[1260] Answering A Question No One Asked: SeaToSummit TSA Lock 

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Jens-Kristian Toft Hansen
Lock picked 3 times, in two different ways in.... 30 seconds.
inkublu Napja
As a non-American, TSA locks are baffling to me lmao
Absynth Minded
TSA is a Joke under the Heading of Copium. Anything in relation to TSA is also a complete Joke.
Asi&Squeezy Love Diary
You are doing amazing things.. I wish you get locks on your brand that you can't open of have to need tools Noone got to open it.. I want security.. You open all this in 2 to 5min. I'm so exited if you can create good lock for door and safe and bike
Peter Benton
Peter Benton 3 napja
Since TSA locks basically be useless I just put zip tie on that way I know if anybody goes in my bag where they can just put back on a lock they can’t put back on a zip tie
Alcerus 6 napja
This man just picked a lock with two tension wrenches
Mousey boi N
Mousey boi N 6 napja
wait he said the funny dk rap lyric
ShadowDrakken 7 napja
Card locks are so worthless. I used to pick them with just an unpunched card (eg. the credit/debit card in your wallet right now). Insert card, jiggle, and it pops right open.
thomasfplm 8 napja
I generally prefer to use numbered zipties on my luggage. I know that locks aren't really going to protect anything. At least the ziptie lets me know that someone opened it.
Crispr Talk
Crispr Talk 8 napja
Unnecessary complexity is what govt does best!
Durzio 9 napja
"something that even masterlock figured out" 🤣🤣🤣
Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan 9 napja
My dad had thousands of dollars worth of tools stolen by the baggage handlers at msp Airport... dont trust your luggage with those fools.
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Jason Kaler
Jason Kaler 12 napja
It takes longer to say "Lets do that one more time" than actually doing it one more time
Tas Camping & Hiking Adventures
Ok I'm new sub from Aus Now is there any lock you haven't cracked or is any lock even safe now lol
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Beany Beans
Beany Beans 16 napja
I’d probably use it to childproof cabinets- but not for more than a couple years since children like scissors
JayTea 17 napja
I honestly use a luggage lock as a small level of security and to just keep the zippers from randomly opening in checked baggage. I travel a lot and have also had random people open my luggage to see if its theirs because they think they have the same bag but pay little attention to the stickers or tags I put on it. If you are really going to open someone's bags to steal something I doubt the lock protecting it is going to be the hardest part of getting into the bag.
dexobj 19 napja
Even when he compliments Master Lock it sounds like a roast 😂
Tripnotyst 19 napja
you may as well use a paperclip as a lock
FLo 19 napja
Can it be open with a normal card ?
Blactivision 19 napja
Aotearas 20 napja
I feel like for my planned US visit I'll have a go and buy myself a tank of a suitcase with solid lock. If those TSA actors want to take a look at my luggage, fine. But only in my presence after I opened it for them. Bloody security theatre and their facilitation of weak actual security ...
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 20 napja
I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation they your Blood. I love you JESUS. Romans ct...❤️k JESUSisLord!Amen...
Stonetic 20 napja
Just once I'd like it to be a fluke.
shockingguy - Join Me on My Journey
I have never used the TSA locks but I always tie all my zippers together with weird colored zip ties then I absolutely know if somebody’s been inside and it keeps the zippers from Opening
theendofit 21 napja
It says light not small. Lol. While id never get one i think the idea is for people that dont want to add more keys on thier person but does not mind cards
Abhi Bhure
Abhi Bhure 21 napja
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I have a pocket monkey tool and one time i had use it to open my tsa lock. It was as easy as sticking the lock/letter opener end into the master key slot and twisting. I had to do this bc it was a combination lock, and the code was supposed to be 000, but with the date of purchase being 4/20, some jockhead store employee changed it without anyone knowing. Of course i still wanted to use the combination part of it, so i had to decode it. Funny part is the lock brand was munkees 🤣🤣🤣
GeneralReticent 22 napja
If it were a Fluke it would cost at least $500 and be yellow. LPL shows yet again why TSA locks are a waste of money since the master key is cheaper than the lock.
twocsies 22 napja
Light is a measure of weight, not size. It would be more fair to compare the weight of the key to the weight of the card.
Marc-André Servant
Yeah, if you want to travel securely use a hard plastic case and lock it with an Abloy. If you're wondering how to not have it cut open, the trick is to throw an AR lower in it. Now it's a firearms case and it gets inspected in front of you and re-locked under your supervision.
Matthew Gailey
Matthew Gailey 22 napja
I like that idea, just wish it was priced appropriately to it's security level
mark ket
mark ket 23 napja
Locks keep honest people honest, if someone wants to defeat your lock they will.
Mens rea
Mens rea 23 napja
I'm really curious how the card lock works mechanically. I'm 50-50 on "lifting some pins but not others" vs "pure theater, you can open it with any card"
asylus runaway
asylus runaway 23 napja
I must be some real level of stupid cause I asked myself "how the hell do you pick a card based lock like this?" And LPL just tore into it no hesitation. God I'm dumb
Mani Kandan
Mani Kandan 23 napja
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Raka Bumi
Raka Bumi 24 napja
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TesserId 24 napja
Novelty item for sure. It's clearly meant to look nifty at those airport stores among the other luggage accessories hanging on pegs. As marketing practices get more sophisticated, like having cameras that count the number of people going in and out of those stores (yeah, they do that--this is direct inside information), the rubes are becoming more-and-more programmed not to question their masters. The phrase "one born every minute" should be changed to "hordes trained on a continuous basis", but that doesn't quite have the same ring to it.
DAGATHire 24 napja
the fact tsa locks or even the idea of their existence even exist is frankly fucking ridiculous. Oh wait... i forgot TSA locks are suppose to deter/stop terrorists... yep yep i got it now. Totally makes sense. these things are saving lives everywhere. For sure. 10000% absolutely
CKOD 24 napja
How to secure your luggage for domestic flights 101: 1)get a hard sided case 2) get a gun 3)put said gun in hard sided case. 4)declare it on check in, and enjoy being able to use a real lock. 'Merica.
Michael O
Michael O 24 napja
LPL: "Something even Master Lock figured out" Master Lock : "We'll take it!"
Michael O
Michael O 24 napja
I reckon that thing could be opened with a Bobby Pin (I think you guys possibly might call them Hair Clips over there?)
Masketta Man
Masketta Man 24 napja
I look at TSA locks the same way I look at a going camping with a fat friend. I don't need to outrun the bear, I just need to outrun my friend. In the same vein, a thief MIGHT go for the totally unsecured bag next to mine if mine has a TSA lock (or an elastic band...) securing it.
Veena Srinivas
Veena Srinivas 25 napja
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Ronin03 25 napja
Security feature: Picker will laugh before picking, don't miss your chance.
Neph Does Stuff
Neph Does Stuff 25 napja
Good vid. Wish I knew more about how that card operates the mechanism. Seems pretty self explanatory but kinda interesting
jjohnn91 25 napja
I don't remember asking
ptschafer 25 napja
Might as well buy a "Moon rock" instead
spikeflach 25 napja
The people most likely to steal your luggage is the TSA, so a TSA lock is just plain stupid.
Jonathan T
Jonathan T 25 napja
Nothing like watching Leroy the savage destroy competition and then see a lock picking lawyer and project farm video suggested afterwards
KorilD 25 napja
I swear, I'm may as well stick with a cheap combination lock - at least then there's a chance the thief will cut their own hands on a badly made shim.
Jobbe Wijnen
Jobbe Wijnen 25 napja
This video misses the point that most bags and suitcases are easy to open completely ignoring the lock. This is probably why suitcaselockmaker limit the effort, as these locks only scare off the pickpocket thiefs which try when you are NEXT TO your bag in person.
Klingon00 25 napja
TSA locks are THE prime example of why the government should never be allowed to have an encryption master key for online security.
m c
m c 25 napja
You should do a recommendation video or a video of good locks
Nathan Robert
Nathan Robert 25 napja
When I think of any lock that you pick on this channel; I imagine that buyer's are paying more into security theater than true security. Pair that with TSA, and 🤌🏼
chaosBerg 25 napja
Thieves Standing Around strike again
j Harry
j Harry 25 napja
I pretty sure i don't need a tool to unlock that kind of thing. 💪💪💪
Aaron Schuster
Aaron Schuster 26 napja
Whenever I travel I just use a zip tie. Cheaper and potentially more secure since cutting is the only option to open.
Michael Coll
Michael Coll 26 napja
The only point to TSA locks is to have reusable zip ties. This lock is an exercise in scamming the retarded
rasheed211287 26 napja
These videos are strangely ASMR-y. Very relaxing presentation 😴
OahuOwnage 26 napja
Had some Samsonite branded ones from around 7 years ago that used the same card keys. Never used the things, especially while traveling (which were their intended purposes), as I found myself very uneasy having to take out my wallet to retrieve the card key
Layput 26 napja
When someone steals your luggage, you definitely are going to travel light.
TechTroppy 26 napja
Didn't he already made a video on this?
Juidodin 26 napja
only in murica you have to provide the government with a backdoor to all your private stuff, well and in china, north korea, well basically every dictatorship now that I think about it
Machineius 26 napja
Oh the irony of a TSAlock. When the TSA is the one who is most likely to steal your stuff.....and they have a master key..stupid.
dragade101 26 napja
*grabs ballpoint pen, then bypassing the lock entirely*
Dallas Grant
Dallas Grant 26 napja
As an Australian I never understood why TSA even exist, the only thing they seem to achieve is making travel complicated and making your luggage easily steal-able because they insist on stupid "security" measures, if anyone can actually explain why they exist i'd be happy to listen though they just seem like an unnecessary step in travel.
Peter 26 napja
there is no point in lucking a Luggage with a zipper and even if you do, there is no point in using a TSA lock. They will just use a ball point pen to open the zipper with out undoing the lock, steal you Ipad and close it by running the zippers that are lock together back and forth forcing the zipper close like nothing happened.
Todd Ellner
Todd Ellner 26 napja
Put a starter pistol in your luggage. Tell the people at the counter there's a firearm in your checked baggage. Get it hand inspected. Secure with a real lock.
David Jeffers
David Jeffers 26 napja
Honestly, I can see why this product exists. I'd rather have a card in my wallet than a key to keep track of 🤷
Mark B
Mark B 26 napja
Thanks for sharing
Kenthis15 26 napja
“... a TSA lock is insecure.” Well you didn’t have to get personal LPL.
TheRedGamerFPV 26 napja
the only way to create a secure lock, is to make a new type of lock
Yufeng yan
Yufeng yan 26 napja
Tim 26 napja
I love my SeatoSummit backpacking air pad. I was not even aware they made locks, lol.
Steve Davis
Steve Davis 26 napja
I feel disappointed in that another youtuber questioned wether you can be trusted regarding a trailer hitch lock. Please explain ?
raterus 26 napja
This makes me feel so good about securing my luggage with a TSA approved lock. I feel real secure there knowing the keys are easily available online.
RWBHere 26 napja
TSA locks are not intended to be secure, but the added complexity of this one increases the insecurity. Looks as though someone in Marketing is just angling for a sales advantage. There's nothing intrinsically wrong with that, so long as the potential additional profit is not negated by manufacturing costs. I suspect that it's a close-run thing.
I know this is going to sound nuts, but it's about the WEIGHT of the lock, not the size. Ultralight hikers cut the tags off their clothes to save weight (no joke). They need a non combination lock for staying in hostels, so you can have someone grab the bag when you are in the shower without giving them the combination. I know, it's weird AF, but these are very specific thru hiker things. Sea to summit caters to the thru hiker community. (EDIT : not advocating for the lock, but hikers have crazy priorities. Some guys will cut their sleeping pad in half so it's under the torso only to save a few ounces. If the lock weighs less, hikers will prefer it no matter how bad it is)
nauticski 27 napja
Anyone else waiting for the traditional LPL April 1st post?
evil brat
evil brat 27 napja
TSA Approved? Where that China Lock - -Quick.
No1Agge 27 napja
You miss the point about that kind of lock. Most people understand that it is easily opened. I use a light cheap lock for the zipper on my bag with diving equipment while traveling and to put on my tent while on festivals and hiking. Because my insurance company want me to put it on. I know that if people want to steal from my bag they cut it open or smash the lock with something hard and heavy. And if they want to get in to my tent they pull a peg and get in... Or cut it open. But... Insurance.
CD3MC 27 napja
Its worth noting that seatosummit is an ultralight camping gear/travel gear company (plastic is lighter than metal, hence the card system). They don't specialize in locks, and this is kinda a one-off for them.
Ron Cooper
Ron Cooper 27 napja
I like watching your videos. I saw this lock on HUrun and the creator mentioned sending his lock to you. I was wondering if stuff made here sent it to you? The link even though I'm sure you are already aware of it. hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
SnapDragon 27 napja
I'm not saying that your boring but I fall a sleep when I watch your videos. Your voice is just so calming. You should make audiobooks
Luc B.
Luc B. 27 napja
This card is super easy to copy also. A plastic card and a punch or 2 and it is done. A simple picture of the card is enough to figure out the respective places and dimensions of the holes. (But yes, there are at least 3 quicker methods, as mentioned in this video) At least a metal key is "a bit more" difficult to reproduce.
Nick Brescia
Nick Brescia 27 napja
Seeing how you pick everything in seconds, what locks are good for a home? I feel like you’re a locks kryptonite
TremesCHIMP 27 napja
me: sleeping* (???): hey guys, this is the lockpicking lawier (???): hey, Vsauce, Michael here. today we see that this man's gome security is great. *_or is it?_* hears AK reloading* hears click on 2, 4 is binding* me: *_oh neptune_*
Stephen Kurtianyk
Do you think a normal credit/debit card will open this lock? or a store loyalty card?
Bloody Marvelous
In fairness, I think you're missing the point of this system. Keys can be misplaced, lost, or a pain to look for in pockets or handbags. A keycard can be put in your wallet with your ATM and credit cards. As for TSA locks, they're only for keeping opportunists from quickly opening a zipper to lift something out of your luggage. No luggage lock is gonna provide any real security. If you're not able snip the lock, you can snip the zipper tabs, or just jam something in the zipper to open it, or you could cut into the suitcase itself.
Huw Price
Huw Price 27 napja
Can you add the card to Apple Wallet? 😂
Flappy 27 napja
Traveling light as in the speed at which youre luggage will be stolen
Brent R
Brent R 27 napja
I use a cheap combo lock, then use unique colored zip ties as seals. The seal acts as a deterrant to pilfering.
Dimitri Isov
Dimitri Isov 27 napja
I haven't seen LPL, but I imagine he looks like the older version of Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption
Vito 27 napja
I have got a question. Is there any date you will recieve "stuff made here" lock? I saw your comment under his vid and didn't find any result of it.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 27 napja
You inspired me to pick a small padlock with fork lol. And it was quite tricky but it's 100% possible.
Vincent Beers
Vincent Beers 27 napja
TSA: Theater Security Assholes
Benjamin Hackett
The card concept is cool, and perhaps someone would prefer to stick the card in their wallet than a key on their keychain. ...But, the combination version is the simplest.
semaj ksuh
semaj ksuh 27 napja
yes the question no one asked and no one ever asks is ...HOW DO WO USE MORE PLASTIC..what a not funny joke .. i often wonder what percentage of the overall pollution and poisons we humans pour in and on mother earth are done so for useless crappy plasctic-centric items such as this lock and its packaging . . . needless waste of clean air and water