[1259] Squire “KeyKeep 1” Lockbox Decoded & Opened 

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[1171] Better Than Most, But Still Problematic: Squire Stronghold Keysafe hurun.info/to/vide/YX2czq2ksZmy3rc.html









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Hey lpl squire answered you back!! Heart their comment!! We need more companies like them
Is there a keybox out there that's ANY GOOD at all?
H B 4 napja
Squire another company scamming people like 👍🏽 us . I have couple of locks 🔐 I’m going to bin 🗑 them straight away for their zero security 😂 Awesome content for exposing so called great for security
M .Hoff
M .Hoff 10 napja
Are there any key lock boxes that you would recommend? I have beennusing a regular masterlock that goes over the door handle that has a 4 code combo. Today I had to break into mine and it didn't take long with just a Leatherman. Made feel a little uneasy how easy it was to get into it.
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
killgorees 12 napja
I find it hilarious that there's more Brits flipping their shite about the pronunciation of Norwich rather than this pitiful excuse for a lock lol.
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Sovran Soviet
Sovran Soviet 14 napja
The pronunciation of Norwich physically hurt
YorkshireMidge 15 napja
As always, a fascinating and rather disturbing video. As the Squire Stonghold is only a bit better than most, is there anything out there that is half decent? I see a product in the UK called a Supra C500 and P500 which are reckoned to be "Police approved" and the only ones that are apparently. They look very solid indeed but they still appear from other HUrun videos to be susceptible to the buttons being decoded. Wondered if you'd had a go at one? Thanks!
Benabus The Third
Oh god these are used everywhere in the UK...
Alex Seguin
Alex Seguin 24 napja
Hey, that's a nice reputation you've got there Squire. Would be a shame if something were to happen to it.
Death Via Dab
Death Via Dab 25 napja
Savoytube 25 napja
Very quick 😈
Chris 25 napja
I been subscribed for over a year now and now noticing your videos are shorter than 10 minutes. That being said, you’re not making a cent if I’m correct. You make great content and I would love to see you get something out of it.
Joe Turner
Joe Turner 25 napja
NOR-WITCH lmaooooo
Skyven Razgriz
Skyven Razgriz 26 napja
Basicly: "hey squire, stop making garbge or i will stop using prober tools and you get the paper clip treatment..."
Charlie Dobbie
Charlie Dobbie 26 napja
Surely just using concave wheels and having tabs preventing a thin strip being directly inserted would make this a lot better? Seems a very minor design change that would help a lot.
Justin Lumpkin
Justin Lumpkin 26 napja
0:58 to 2:16 could totally have been reused audio from like 50 other LPL vids
musictube250 26 napja
Norr-which? You pronounce that so funny. The ‘w’ is silent, so ‘No’..’as in none) plus ‘r’ and then ..’itch’ (don’t scratch it). - Norwich. Though I tried reading that sentence aloud and it only seems to work with a native English accent.
RWBHere 27 napja
Norwich is pronounced like 'Norritch'. The 'w' is silent.
Bored_ Person
Bored_ Person 27 napja
rbondy008 27 napja
Weird how the one end of the Squire logo resembles the decoder.
GigglySam Entz
GigglySam Entz 27 napja
Yayyy Norwich, UK \o/
Innovative Solutions
Squire is in the comments here
Watson's World Of Wonders
Its funny as my Reliant Robin has car door locks made by Squire and surprisingly my ones are difficult to pick but comparable era Squires could be opened with a spam key or broken off bit of windscreen wiper. I had the local lock chappy overhaul the locks (J Reynolds of Gillingham did a smashing job) and even done me a set of new not worn keys, sadly the boot is a Rover Metro key and the ignition the easily broken off Lucas ignition set but at least I know spam key or wiper bit toting ne'er do wells won't be making off with me Reliant :D In the eighties, it was common for people having missed the last train would find an old Mini or Ford Escort, nip off the windscreen wiper for the necessary bit and jiggle their way to a free ride home leaving the ahem "joyridden" vehicle in an easy to find place once wiping off any fingerprints.
Nigel smith
Nigel smith 27 napja
Curious question is this the same with suite case combination locks
James Rochon
James Rochon 27 napja
Could have been a fluke!
Roy Sammons
Roy Sammons 27 napja
That was QUICK!
scabthecat 27 napja
No Ridge
Isaac Lux
Isaac Lux 27 napja
HUrun notified me of this two days after its posted
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown 28 napja
That looks like the exact same product that's marketed under Master Lock's brand (only with a grey door instead of all black). This promo vid states it perfectly, "Store your keys where they're easy to find, and easy to gain access to..." LOL hurun.info/to/vide/h7FkxJ6kjpPCtbs.html
Kaiser soze
Kaiser soze 28 napja
What you do is sorcery
Kevin Martincek
Kevin Martincek 28 napja
Nothing quite like some LPL to go with my coffee in the morning.
Cambium Climber
Cambium Climber 28 napja
I have a master lock lockbox just like that. The only difference is it’s light grey and has a hoop on the to attach it to door handles
George Aliagas
George Aliagas 28 napja
The shorter the video the crappier the lock
stevenewtube 28 napja
For some reason I can’t stop laughing 😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂
Glenn Ladkin
Glenn Ladkin 28 napja
Take that Bosnian Bob we didn’t need ya that time ::-). Mind I do think of the number of elderly and disabled who have these installed by social services for careers who may now get an uninvited visit ?
L 28 napja
Me waiting for episode 42069
George Allan
George Allan 28 napja
I can't really fault him for pronouncing Norwich "Nor-Which"
Jaap Aap
Jaap Aap 28 napja
It's the KeyLoss 1 (tm)!
Buster 28 napja
China, ruining the reputations of all and any company that embraces them. Maliciously?
Tim Hitchins
Tim Hitchins 28 napja
Just a note: typically in the U.K. “Norwich” is pronounced as “No-rich” (with a short ‘o’) rather than “Nor-witch”, IPA: /ˈnɒrɪdʒ, -ɪtʃ/
MrHandss 28 napja
knew it was crap the second you said it was chinese. honestly because of that fact, for all we know this is literally just a low quality bootleg copy of the real squire products made by a completely different company. that's kinda what the chinese do with literally any kind of product.
WoofBarksMC 28 napja
Just for the other Brits that winced, it's pronounced Nore-itch not Norwich
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero 28 napja
TehAwesomer 28 napja
It's pretty remarkable that I can now see the design of a lock and predict which attack LPL is going to use against it.
Lovuschka 29 napja
test user
test user 29 napja
You just HAVE to show off that covert companion, huh! FINE I'll buy one JEEZ
Captian Morgan
Captian Morgan 29 napja
But, it has a "10 year personal guarantee".
Miles Thomas
Miles Thomas 29 napja
He has just "Diss"ed a lock sent from Norwich in March. (East Anglia location name joke..was trying to see if I could get any others into that but struggled..feels like InGatestone would work in some relevant sentence but I couldn't crowbar that one in.)
David Zuckerman
David Zuckerman 29 napja
I have a friend who recently started working as a realtor, and I'd like to be able to share with her a playlist of your videos on key lock boxes, but you don't seem to have such a playlist.
Lia Pizola
Lia Pizola 29 napja
Good video..... Do you give discounts on your locksmith tool's? My cousin is a licensed locksmith. Just curious... He gets his tool from a major supplier at this time.
The Bird
The Bird 29 napja
Damn, when will LPL run out of locks?!
Olivia Lambert
Olivia Lambert 29 napja
Its absurd how many businesses are willing to sell out their reputations. I've seen it in almost every industry I can think of. A well earnt reputation decades to centuries in the making destroyed by selling the rights to their name on total trash. Often there is a temporary bump in share price before it collapses, and often this ties in with a group of key execs retiring and selling their interest in the company. Of course regularly this is not the case, and for whatever reason a good company with a future decides to suicide its reputation with seemingly little logic behind it. If Squire intends to keep their reputation, they would do well to sell such trash under a different brand name (or preferably not sell it at all).
Juuk 29 napja
I opened it by just putting it up to my ear and listening for clicks and feel as well, they tend to be a little lose when it hits the right number as well
You can Do
You can Do 29 napja
NOR WITCH 😂 LPL, it's pronounced Nor-itch
Juntasification 29 napja
Jeesh! How difficult it is to make that bar run inside a tube or something. It seems like all these type of locks are susceptible to the same attack that would be easily prevented.
C 29 napja
Norwich is pronounced like noh-rich
Abir Mahmud Dipto
Go-to channel for thieves.
Leon Hilder
Leon Hilder 29 napja
Woah! Noriwch is my local :o how many more Norwich ppl watching LPL?
soggy_Pringle_K.G. B
Norwich is not pronounced like that it's pronounced like norich silent w
Miss Lana
Miss Lana 29 napja
Any news on the Stuff Made Here collab with the "unpickable" lock?
Alberto L
Alberto L 29 napja
Do you not think you may be helping criminals or those who’ve not had any criminal intent to commit crime more effectively? I’m wondering if my house was to be burgled and it was subsequently found that the burglar had learned his trade through your channel, how you would feel to have joint or partial culpability?
Princess Cimorene
Wait, I thought Squire was a great company? Usually their locks are some of the best, why would they remake a cheap Chinese model?
Kevin Wiskus
Kevin Wiskus 29 napja
**scrambles lock** LPL "Now I have a lock that I do not know the combination" Me: "yeah, like that's going to make a difference"
shane sokolowski
Still waiting for the STUFF lock
xybp942 29 napja
Oh squire... what have you become
fly fin
fly fin 29 napja
do not ingest lock bodies
jamesahibbard 29 napja
We've finally found something he can't do! Pronounce "Norwich"
linkinmore 29 napja
I'm wondering if someone invited him to do some job hahaha
Gary Hart
Gary Hart 29 napja
Nor-Witch ?
eksentrysyti 29 napja
At this point, I'm interested to see a lockbox with a tumbler like this that ISN'T susceptible to the decoder attack.
eksentrysyti 29 napja
"Lockmaker since 1780" has about as much credibility as "MasterLock since 1921" Basically it just means that you've spent literally hundreds of years failing comically and therefore should have been out of business by now.
Junqin Cai
Junqin Cai 29 napja
Robber: Give me the combinations to your safe!! LPL: I don't know. Robber: You must be shittin me, how would you open your safe then?! LPL: I pick them, scrambled the combinations, so that I can pick them again everytime I need to open the safe. Robber: dafaq…
Erik Pelyukhno
Erik Pelyukhno 29 napja
LPL has the energy of “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” at the end :)
Stephen Grant
Stephen Grant 29 napja
Norwich is pronounced NOR-itch.
Kevin Luo
Kevin Luo 29 napja
Kobrag90 29 napja
It's pronounced Noh-itch, though I don't blame you, we all learn the names by word of mouth.
PR NOTHALL 29 napja
It's not Nor-witch... it's pronounced 'Norrich', the w is silent.
jerry vella
jerry vella 29 napja
Do the stuff lock from stuff made here
Steven Senlacere
this is the lockpickinglawyer you suddenly feel the lock tremble and open up. does ANYONE do key safes correctly?
Lazy Stinky Dog
Lazy Stinky Dog 29 napja
I'm starting to think we'll never get the smarter everyday lock
lr 21
lr 21 29 napja
Bwahahaha 😆
hazman sez
hazman sez 29 napja
Nooorwich england
James LaFayette
James LaFayette 29 napja
Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive
D E 29 napja
Me: Jumps over to LPL's website to see if the Covert Companion is in stock. Also Me: Starts rattling off the names of the various tools in the kit out loud, not even realizing I'd memorized LPL's descriptions and use cases for each of the tools over the years...
Clive Flint
Clive Flint 29 napja
AH, the joys of the UK - Norwich has a silent ‘W’. :)
Random Boi builds
have you picked the "unpickable lock" from stuff made here. well have a video about it?
curt martin
curt martin 29 napja
Nore-witch 😂
J PF 29 napja
Norr ridge is how it’s pronounced
Christopher Mendla
The Lock Picking Lawyer's dilemma: Do I decode the lock box and use the keys ---or--- Do I just pick the door lock?
Kyle Kinkade
Kyle Kinkade 29 napja
LPL can record 2 hours of videos, set a timer to upload 1 each day and all he has to do is kick back and collect yt dollars for 2 months.
Tommy D
Tommy D 29 napja
Locks should just come with a LPL rating on them now coz I don’t trust anything anymore 😂
ILL FFA 29 napja
this guy is so consistent
KarAt Feng
KarAt Feng 29 napja
Hey guys Spirit of the PickingLawyer here
Strong Wang
Strong Wang 29 napja
You: I sell this on covertinstruments.com Thieves: *Time to dig in...*
RobAlpacaflip 29 napja
yessss the gooood scramble
Philip Nunn
Philip Nunn 29 napja
0:09 nor-itch
Robert Yeahright
LPL is there anything that can be done for those locks on a utility bed ? I got my tools stolen and the thief used a pair of scissors from the Dollar store to unlock each lock on each door. There has to be thousands of construction workers that get their tools stolen from those cheap utility door locks every year.
David H.
David H. 29 napja
Sadly, after watching a few dozen of these videos, they are becoming disappointingly predictable. I knew exactly what was going to happen, in perfect order, the second I saw the lock in the thumbnail.