[1255] Ford Transit Van Lock Picked 

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The referenced video: [578] Ford "Tibbe" Key Ignition Lock Picked and Decoded hurun.info/to/vide/iZyk0oJ-2KKUvZo.html









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Aaa Gee
Aaa Gee 2 napja
I will take a couple of steps twos today aswell
James Palmer
James Palmer 4 napja
UK Versio. Step 1 -> Insert Screw Driver. Step 2 -> Smash with Hammer. Step 3 -> Profit.
josh Ryan
josh Ryan 9 napja
Mate you can just pop the ignition and blackbox it
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Bro when u gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Eric Scrofano
Eric Scrofano 13 napja
78 people drive a Ford Transit.
Felipe Gomes
Felipe Gomes 13 napja
I locked my ford ka with the key inside yesterday and tryed to open the door with a key from another ford ka (old model) and it worked instantaneously. I was impressed with how insecure this thing is. Funny enough the key only opened the door but could not rotate in the engine keyhole.
og boss
og boss 14 napja
I remember at a fair a police officer was showing road safety tips and finished of with how easy those Fords are to break into with a tennis ball with a hole drilled into it.
boneav83 16 napja
My Mum could 'break in' to a transit with a rizla paper. Theyre notoriously awful
scottcol23 19 napja
Imagine an alternate universe where he's the LawyeringLockPicker. And he just talks about Structured Settlements and Divorce proceedings.
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 20 napja
I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation they your Blood. I love you JESUS. Romans ct...❤️k JESUSisLord!Amen...
Charlz Ford
Charlz Ford 24 napja
Ford sends LPL a cease and desist order cause he keeps cracking there cheap locks 😂
monkchips 25 napja
I once opened my wife's ford fiesta boot, with her neighbours mondeo key. Not the best locks by a long shot.
mjouwbuis 22 napja
while closing locks with all keys is a feature, opening shouldn't be...
KDestroyer 9
KDestroyer 9 26 napja
So you basically opened the lock by rotating the discs as far clockwise as they will go. Nice. I was wondering when that would happen.
C B 26 napja
Daniel 26 napja
5mm screwdriver is all these old ford locks needed
Timothy Dean
Timothy Dean 27 napja
A channel dedicated to lockpicking, yet narrated by a man who has clearly never committed a crime
Daniel Peixoto Martins
Wow! They were selling these as being safer and harder to pick and it seems it is the total opposite of that! Good thing I didn't get a Ford!
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 28 napja
2:12 lol it's like I'm watching magic show
ihategoogleplus 28 napja
i used to have a master key to all old (then new) ford transit van's its called a screwdriver and spanner
Sander 28 napja
Well now you’re just teaching people how to jack a car.
Andrew Melton
Andrew Melton 29 napja
I mean it’ll deter idiots maybe only a broken window
Nick Miller
Nick Miller 29 napja
This is the first time I laughed at one of your videos that wasn't posted on April 1. That was embarrassing.
Lyle Madison
Lyle Madison 29 napja
Odd vans, they were assembled in Turkey, to open the engine compartment one must have the key to insert in the release which is behind the Ford logo in the grill.
Bluenosedcoop 29 napja
I remember the company i worked for 15 years or so back had 6 different ford transits and after 120k+ miles on all of them with the key from one i could open and start the engines on 4 of them with one key because the locks had worn down so much.
Folks White
Folks White Hónapja
Could you try picking some of these kinds of locks without the highly specialized tools? I'm curious if the tool is a requirement
TomQuiNEstPasLa Hónapja
"I actually have an 8-disk version of this as well for the variant of this lock that they use in Jaguars. I'll probably show you that..." ...in his brand new Jaguar, I bet.
tatsuo the familiar
LPL: you are already picked. Lock: what!?!?!?!
Jamie Skinner
Jamie Skinner Hónapja
Time for bed
Marc Antaya
Marc Antaya Hónapja
I've never been particularly interested in locks but the shear knowledge and skill of the LPL keeps me coming back for more. Well done!
Zacks Random Projects
I would love to see you pick the lock of a car door, then get in the car and pick the ignition lock, just for the hell of it. 🍻
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw Hónapja
Where are you keeping all this stuff...
eksentrysyti Hónapja
"Disc detainer core" *Not the Pick that BosnianBill and LPL made* It's a couple weeks early for an April Fool's Joke, but ok, I can take it.
Ehko_4 Hónapja
Mr. LPL, do you even own keys or do you constantly practice your wonderous skills? Haha! Jpjp. :P
G Stone
G Stone Hónapja
Thats the moment I knew, I am gonna install a kill switch in my car. 😱 Anyone in the chat having the same lock? I have them in my Ford Sierra.
CrazyJayBe Hónapja
"I actually have an 8 disc version of this as well for the variant of this lock that they use in jaguars and I also have an emp device that unlocks fighter jets"
Trey Delano
Trey Delano Hónapja
Dave S
Dave S Hónapja
That tool looks amazing
Frosty Hónapja
litterally who on the planet owns that tool 😂
Lykos Hónapja
As always, youtube notifications only 4 days late
Aeronomx Hónapja
Since there is no false gates in the aftermarket, does that mean you could in theory stick a slotted screwdriver and brute force to unlock?
LOLDONGS 24 napja
You can do that with original tibbe locks
Warren McCrory
Warren McCrory Hónapja
Jaguar has been using this format for their keys for a long time now. I believe Ford embraced it around the time they bought Jaguar but I'm not positive on that. It's odd that Ford left the lock on the Transit Connect when they brought them to the US, as it appears that a Focus ignition cylinder will work. Not that Ford is renowned for making great decisions.
Name Nikename
Name Nikename Hónapja
Hey! It's also an Aston Martin DB7 key!
Br DL Hónapja
Love it! But what is a Jagwar?
namkreo Hónapja
and they destroyed my whole door to get in to the car without even getting in. what a hussel.
Braeblade123 Hónapja
well how likely is someone who is carrying that pick going to meet the vehicle because the tool is rare
Braden Best
Braden Best Hónapja
aftermarket company: "alright guys, let's see how fast he picks the lock. If we even last 5 seconds, we can use that as a selling poi-" LPL: "there is no step 2, it's already open"
SchaelTeer Hónapja
Random Guy: "I never seen a lock like that, better send to LPL" LPL: "I can understand, how this can look intimidating, but ...oh, it's already open..."
Liam Kemp
Liam Kemp Hónapja
All's well and good but what about the immobiliser
rrs Hónapja
I have a ford truck, a transit mk3, and it comes with a key similair to the tibbe, but instead of being like diamond shapped, it looks like a comb. I'm guessing its a precursor to the tibbe system. keymakers in my area tell me to replace the locks on the whole van because those key blanks arent made anymore. I've searched a fair bit on the internet about the name of the lock and key system, but I can't come up with it. Any ford enthusiast here know how it's called? BTW, it's a eurospec van. Thanks and cheers! Loved the video!
John H
John H Hónapja
Ford phased them out😳 .. but they still on the road 🤫
Earlchaos Hónapja
LPL: Avada KedavraAll locks in 5 miles distance: We obey Master *opens*
Ryan R.
Ryan R. Hónapja
This looks like the lock system on my old car- a 1988 Merkur Scorpio :D
Srijan Kaushik
Srijan Kaushik Hónapja
In terms of step 2, we have no step 2
swistedfilms Hónapja
Whaddaya think folks? Would Lockpick Man be in the Justice League or the Legion of Doom? Maybe the Suicide Squad?
TheCynysterMind Hónapja
I find these videos fascinating! I have never been interested in learning lock-picking... but now it reminds me of trying to solve a rubrics cube" I am seriously temped to get a beginners set just to see is I can figure it out.
JustSomeone Hónapja
I never understood this key/lock concept. It's the reason ford transit vans where so easy to steal for many years (other fords also). Just stick a screwdriver in the hole and turn with force. They wil be unlocked instantly... They even made the hole the right shape to take a screwdriver and shaft with no problem.
The Gear Knob
The Gear Knob 23 napja
It'd be nice if there were aftermarket tibbe replacement locks for the cars of a much better design. Unfortunately I dont think there is. I can find them for the Transit but not for like a Mondeo.
TheBaby Seal
TheBaby Seal Hónapja
You shouldn't use that tool it promotes segregation
Ben Willis
Ben Willis Hónapja
My old Ford had done 200,000 miles. The original key was so worn down it could open any Ford lock I ever tried it in.
spiritofthetime Hónapja
Every 1990s car thief worth their salt knows that the weak point on that design was the spot welds holding the lock body in place on the door. Hammer, screwdriver and 10 seconds of undisturbed hooliganism and an evening's reckless abandon awaits.
Rockport1911 Hónapja
Keyless Entry- Exit is stsndard on most higher- end cars these days. I cant believe never did anything about the big numbers of van- breakins, especially in its big market in the UK. Theres alot of aftermarket kit aviable to make these boxes safer than stock...
Mr fruppe
Mr fruppe Hónapja
Is the tool for sale ?
JESUS YESHUA EL ELYON elshadai Adon Ori haaretz
Where to buy the tool???
So now he’s teaching people how to hot wire his car
Autokey Security Services
You must have modified the lock because the pick usually gets stuck in the lock.... I always have to use a small pick tool to depress the little slot door dust cover to pull the pick out.
Chris Wade
Chris Wade Hónapja
Transit one is original and late type used from 1993 to 2014. The other one was the earlier version from 1987 to 93.
O H Hónapja
God bless the Dudley turbo 88 duo flush
Andrea Giongiani
"this lock is already opened" sounds like Hokuto No Ken saying "you are already dead". We are at this level now? XD
Ilan Friedman
Ilan Friedman Hónapja
I'm sorry maybe I didn't understand correctly, the tool you used is specifically for ignition switches?
Rolyat Laumas
Rolyat Laumas Hónapja
You don't need a special tool a old worn key works on all locks. I had a old Ford fiesta mk3 key that could open and start any ford I tried it on.
Nik Trp
Nik Trp Hónapja
IMO, not pickable
Killerofcats Hónapja
Lima Stanier
Lima Stanier Hónapja
Welp, my '01 Fiesta comes with these locks. Here's hoping I can someday change them.
ali bacısısikişen
hell yea I'm going to take a new van today.
ve5vv Hónapja
that tool can't be cheap
Mark Hide
Mark Hide Hónapja
These were and still are used on fords as early as 1991 to now. In falcons sedan to utes, vans. The most easiest to unlock but if your key didn’t have the right code inside the key. The car wouldn’t start.
Enzo Olegário
Enzo Olegário Hónapja
holy crap, that's a sick tool
RoyalCaoCao Hónapja
Me: "Wow these locks are exotic looking. Must be tough" LPL: "These are fairly basic disc detainer design" Me: "What a simple lock"
Jeff Sienkiewicz
I’m the lock picking lawyer and today I’m at Fort Knox. With just a paper clip, a magnet and a lego figurine I’ll show you how all of this security is practically useless and even convince the guards to load the goods into my car for me. Anyway that’s all I have for you today. This man never ceases to amaze me
Jobbie Jew
Jobbie Jew Hónapja
This is a blight on Scottish, English, Welsh and Irish tradesmen. So many have had their livelihoods stolen by thieves using these. Millions upon millions of £££‘a each year are stolen from tradesmen who own Ford vehicles. It’s a sad reality. On certain forums and groups the tibbe workaround is generally kept hush hush due to the theft situation that police do nothing about.
Will Bailey
Will Bailey Hónapja
Why can you not use the pick that Bosnian Bill and you made?
Glacis & Palisades
Ford Tibbe lock. Pros: Really easy to read the code of the lock even with bare eyes and order new key from online even if old one was lock. Easy to decode with Tibbe lockpick. Cheap. Cons: Easily picked open or forced open. When the keys and the lock wear out, it gets more harder to open even with real keys (and when making new keys, you cannot tell the difference between cuts anymore) Used in most of Ford vehicles from ~80s to ~2006. That aftermarket lock might have been manufactured in Turkey or in China, the good thing that whole set costs usually less than ~30-40 euros for most of the cars, bad thing is that as the aftermarket keys are not chipped, you will have to move the chip if possible or MacGyver your way with the immobilizer chip to override it or place it next to the reader permanently. Or make new keys with the chip installed for the new lock set. As for the "all Fords are stolen in 20 seconds" - jokes, proper immobilizers where introduced around 1994, so electrical knowledge how to bypass immobilizer was also required. Anyway, that tool is excellent and brilliant piece of engineering.
Goultek Hónapja
wtf, the guy who made a key copy on the machine managed to screw it 3x and it took him more than an hour to do so and I had the original key
Dron X
Dron X Hónapja
The lock which has already opened.
Russell James
Russell James Hónapja
The "fake" isnt actually a fake it's from a far earlier transit van which im not sure hit American shores and was only available in europe. Ive seen these on numerous vans back in the day.
Michael Bamber
Michael Bamber Hónapja
That is a ford lock. Just use a lolly pop stick. Any key locks um but only a worn out key will open it!
francesco miele
francesco miele Hónapja
There is an Italian company that produces the "Blockshaft", it's a device that essentially prevents the steering wheel to be moved unless the key is inserted, they claim that a thief would take an hour to bypass this security, could you try to pick it?
tnexus13 Hónapja
Don't think it was a picking flaw, more that any spod with a screwdriver & hammer could force the lock.
Jason Poletta
Jason Poletta Hónapja
Now all you have to do is bypass the immobilizer
lucas de Jong
lucas de Jong Hónapja
I'm thinking I need to get some extra locks for my van. GD!
camey XD
camey XD Hónapja
Every 2013 ford transit owner watching this like 🙄😬
How To Blue Oval
If I recall correctly, you could easily lock just about any Ford vehicle with your Tibbe key back then, and if the locks were worn, opening was often possible as well. Simply not a good lock concept.
How To Blue Oval
@mjouwbuis "feature" 😂
mjouwbuis 22 napja
The locking every vehicle, was a known feature.
Peter O'Connell
Peter O'Connell Hónapja
I came out of the shop and got into the wrong ford recently. Everything was so similar but something was odd until I realised it was a different vehicle. I had opened it with the key.
Steven Lin
Steven Lin Hónapja
Ford, done. Jaguar, you’re next. Tesla, will pick open faster than you can 0-60.
Mu Effe
Mu Effe Hónapja
If you display that pick in a glass case, I bet anyone would think its some kind of modern art sculpture.
20_inches_BMX Hónapja
Same key for many fords years ago.. some Jaguar and Aston martins when Ford owned them too 😅
Andrew Pease
Andrew Pease Hónapja
No need for any of that fancy stuff when these locks are even slightly worn. Some one deliberately blocked me into a parking space so I just used my own key to enter his vehicle and drive it to a paid car park!
tcpnetworks Hónapja
We had these locks in the Australian Falcon from 1991 onwards. Ford made a big deal of it. Then all the cars fitted started to get stolen....
Loch89 Hónapja
LPL is going to be the only person who is truly prepped for an apocalypse
BanjoKazooi3 Hónapja
Anyone else expecting the Bosnian Bill picking tool and get faked out? Oh just everyone? Glad I’m not alone.
Andrew Jones
Andrew Jones Hónapja
LPL: This lock is already open. Me: WILD!!!!!