[1257] Master Lock Celebrates 100 Years of... Security? 

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seavpal Órája
TBH, without masterlock the entry-level into the hobby might have been too high for a lot of people to ever get interested.
Thomas Zinser
Thomas Zinser 6 órája
Well now, the real reason for the lack of security is, because it's a 100 year anniversary edition lock, they want to give it the security capability of a lock from 100 years ago.
TheRetroLog 9 órája
Just shows how compagnies digress thru time
Bill ‘Stroke’
Bill ‘Stroke’ 10 órája
I’m guessing you’re not Master Lock’s biggest fan...
Mr Darth
Mr Darth 12 órája
Lpl will prolly return this product but this has his fingerprints now someone could FRAME HIM :0
Ashkan 17 órája
Sooo we don't use locks you say....?
aCrazyDrummer 19 órája
I still don't understand why they don't put the core from their lockout locks into more things. That would have been perfectly acceptable here. 6 pin lock with 5 spools and 1 serrated pin. They already manufacture the damn thing, so why not use it?
Xsidon Napja
when he says "ok folks" in that tone you know some burns are incoming XD
Thanks master lock for maintaining the same quality 😅 So it's Easy to Break Your Locks 😉
"Security Level 9 out of 10" haha masterlock, ok
Fenrir Napja
Security level 9? Just because it takes more than a raking tool doesn’t make it automatically good. Sure, LPL has decades of experience at picking locks, but like, rating yourself 9 outta 10 when LPL picked it only a little slower than usual is not a good look.
N Hietala
N Hietala Napja
The "security level 9 out of 10" on the packaging suggests that this lock is among the best they have... that's not a good thing.
Paige Desprez
Paige Desprez 2 napja
This lock couldn’t keep out a 100 yearold dog with dementia
Dusin Bonnema
Dusin Bonnema 2 napja
Did they seriously rate the security of their own lock? And a 9 gets picked in a few seconds???
That says a lot more about Americans than it says about the company. It is not about what they sell, it is about what you buy. That's probably why you can't have nice things...
Arne Ragnarsson
Security level 9. 1-10 🤣. It must be. How many seconds it take to open the lock without any key.
ScaryOmelette 3 napja
i think this like is just supposed to look nice
P77777777 4 napja
Looks like it was more of a collectable anyway
Dietslurm 4 napja
A six pin lock where three pins aren't even real and they even decided to put the real pins in the first three slots lol
Oceanic 84
Oceanic 84 4 napja
Creating secure locks would be a very bad long-term business model, and strategy for a security company.
Cyaneer 5 napja
But hey, at least it seems mildly annoying to shim.
Anthony M
Anthony M 6 napja
"those engravings give no tactical advantage whatsoever."
Juggernath 6 napja
Celebrating 100 years of pilfered school lockers and cleaned out storage sheds.
Isabella Electrum - Virtual YouTuber
I dont think a single master lock has been “secure”
Tor 7 napja
"pretending to protect your stuff for 100 years" - It looks great though. Is there a secure enough core to replace the included one to defend using this lock?
Steffen Dahlberg
I'd like to hear interviews with employees there. Is it embarrasing to work for that greedy fuck lying company?
Cheesy chio
Cheesy chio 7 napja
These titles are just getting sassier and sassier. 😭
JamesG 7 napja
Missing 1/3rd of its pins. "Small details." Yeah, those pins are pretty small.
Hatem 7 napja
after 100 years of experience, LPL easily opened a lock labeled security level 9 out of 10. which means there is no lock on earth that can lock.
lolzhunter 8 napja
Idk why but I'm imagining lpl doing this at someone actual anniversary, like "happy anniversary Keith and Joanne although it was my intention to just wish you a happy anniversary I have discovered using the pick that Bosnianbill and I made that joanne has been having an affair with you for the past 2 years" then when they are arguing he's muttering under his breath at different stages of the arguments "click out of 1, 2 is binding" then when it reaches the climax of the argument and they both storm off he says "and its open"
Jeff Jankiewicz
Praise for 100 years in business turns into destroying their reputation in 28 seconds. lol. You Sir, are a mean man with a pic...lol
There once was a time when locks made me feel safe. That time has passed. ^^
HUNTER 10 napja
Thankfully it's a limited edition.
Jive Cat
Jive Cat 11 napja
He unlocked it quicker than any one of us can cut the keys out of that bullshit its in lol
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Joe B
Joe B 12 napja
I don't know. It seems to me to be a PERFECTLY appropriate lock to symbolize 100 years of Master Lock quality. Best of all, they deem the lock to offer "Security Level 9". On a scale of 1-100, that might be reasonable. Thanks for all the great videos.
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Ghost 14 napja
"Hoping the next 100 years....." LOL, absolutely savage
SMGJohn 14 napja
Founded by a Russian huh? He did not happen to have had any connections with the Bolsheviks right?
Sterling Ordes
Sterling Ordes 15 napja
That’s a fancy practice lock.
Cypress 15 napja
Lots of people dumping on Master Lock Co. here, but if it weren't for my No.3's I wouldn't have gotten to succeed at picking my first lock on my first try while holding a lock pick for the first time in my life.
Sergio Jimenez
Sergio Jimenez 15 napja
Spoiling the 100th anniversary celebration 😂
BlaQ 16 napja
Is that keychain metal? It looks pretty cool.
nattlampan 16 napja
Security level 9 out of 10??
Henry Williams
Henry Williams 18 napja
New company slogan for Master Lock: If it’s worth securing with a MasterLock™️, it isn’t worth securing!
Lion Llew
Lion Llew 18 napja
Wow, that's shameful!
Adam Nichols
Adam Nichols 19 napja
If Masterlock spent 1/10th of the money on R&D that they do on advertising, they would kick assa's ass/.
Joshua Blomfield
“Security level 9”.. out of 100? Sad to see a centennial overshadowed by a marketing lottery.
Davide Unbekannt
Do people who advertise their products by spoiling videos actually think it will encourage the public to buy their products. It annoys me to the point where I avoid their products.
Scorched Earth
Scorched Earth 21 napja
I ask myself what locks Masterlock would use themselves. Do they recommend it to their family and friends?
Eric Tselovanskyi
Not that I'm proud of it or something considering the theme of this channel, but technically he was Ukrainian, not Russian immigrant.
Rusty Pranger
Rusty Pranger 22 napja
Picking the lock is faster than removing the plastic packaging. LOL
David Shepheard
David Shepheard 23 napja
I think that LockPickingLawer should buy one share in Master Lock and then go to the shareholder meeting with a suitcase full of their locks and pick them all in front of the board of directors and explain how rubbish they all are.
Geoff Kuhn
Geoff Kuhn 23 napja
I ordered one of these locks just for picking practice based on your review. When I got it in the mail today I put the key in to open it and see of the action was smooth or sticks a bit, and the key would not open the lock. I was able to use my city rake and open it but the key will not open the lock. Ridiculous.
LPL...Making Master lock his bitch since '84.
Dresden Sinn
Dresden Sinn 24 napja
And as always...I can't help but not to laugh!
skunk 24 napja
It was probably harder to open his tool thing to pick it
А 24 napja
They even had the audacity to label a 3 pin lock as security level 9 out of 10... yeah, sure.
laciee 24 napja
More like 100 years of insecurity.
Jege 25 napja
no words required, even the title did enough damage to this company.
deadly joz
deadly joz 25 napja
I will ruin your company reputation in this 2 minutes video ... but ... happy aniversary ahhahahah .
A guyfromBrant
A guyfromBrant 25 napja
The main thing I've learned from lpl over the past year is that duct tape is harder to get through than a master lock.
Andy 25 napja
100 years of history destroyed in 2 minutes 35 seconds. Brilliant
CoalCracker Pyro
Congratulations, now watch me crack your lock open in 20 seconds 🤣😂
Phineas Gage
Phineas Gage 25 napja
Masterlock celebrates 100 years of failure.
DrJonez 26 napja
Typical modern American corporate ideology. Make your product as cheap and awful as possible.
TheMonkeyGrape 26 napja
Maybe it was 9 out of 100
MrBurritoMan 26 napja
"You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means" -Inigo Montoya
BMCS Shop 26 napja
Joshua Graham
Joshua Graham 26 napja
this is almost as much of a joke as a bike lock from the 1740s
Paul S
Paul S 26 napja
I remember the commercial where they touted the laminate plates, showing them shot thru and still holding locked
Kuru Kuru
Kuru Kuru 27 napja
Tom Hewitt
Tom Hewitt 27 napja
"MasterLock"- where it's neither of those things
Ann Forrester
Ann Forrester 27 napja
Good guy LPL calling them like he sees them.
P Wilson
P Wilson 27 napja
Master Lock Security Level 9 - takes 30 seconds to pick - Pay more for a level 10 and get an extra 15 seconds of protection!
forgetme 27 napja
Lmao, how can you just say "Happy anniversary" after ending their whole existance like that...
waptek0 27 napja
next week a 2 minute lock picking lawyer video featuring ,,, the nsa & the word NOOOOoooooooooo is heard , from orbit , around mars
zundermuffin 27 napja
Where can I find the videos of locks that impress him?
David Davidson
David Davidson 27 napja
They should have changed the prize draw to "Pick this lock open to enter a draw to win $5000" It would be a large prize draw.
Lori Lanili
Lori Lanili 27 napja
Only use locks to ensure you've returned all the stuff you borrowed.
MaxJeBoi 27 napja
if you wish to defeat me, train for another 100 years
MEMATRON 28 napja
Master Lock Celebrates 100 Years of... insecurity?
Kenneth Allington
jawad mansoor
jawad mansoor 28 napja
Big grin on my face throughout the video. Happy Anniversary MasterLock
Niomi Campbell's bad hairday channel
Locks keep criminals out not HUrun lock pickers
Nate Terrs
Nate Terrs 28 napja
now pick the 100year old version
1sdeath 28 napja
Love your work LPL, cheers mate.
SirRhubarb 28 napja
"Here's to the next 100 year anniversary actually celebrating some security improvements"
Oisin Collins-Childerson
He didn't even unpack the lock 😂 he can still return it
mpeugeot 28 napja
Sad thing is that the locks they sold 100 years ago were probably better than the locks they sell now... LOL.
Justin 28 napja
Prinz Eugen
Prinz Eugen 28 napja
After all, Master Lock is consistent: an anniversary padlock that is an adequate representation of the image that the lock picking lawyer has impressively conveyed to us for years. ─ Well done, MasterLock. Five crowns out of five from me. 👑👑👑👑👑
Tom Parisi
Tom Parisi 28 napja
Tom Parisi
Tom Parisi 28 napja
Great video bro.. Appreciate it
Not U
Not U 28 napja
They may as well sell master lock stickers to put on stuff. It is just as much a deterrent.
ceasarspartacus 28 napja
I bought it exclusively because I have a 1921 lion head stamped brass master lock.
Taco Preacher
Taco Preacher 28 napja
Level 9 security... What a joke.
UnDeath 28 napja
remember. security level 9. with 3 pins. pickt in under 20 sec. thats what i call "security"... how the f can they flop so hard? dont they test theyr stuff?
Scotty Smith
Scotty Smith 29 napja
Hahaha! Master Lock sucks! So does Mark Lovelace!
NoName5589 29 napja
How are you going to make a high security (9/10 sounds like high security to me) lock with a six pin core and only put in three real pins? Like seriously, how degenerate is that?
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