[1256] ERA “Fortress” Euro Cylinder Picked (6 Trap Pins!) 

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TigerChills 34 perccel
"So, you got yourself a new door lock. You were always concerned about security. What made you buy it?" "LPL needed 3 tools and 2 minutes for it. can barely get any better"
Why Not?
Why Not? Órája
Can someone make a compilation of locks he thinks are good? It'll be like 5 videos
Erik Temporal
Erik Temporal 3 órája
Woa that took some time to pick huh !
lucas cline
lucas cline 3 órája
Recommended video after this? " Through the Eyes of a Thief" after watching a pov lockpick lol
The Editor AMVs
The Editor AMVs 4 órája
I doubt the avg person will be picking this
Brendan Bush
Brendan Bush 6 órája
I need a LPL lock tier list
Xo. Xzy
Xo. Xzy 13 órája
I find these videos calming asf
Eights 15 órája
fuck this *breaks the window*
Joe GOD’s Son
Joe GOD’s Son 16 órája
The best tutorial for criminals lol
Middonaito 16 órája
Ok guys i gonna buy this one
Rwdphotos 17 órája
Now what if it had two cores that needed to be turned simultaneously
meetcord996 Ethereal vibester
Gaming Chocolate
Gaming Chocolate 18 órája
At this point just grab a nearby rock and use it to "pick" the nearest window.
G M 19 órája
Do you atleast have law experience
William Solice
Great lock but the whole video is only 4 min.
Humd Haider
Gotta install this lock in my basement the kids there are leaning to pick locks ( it’s a joke )
DC King22
DC King22 Napja
Why didnt you put in any bits about what would happen if you didnt pick it properly? Like what happens if the trap pins do fall?
Keef Khat
Keef Khat 2 napja
Ok so in the field how would you know that type or make of lock? Looks like any other key hole to me. Would you attempt a "standard" pick first and recognise where it went wrong?
TheAverlorn 2 napja
"Getting this right in the field would be a challenge but for the most Raid Boss level picker"
E 2 napja
I dont know anything about lockpicking......aside from skyrim. I've never watched a video on lockpicking. Why did your video come up in my feed. Doesn't matter because I cant stop watching your challenge vids. I'm now interested in lockpicking. Subscribed.
Joseph MUAL
Joseph MUAL 2 napja
At the start i thought the key was the inside of a capsicum with a red circle you attached too.
First name Last name
I wonder how many people watch these while crouching in front of a locked box in the middle of the night
J Sanchez
J Sanchez 2 napja
I would love to see the LPL pick a MulTLock. That would be amazing 👏😍
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 2 napja
One of the best locks on this channel imo
Carlos Anzuelo
Mr. LPL. Can you pick a banjo ?
Joël 2 napja
so if that lock was in a door, he wouldn't be able to pick it ? he wouldn't know the sequence then, would he ? since the pins and fail-saves are hidden in the door...
Oliver H
Oliver H 2 napja
It would at least be massively more difficult, since he wouldn't know about the trap pins.
Gotta say.. He kinda sounds like a dentist when he's talking through picking the lock.
Rapid Vaping
Rapid Vaping 2 napja
Am I right in thinking trap pins, if triggered, would make unlocking a lock from the inside impossible? Add something like a fire or medical emergency and being stuck until a locksmith can come release the lock. Sounds kind of like a uh... dumb idea haha. Or I could be totally wrong in thinking that
Robert DeMitro
I guess if there is a key in the lock it can be picked ?
S0oo 3 napja
Why am i watching this? Idk quarantine is boring.
G5Fly 3 napja
Beginning to think locks don't work and it will be better to get an unforgiving guard dog
Moonlight Hollow
What's the function of an anti-drill pin? I know the name kind of says it all, but how are they anti-drill?
DCW 3 napja
Me: *lost the key* ERA: It's my house now.
Adi 3 napja
I'm wondering if there would be a difference in picking when the lock would be in the right position. In europ (at least in germany) the lock is flipped so that the pins are on the bottom (at least in 90% of all door locks like this one). If you stand in front of it you would be able to read the brandname
Jake Justesen
Jake Justesen 3 napja
I just go to his longest videos because it might actually be a decent lock
Road Work Ahead
I don't even lock my doors and I still want this
Althea Equatorin
damn, i thought this got discontinued since 2007. 😕
ms ms
ms ms 3 napja
leon k
leon k 3 napja
Nice when u have the cylinder in your hand. When it is in the door you dont know about all those security pins so IT wint work that easy
Tsuki no Otaku
This lock is actually so ingenious that I now want it on my future house...
Nicht_Dani 4 napja
LPL took 2 Minutes and special tools to open this look. In other words, i would trust the life of my firstborn to that lock.
Ameripino the purple link
you know it's a good lock when the literal LPL doesn't mention a flaw.
Tokres Ali Ali
Isn't this the best advertisement a lock company can get for it's product?
Artem Panfilov
This tool won't work if the locker attached to the whole assembly the inertia of the whole assembly will be resisting to this quick turn. So, I am considering this is a trick, not a real-world picking.
Risto Pöhö
Risto Pöhö 4 napja
LPL approved lock? How rare.
Unofficial Fuslie Video Archive
I don't understand he shows how to pick locks so the viewers can steal things?
mcgoo721 4 napja
Anyone else kinda bummed for some reason that we didn't see the keys?
MR MR 4 napja
LPL mentions "in the field" and I do sometimes wonder if the position of a lock in a door would increase difficulty a tiny bit as it's harder to get an angle on the lock. You cant move the lock as you can when you hold it as well. I doubt very much it would stop you, but is it harder?
Oliver H
Oliver H 2 napja
Well, keep in mind that in this case, LPL knew there were trap pins because he saw the naked lock in front of him. If the lock was door-mounted, he wouldn't have seen that.
Durahl 4 napja
Mhh... So to prevent the speed rotation from happening they could install a mechanism to slow down the rotational speed and activating only above human rotational speeds ( not exactly difficult ) but still low enough thus allowing for the trap pins to catch? Could use something like this in their design: hurun.info/to/vide/hoKYpYaimZfDm9k.html but with Tungsten rollers getting retained by a just barely strong enough spring/magnet allowing for normal operation but with enough speed applied to overcome the trap pins the heavy Tungsten rollers would escape their retainers and jam up the mechanism for the Trap Pins to catch.
S Scott
S Scott 4 napja
Yeah this lock is going in my new door when I move next month. They are decently cheap, too, which is nice.
flopontop 4 napja
he sounds like a dentist when he's inspecting your mouth
Omppusolttu 4 napja
so 4m from LPL + needing a specialized tool + screwup meaning permanent failure? Basically the perfect lock then.
Christine Luke
I think cardi listen to worry less about locks and keys and worry more about maintenance engine performance and above all reliability engine transmission suspension and electronic wise
Are there any locks that have beat you or what has been the comest?
Lennii 5 napja
all this just to open the fridge
Mason Stoijck
Mason Stoijck 5 napja
Someone make a top 5 LPL door locks /cylinders. I'm pretty sure this is nu1.
Petar Popovac
Petar Popovac 5 napja
Hello lpl, i really like your videos. One thing i was always wondering: Why do you always pick locks upside down? Is it easier that way? Greetings
Enekyo 5 napja
I think this might be the end game of locks.. HE DIDNT FLAME THE LOCK FOR THE FIRST TIME
Jonathan Ellsworth
So, if the core had another set of trap pins at 90°, the special tool wouldn't have enough space or speed to avoid the second row?
Rithul Shelan
Rithul Shelan 5 napja
Glad to know the lock on the front door of my house doesn't have any flaws
Kuei James
Kuei James 5 napja
Hmmm....someone's sales just went up a few hundred percent
joshinils 5 napja
just looked up snapping, dude thats gnarly and fast in this video: hurun.info/to/vide/n5KYlW1ntpzDqbM.html
Philip Schmidt
Stop making it look so easy :/
Mr. S
Mr. S 5 napja
The real amazement is that the vast majority of his subscribers have no reason to learn to pick locks. It’s like therapy for the mind more of.
Shaun Brown
Shaun Brown 6 napja
I always get something that has the British standards kitemark on it if I want the best available standards. We used to be told not to buy anything for children that was made with only the certification for Europe on it, as it’s just not safe enough, but that advice soon disappeared with a pro-EU government 15 years ago.
darknessblade 6 napja
For all door locks you need to revisit them in a small wooden frame, as to simulate a real door. Since now you can easily hold on to it, and see all the traps/how to pick it. if it is in a doorway/Frame it is harder to pick
jacklewis100 6 napja
I generally wonder how much slower he would be if the locks were installed in a door at typical height AND where he doesn't have the benefit of seeing the type of lock ahead of time. I also wonder if he rehearses (many times) before each recording. In this case, if he didn't know the type of lock and was able to examine it bare (i.e. if it was installed in a door) he wouldn't have known the traps were there.
Saucey Boi
Saucey Boi 6 napja
It's good when video be above 3 min
Nick Heath
Nick Heath 6 napja
That is a fantastic euro cylinder, I have not seen anything that secure before
Cain Solomon
Cain Solomon 6 napja
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Janene Lynda
Janene Lynda 6 napja
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Max B
Max B 6 napja
is he ok? It looked like he was shaking
Jason Brindamour
The picking set I found in a junkyard truck over 25 years ago came with one of these spring loaded tools. I kept that kit I found and now know how to use it...but took me forever to understand the spring loaded tool in the kit until just now! I have been playing with picking now after finding that old kit I kept in a box forever and I love it. It's as good as any other mind game. It's also fun to tell your friends to bring their best locks over on the next visit and show how quick you can open it without the key...LOL.
Bryce Rivera
Bryce Rivera 6 napja
I cant believe he said "pickers" with the hard "R"...
Looks like ERA IS THE WAY TO GO🔒👌👍
Mr Picky
Mr Picky 7 napja
thats one thick lock)
michael_tg 7 napja
We did it boys, this lock is LPL approved
smbrob 7 napja
If the LPL says this is a good lock you better not lose the key to it or you sleep in the shed. ☝🏼🤔🤣
Ken Osborne
Ken Osborne 7 napja
Sir after watching this video, I must say you know locks very well. This to me seemed to be a very tricky lock. I’m impressed. I like your videos because you explain the locks and the process.
D.W. Stratton
D.W. Stratton 7 napja
I wonder if this would be much harder with the lock installed such that he couldn't wrap his left hand around it.
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 7 napja
I comment to help statistics
N Baua
N Baua 7 napja
You can buy a lock blindfolded which requires LPL to use special secret tools to pick it ..
Sam Swadener
Sam Swadener 7 napja
He’s really out here teaching you how to break into anything, like he probably has led to so many people getting their shit broken into
Bone Jones
Bone Jones 8 napja
How the hell did I end up here? 😂
blabla62871 8 napja
is there even safe lock?
Fluzz 8 napja
It would probably be easier to burn down the door than pick this lock.
Ezekiels Army
Ezekiels Army 8 napja
Once again, I’m impressed
Nicholas Monks
LPL, one of the best there is, took two minutes to crack this and used some special tools and knowledge to do it. If the objective of a good lock is deterrence, I'd say this one scores pretty damn high.
Nic Erdman
Nic Erdman 8 napja
I'd love to see this done in a door or vise.
Evan Pearson
Evan Pearson 8 napja
The most praise I’ve heard so far
Wesley Hartley
Probably good enough.
Eric Clapton’s Robot Pilot
Who tf has a door that thicc?
John G.
John G. 9 napja
Damien Cerutti
Damien Cerutti 10 napja
OK Lockpicking lawyer, why the heck were you not in Ocean's 11? I don't understand.
Carnbyarst 10 napja
I can just imagine burglars meeting up for a pint and a discussion about the Lock Picking Lawyer's latest video...
Brody Doutt
Brody Doutt 10 napja
who up lock binging
Neil Watkins
Neil Watkins 10 napja
I just pick noses and underwear out my crack.
Data Kook
Data Kook 10 napja
I am pretty ignorant on lock picking; other that what I have seen on this channel, What is up with bobby pins or hair pins and lock picking, I have heard that is a tool?
Paul Gloor
Paul Gloor 11 napja
The only solid defense you have against against any would be thief is MORE LOCK. Make it as hard or tedious to break your security as possible and youll keep all but the most determined out.
Tippex 11 napja
‘Boss, how we gonna get in?’ ‘Bust up the door’ ‘But why boss?’ ‘Cause LPL didn’t say the lock was flawed and took 4 minutes to pick it’ ‘Dear god...’