantom Spark
Phantom Spark Hónapja
1252 is my favourite number, happy to see it being brought back for a second video
ERiK Hónapja
Where is the lock of Stuff Made Here?
thanks for the suggestion I finally can open the lock of my girlfriend's wardrobe with scissors😁😁
vasantos2171 Hónapja
You can pick your 🔒, you can pick your lawyer ⚖️, but can you pick the LPL?
Austin Flora
Austin Flora Hónapja
Do you have a recommended lockpick set that's cheap
Donovan Raycraft
That pick is adorable... Also, when will the tropicana orange juice rectangle restock on covert instruments?
Donovan Raycraft
Never mind, found it on sparrows... Being updated for release.
Donovan Raycraft
It was in video 1022
KalaMiDeviL Hónapja
hey so collab with stuffmadehere now because i‘m dying of suspense pls
SJ H Hónapja
I’m korean and here is the rough translation: The no.1 brand in the country lock Security, durability 10x up
notyer mama
notyer mama Hónapja
Can you pick the verifier guardian handgun trigger lock?
Quad Derrick
Quad Derrick Hónapja
also,,, u want you see you pick a lock with 99 ,,,, things,, inside it to pick.. with a huuuuge key. one that nobody ever saw before cause its like rediccilously expensive to make
Quad Derrick
Quad Derrick Hónapja
your trying to sell your and bills tool huh,, show us someone else than you using it,, give it to mrs lockpickinglawyers and show us her first attemtpts
Xargen Tel'Nada
Xargen Tel'Nada Hónapja
"It's not a bad lock to practice on, shame you're not getting it back Eric"