[1254] Amateur Security: Type VX NeoBlade Bike Lock Picked 

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Joël 2 napja
he should start using clips, just for a challenge :D
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
The progamer
The progamer 15 napja
This lock is so bad that it doesnt deserve even the lets try it again to be sure it wasnt a fluke
e-bike full time city transportation
I would like to see you pick bike locks in there natural state hanging off a frame not laying on a bench. I'm sure you can do it just like to see how much more time is needed when you cant postion the lock in a optimum position for picking
Nashon Liberty
Nashon Liberty 24 napja
Its only easy for you pal
logic and Reason
I bet you could beat the devil in a lock picking bet. Win yourself a golden lockpick
Lars Plougmann
Lars Plougmann 26 napja
The irony: HUrun served a Schlage Locks 30 second pre-roll ad for this video. "Trust your home to Schlage."
Photonees 28 napja
But would he know it would be on 2 sides without the seeing the keys?
Good Heaps
Good Heaps 29 napja
This guy is always straight up.
James Newbould
James Newbould Hónapja
Instead of buying his lock,, just use the money for a bus ticket to get home after someone pinched your bike
jakou31 Hónapja
i'm looking for a bike lock but i'm bored to see them all hacked on your youtube chanel .. could you recommande me a "not so bad" bike lock transportable please ?
Eric Tooley
Eric Tooley Hónapja
I asked you about the gerda g-1000 a few times. I even reached out to the company to see if I could get you a free lock. Well neither of you got back to me. So I'm mailing you a new g-1000 for you to keep. Please make a good video about it, let me know what you think. Much love!
geigertron3000 Hónapja
Dirk Bergstrom
Dirk Bergstrom Hónapja
When LPL doesn't bother to gut a core after picking, well you gotta know his disgust level is off the charts.
Cole Lacey
Cole Lacey Hónapja
Maric Hónapja
how expensive can it be to have one engineer trained at lock picking for a week long course and then 2 hours per month to refresh... and have them pick all your locks to see if he can just immediately open it. Even if they are not an incredible lock pick, this is the stuff I could open and i have picked like ... 15 locks total, including training locks, ever?
AliveInTwilight Hónapja
If that's 6/7 security then 3/7 is what, a rubber band?
Bukka Gaming
Bukka Gaming Hónapja
*lockpicks it in an instant* this is unacceptable, this is the end of the video
Jed Knouse
Jed Knouse Hónapja
"okay folks.... " when he says that, he means i'm done and this lock sucked...
Allfoy Hónapja
wait he sells this lockpicking gear? this feels illegal but understanable for specific situations
Jordan Sorenson
Jordan Sorenson Hónapja
I felt the contempt as he used the thick wiper insert to open the lock.
mason shipman
mason shipman Hónapja
when the vis is under 2 min you KNOW its worthless
Ed Kummel
Ed Kummel Hónapja
Legit question...is it really that more difficult to make a lock more difficult to bypass? Or is there some kind of "lock" catalog that one can use to get stock locks if one is developing a product that needs a lock? It seems to me that a log of locks have the same kind of vulnerability. It can't just all be coincidence, can it?
Hollow Dog
Hollow Dog Hónapja
UALC Type-VX Alloy Steel Folding Bike Lock Brand: ULAC 4.3 out of 5 stars 3 ratings Currently unavailable.
Ross Bourne
Ross Bourne Hónapja
This must be a good lock, the video is over 90 seconds lo...oh, never mind, it's because he had to rake in two directions.
Benoit-Pierre DEMAINE
Level 6 took 6s to pick. So their best lock can be open in 7s ...
Elite Zararus
Elite Zararus Hónapja
Honestly after watching like 2/3rds of all your video, i'd like to think somewhere in the world a company is watching and taking notes, and one day, maybe just one day someone will create a very well made resistant to picking lock that meets all your criteria.
askaryambus Hónapja
These videos are getting shorter and shorter.
Erik Rimes
Erik Rimes Hónapja
Someone once told me that, "locks don't keep determined people out, they're there just to deter the perturbed."
Gambo916 Hónapja
So much for the 6 out of 7 security rating printed on the packaging!!!
Otto Claesson
Otto Claesson Hónapja
Wow, I might just be new here, but I've never seen the guy outright offended by a lock before
blablamannetje Hónapja
Oh, I wanted to inform ULAC / ULÄC via twitter about this, but " You’re blocked. You can’t follow or see @ULAClock’s Tweets." ... they must have blocked me because of an earlier link to LPL.
dabrick100 Hónapja
My momma always said, a lock only keeps an honest person honest
William Soots
William Soots Hónapja
How bout a video giving us good options for locks?
Brian T
Brian T Hónapja
Security level 6, on a scale of 7 to 10.
M Reese
M Reese Hónapja
How much more could or cost with a proper core? 1 dollar?
RWBHere Hónapja
I guess that if you trust one of these locks, ULÄC good judgement!?
Ryan Berg
Ryan Berg Hónapja
I would love to hear some of the hate mail you get. I'm sure there are teams of designers who are very disappointed to hear your sincere and accurate review of their product's security, and it probably hurts their pride a little too.... so i'm sure it's juicy. If you ever want to share, we'll be here.
Kevin Campos
Kevin Campos Hónapja
And that’s security level 6. Imagine the lowest level? Hahaha
Panama Fred
Panama Fred Hónapja
Anyone else tired of companies that flat out lie? Jeez.
RAWolf Hónapja
I’d love to see a video of you and Bosnian Bill standing outside of Home Depot/Lowe’s, stopping people who just bought locks and showing how quickly you can both pick them open 😂
Not Rex, But Caesar
"The wave rake", well that was a complete fail.
Reality Hónapja
I will buy your set if it is made in America.
kim kim
kim kim Hónapja
What a useless blade Even Gordon Ramsey and Jerry Rigs cant use this for cutting
Scott Walters
Scott Walters Hónapja
The Grieving Pumpkin
Love how simple this guys content is
G F Hónapja
Bah! He was a rank amateur compared to DR COLLOSSUS!
TheBigCheese Hónapja
Is the type VX supposed to be 15 or 5 because either way they dont understand roman numerals.
Lyr QK
Lyr QK Hónapja
i was reading a message notification and missed the entire picking
Sara Llewellyn
Sara Llewellyn Hónapja
I think the "key" (pun intended) to making a really pick resistant lock is flipping things around on the lockpicker. Manufacture a lock with hidden and/or shielded key bitting inside it, and the key itself is actually a core that matches the key in the lock, which is inoperable without the core. Granted it would only be a matter of time before it could be opened by someone who was determined, but the time it would take to create a core to match the key would probably render it impractical.
Aldair Villa
Aldair Villa Hónapja
Anyone else here waiting for LPL to pick open the Stuff Made Here unpickable lock? PLEASE IT'S BEEN 3 MONTHS.
GSS1-Sirius Hónapja
Locks in its fundamental design needs to be redone. If someone could invent a new lock/key that truly can't be picked/circumvented would bring in the moolah big time. 💵💵💵
Ibrahim Hónapja
this man just shows thieves how to steal from y’all
hawkatro Hónapja
So if you don't know that there are pins coming from two directions - is it easy to spot?
9mil Hónapja
The question should be:is there anything on this earth that you cannot pick?
t- meg
t- meg Hónapja
Hey LPL, when will you make a review with custom lock of Stuff Made Here?
MatchstalkMan Hónapja
Not so much a ‘bike lock’ as a ‘by clock’. Seconds to open this, seconds.
Channel Twenty Five
Gotta say thank you for a recommendation. I brought the kryptonite evo bike lock, it's a chunky b*stard so I stick it a ruck. But for peace of mind I'll put up with that.
Chris Baker
Chris Baker Hónapja
Either LPL is getting better, or locks are getting worse. I vote for the latter.
DblClutch Hónapja
if this is a 6/7 by ulac standards, I wonder what a 1 is? does it not even lock?
R Gower
R Gower Hónapja
Snap. Some CEO somewhere is getting a pink slip.
88-MBET-17 Hónapja
We literally don’t want any neighbors subscribed to this channel🤣🤣🤣🤣
Ya BOII Hónapja
Security level 6 tho
D M Hónapja
I was wondering why this channel hasnt released vids in so long; turns out it just wasnt showing up in my feed for the last 6months
Cuda Mike
Cuda Mike Hónapja
When I saw that this video was only 1:32 I knew it was gonna be bad for the lock... LMFIAO LPL great job as always.
Rhett Ratt
Rhett Ratt Hónapja
lock manufacturers the world over must hate your guts. thank you so much. guys like you have been propelling this entire industry forward whereas they have been content to just coast and phone it in for decades. much thx again. :3
D. White
D. White Hónapja
But it got a 6/7 security rating from the company!
Charles Murphy
Charles Murphy Hónapja
Another company reputation destroyed in 1.5 minutes.
Ruz Mob
Ruz Mob Hónapja
0:59 seeing how much scar the lock has, he tried many times before filming this 🤣
F D Hónapja
Can you do the stealth key lock?
Leo De Leon
Leo De Leon Hónapja
How has he not run out of locks yet lol. Love what you do man.
craft713 Hónapja
Raison Sally
Raison Sally Hónapja
Man I can't wait for the video title "opening the white house door with a molecule"
Maheen Mashrur
Maheen Mashrur Hónapja
You know the lock's gonna be bad when he mentions the rake.
Teekay Fourtwoone
Package says it's a security "level 6" (out of seven). Hate to see what level one is.
Doug Hónapja
We want to see some destructive attacks!
Skillful Man
Skillful Man Hónapja
apparently there is not any safe lock out there :)
Sourpig1694 Hónapja
HenkeBoy Hónapja
Pick the Assa bike lock common on bikes in Sweden in the 80s. I believe it is quite hard to pick.
Indy Custom Made
I couldn't even peel my orange and start eating before he had this picker. I wonder if any of these lock companies watch this and try and beef up their locks?
Br Uh
Br Uh Hónapja
Unpickable lock when?
Tikosh Hónapja
Security Level 6/7 So they count from the back and 1 is the best?
Carlos Cruz
Carlos Cruz Hónapja
When the lock is so bad that he actually doesn't even bother showing it wasn't a fluke xD
Nikita Paseukin
Nikita Paseukin Hónapja
in a couple years the videos are:"lock picking the fort xnox", "lock picking a jail cell"...
Cruz A Rios
Cruz A Rios Hónapja
Puedes abrir todos candados y cerraduras que te pongan, pero Es mas dificil abrir el corazon de una mujer
eddiebruv Hónapja
I’ve watched too many LPL videos! As soon as he revealed the lock I knew he was gonna rake it.
Joe R M
Joe R M Hónapja
Might be a great lock for a bait bike (so cops can catch bike thieves.)
Ethan Cheng
Ethan Cheng Hónapja
... and ULAC gives it a 6/7 on security level
GGMC3 Hónapja
Is there any lock you've been unable to lock pick. If so please tell if you see this.
AnssiVIH Hónapja
About the instructions on the cardboard; you showed the how to unlock part but not how to lock.
Adam Williams
Adam Williams Hónapja
Fluke. This must actually be one of the greatest locks ever designed. Probably took LPL at least a week to get the shot he needed.
atkelar Hónapja
uläc... as in "you lack security?" 😅 (scnr)
iBeOnThat Kryptonite
Has anyone actually ordered his lock picking set? I’m thinking of doing so and need some type of feedback
dannyx27 Hónapja
U lac(k) security
deineroehre2012 Hónapja
Manufacturers should write the time which LPL needs to pick on their packaging, so you can estimate the "locksafetyfactor". Everyting above 40 seconds tends to be unpickable, everything below 7 seconds ist good enough as paperweight. Everything between 7 and 40 seconds will become soon a legit industry-standard scale for the safetyfactor of locks..
Ninja_Evan1 Hónapja
so ,I've seen a lot of bad locks, can we get a list of locks you do recommend?
SA Sampson
SA Sampson Hónapja
rated at 6 of 7 on their own scale?? - I'm assuming 7 is no lock ??? Certainly #1 can't be the lowest ? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
IM 2MERS Hónapja
Who here would buy locks designed and sponsored by the lock picking lawyer?
Juris Hónapja
If you dont see key, is it possible to know if pins goes from 2 directions?
JohnnyVVlog Hónapja
Please tell me 1 means highest security level and 7 the lowest...