[1258] Sometimes I Forget How Good Bike Locks Have Become 

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Do you want to see more of that 1972 Kryptonite? Check out this video: [670] The Lock That Made Kryptonite Famous (K2) hurun.info/to/vide/eZOAt4Cn16G2t5o.html









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shinjiprofile 2 órája
I'm More interested on the other lock than he showed.
Naveen Chaudhary
Naveen Chaudhary 3 órája
*i judge the locks efficacy by the lenth of the video*
08/15 Dorfkind
08/15 Dorfkind 4 órája
The cable is so thin you could easily cut it.
Lys Sanch
Lys Sanch 12 órája
So is there any locks this guy cant pick?
Patrick Radcliffe
Patrick Radcliffe 14 órája
I had a slaymaker bike lock when I was in elementary school.
Julius Frank
Julius Frank 16 órája
to be fair, the cable is thin enough i could probably bite through it easier than loose string
Datboi 17 órája
swmovan 23 órája
Many of these locks can be opened with keys to a similar lock.
Lore Napja
Watching your channel makes me wonder of there's even a somewhat safe lock for my bike lmao
Julia C-137
Background of the lock: 1 minute Picking the lock itself: under 5 seconds
Ryan Chapman
It would’ve been slower if he used the key
My Dick Is Really Small And
Picks in 1.5 seconds "Bike locks have obviously come a long way."
Dee Law
Dee Law 2 napja
"BL stands for bike lock" Fujioshis: 👁️👄👁️
Aracoixo 2 napja
Forget 🔑s. I need this thing.
MrsW Jr
MrsW Jr 2 napja
When I was a kid this was the kind of cheap lock we used on the bikes we rode to elementary school because the odds of someone stealing the bike from the schoolyard was practically zero but the odds that we would be goofing around and lose the lock somewhere was 100%
Misfited Misfit
Slaymaker sounds like a Metal Band.
R 2 napja
LPL: breaks out of maximum security prison Him afterwards: alright folks let’s do it again so you can see that it wasn’t a fluke
Too Much Damn Yogurt
is there a video about the BIR lock?
Arcade Alchemist
tbh bike locks in the 50s didn't have to be SUPER effective they where just ways to keep things where they where left because we had opportunists back then not actual criminals with a pocket grinder to cut though the Dead bolt and steal your Ducati
Michael Adams
Michael Adams 3 napja
has there ever been a lock he hasn't been able to pick ot extremely struggled
Jesús Gómez
Jesús Gómez 3 napja
Please explain the design of that BIR Lock.
hedgebetss 3 napja
We had that bike lock in the 1980, and I bet my dad has it thrown on a shelf somewhere
My grandpa had one of those locks for his bike and you could literally just smack it against your palm and have it pop open.
Father Nagic
Father Nagic 3 napja
in this case "BL" stands for "boy's love"
baba booey
baba booey 3 napja
Comical ease
KillMePls 3 napja
Lock picking items have also come along way
You can also simply yank these open. What surprises me most is that people still use locks like these, often on very expensive bikes.
fyrstikken 4 napja
he has an impressive lock-collection. Must have taken him a lifetime of travel, picking and collecting. Bravo!
Charma 4 napja
I remember picking a trailer door when I was maybe ten. I had gotten a swiss armyknife for my birthday to carve barkboats and such. Went to show it to my friends, we were in a parking area. Somehow I got the idea to try to open a trailerdoor with that knife (since obviously I needed to prove that it can do anything like in MacGyver). Well, it opened. We got so scared that we had done something really bad that we just slammed the door and ran almost a mile away. It was an old trailer from 80s or something, but that lock was obviously a great product since a kid with a knife was able to pick it (old cheap locks
Kuro Styx
Kuro Styx 4 napja
bl 😂
fiddleford's catalog
speaking of bike locks, I lovew it when my key breaks in the shaft and I can open the lock with a screwdriver
David Stinnett
What this channel has taught me is that a lock serves 1 purpose: to social signal that you don’t want people to enter the locked thing. Any lock can be picked, or you can just brute force your way in.
Slick Mike
Slick Mike 4 napja
Well that was a speedrun
Kevin Bibow
Kevin Bibow 4 napja
Bl? More like BS Lol
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 4 napja
I comment to help statistics
P D 5 napja
I had one of these
Patrick Hobbs
Patrick Hobbs 5 napja
I had one of these, or very similar, in the 1970s as a lock for my first bike. This was in a Canadian town where we didn't lock our front doors.
Le Bart
Le Bart 5 napja
Using that cable lock here in the Netherlands is like using dental floss to secure your bike
Cassidy Dankochik
And the usual benefits of being tough to cut through for those kinds of bike theives is non-existent.
Lol i bet the original key don't turn as easily
sambit dash
sambit dash 6 napja
I never imagined that watching LPL picking locks could be so addictive
Ryan Shannon
Ryan Shannon 6 napja
I didn't know you could sell a police car boot as a bicycle lock.
Alien Platypus
I'm pretty sure I've seen men at the gym who could "pick" that lock with their bare hands. Hell I think I've seen women who could come to think of it.
Kim Krimson
Kim Krimson 6 napja
Sometimes I forget how rare bike thieves were back in the day...
synchemist 6 napja
The thing is you didn't need to lock your bike back then.
web2yt 6 napja
You realise you sales of tools is pathetic in how it enables criminals right?
Sheldon 7 napja
I wish locks were still like this, it just meant there was less crime.
Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
I could drop a rock on that shackle and split it in half. Those cheap imports were probably tougher.
woswas denni
woswas denni 7 napja
i remeber when i was a little kid, i was able to open the car of my mother with a screwdriver. just insert into the lock and turn, worked like a key no damage
bbaaspencer1 7 napja
I had that one, haha!
Umar Abdullah
Umar Abdullah 7 napja
Slaymaker is a badass name
Drackar 7 napja
Oh man one of my clients has a lock like that hanging in a back shed. I always wondered what it was for.
50 Pence
50 Pence 7 napja
I used to have that lock
James P.
James P. 7 napja
It’s cool how there was a dude prolly like I’m sick and tired of my bike getting stolen in Boston so here’s what I welded out back and this big lock worlds great with it
quinton quill
quinton quill 8 napja
Go back and look at crime rates in 1960's . Most locks were put on things to keep a man honest. My grandmother use to only lock her screen door and go out for hour's and no one would break into her house . Yes there was a criminal element but they were not as brazen as they are today.
Helene Logan
Helene Logan 8 napja
I had that lock, LOL
I had one of those on my bike in the '60s. The bike was not worth stealing for anyone other than another kid and apparently none knew how to pick locks because they never did.
Alternate method: Side cutters
The Matrixian
The Matrixian 9 napja
If I used that lock on my bike and you had opened the lock with that pick, that quickly, I'd just believe that it was your bike and you had the key so you can keep it :🤣
Bobogoobo 10 napja
Thanks for not saying Lancaster XD
Prairie Sunflower
My mom had exactly this lock when I was a kid.
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
mjgamer13 11 napja
What we really want to know is where the fuck do you store and organize over 1200 locks and why does Ms. LockPickingLawyer let you hoard so damn many of these things?
petethebeat48 12 napja
I had a lock like that when my bike was stolen in 1990. I came back to the railings I'd locked it to and the bike wasn't there. It always shocked me that the lock wasn't there either. I'd assumed it'd been cut with something. Now I realise they just unlocked it and took it with them.......
pschroeter1 12 napja
I remember when Kyptonite bike locks came out. They were expensive. They were worth every penny. I think I added a cable I could run through my front wheel so thieves couldn't still just the front wheel.
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
cjr1881 13 napja
Wasn't as many dirtbags back then.
Nezumi 15 napja
That... has a cable that snaps if you gives it a particularlies harsh look. A cable that a mouse can chew throughs in less thans a minute. A cable you can cut through wifs children's safety scissors. >@.@< It feels likes a core you can pick literallies by jus' insertings a pick into it might be the *lesser* problem heres. >@.@
Yrj art
Yrj art 16 napja
I wanna see a video where picking was actual fluke and he can't get it 2nds time
Craig Cook
Craig Cook 17 napja
I was really hoping to see an example of a modern bike lock, and how difficult it is to pick.
David Garee
David Garee 19 napja
Are gun locks harder than bike locks? I’d like to see you pick some gun locks. Just to see if they can be done. If need be I’ll send you a couple.
VonEror 20 napja
Could have been best lock in the world, with that thin cable it wouldn't matter much.
Antonh115 20 napja
”BL lock” Hmmmmm
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 20 napja
I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation they your Blood. I love you JESUS. Romans ct...❤️k JESUSisLord!Amen...
ColdWarCanada 21 napja
Can you please do a video on your lock collection
ytmndan 21 napja
hol up. you can't just show a sick old timey lock that uses paper as security and not explain it. I haven't been blue-balled this hard since I dated a Mormon.
Vyt Bbb
Vyt Bbb 21 napja
Sooo, you are selling stuff, that makes thieves do they "work" more easily... You should not brag about it...
Anthony Daniels
Anthony Daniels 22 napja
What if it was a fluke the second time? What then?
LuciLuci 22 napja
You can steal my child but youre not getting away with my $150 stroller
spliffsperlunk 22 napja
locks have come a long way because Criminals have come a long way. Back when I was a kid we didnt use or need bike locks when leaving them outside a store or movie theater even on Hutch pro stars or Redline racing bikes.
Sündenjager 22 napja
This guy has the skeleton key. Why did you sell your soul to nocturnal sir?
Sean McCoy
Sean McCoy 23 napja
Ah yes my favorite place. Loston, Massachusetts
Laura Shanley
Laura Shanley 23 napja
No you have a nice day and thank you
Five0Four _
Five0Four _ 23 napja
The bureau of internal revenue: Wait.... how did you get that.
Sean Perry
Sean Perry 23 napja
Did you ever see the one that took a clear card that you shove in a slot and slide a little to unlock? (1990's) Google fails me when I search it. It's what the cool kids had. Card cuts didn't vary much though, mine worked on another kids.
check out my soundcloud
Hey im not a lock professional but if it's warded you should really buy a sweeper's lens
Cryptonymicus 23 napja
Watching this channel I get the feeling that the vast majority of locks aren't worth the time it takes to order them off Amazon lol.
Musso Games
Musso Games 24 napja
So you haven’t done the Stuff Made Here lock yet, why? Scared, brah?
Hypurr FPV
Hypurr FPV 24 napja
I can't pick locks but those I used to open with a paperclip.
Mark Underscore
Mark Underscore 24 napja
rofl... just from seeing the thumbnail and thinking this was some new "excellent" lock that is compact, I opened an amazon tab ready to search where to buy one until I realized where this was going.
World of AMEISO
World of AMEISO 24 napja
I remember having a lock like this. Easy to open with a pair of wire cutters.
CaliMeatWagon 24 napja
The Bike Lock Professor would of loved to have that U-Lock...
Eric Shields
Eric Shields 24 napja
Believe it or not we didn't have to lock our bikes in the 60's, or our cars, or front doors. Now if not bolted down or locked up like Fort Knox it's likely going to be stolen......Sad.
pcosta816 24 napja
This isn’t a pick so much as him having a second key.
escapenguin 24 napja
More like the Heart of Crystal Meth Country. My how times have changed.
Inkognito 24 napja
Really looking forward to your april fools video this year 🌝
Not Applicable
Not Applicable 25 napja
The lock is a product of the times. Now we need better locks.
ThePirateBay LoL
I once had a houselock like this, now we have a new lock (it was in the 2000s)
seoceancrosser 25 napja
I like the picture of the stroller locked to the fence. 😂😂😂
David Massa
David Massa 25 napja
This would probably be okay as a gun action lock to deter children or other unexpected people from discharging your firearm.