[1261] Hard Outside, Soft Inside - FAI by Viro Model 4026 

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Daniel Brugovský
I love how the word "padlock" translates to 2-3 seconds. One second, if it's Masterlock.
Joël 4 napja
disturbing that most of them are sold out on the webshop :D
Gacheru Mburu
Gacheru Mburu 5 napja
Dman 14
Dman 14 8 napja
Like yeah it got raked easily, but what is the bitting on that key?? You could stick a shim in this thing and rake it open.
Erik de Jong
Erik de Jong 10 napja
Hey guys, I just bought my first lock picking set and this is my first day, I don't have a feel yet and I need some advise on how to develop that. On top of that I tried to pick my own back door but the pick won't even go in the lock halfway, any advise?
Filip Poutintsev
What a shitty lock!
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Wahyudi Yudi
Wahyudi Yudi 14 napja
Anjing gara2 review Ini jadi maling Pinter bongkar nya
Whats good padlocks for chains and trailers ???
Dark Frost
Dark Frost 19 napja
That key looks like a rake.
Kernicterus 19 napja
Basically it's a massive piece of silver cheese then?
dexobj 19 napja
By the title I though this was gonna be one of those videos where he melts the core. Great one nonetheless
Mike Luckhardt
Mike Luckhardt 19 napja
Oh no! Not the wave rake!
Thomas 19 napja
Just look at the key, that's terrible bitting
Trelior 20 napja
Tension and a rake? C'mon...
P Killer
P Killer 21 napja
It did make me wonder... Please pre key proof of original key before picking....fr amateur
wolfpile1 22 napja
I like how the LPL uses his rake to relock it rather than the keys. lol
408mile408 22 napja
I’m jonesing for more videos where you gut locks.
Chris Olinger
Chris Olinger 23 napja
Looks like Viro gave up on this lock to the extent that they didn’t bother to finish spelling the name: FAI(L)
TheLazy0ne 23 napja
"praised by LPL" will become a lock feature for manufacturers advertising their good stuff.
Good lord, that key bitting actually looks like a rake
TheNasaDude 23 napja
At the end, thel lock says *E*
koshua 23 napja
When I need to choose a lock, I come to this channel's video index, and sort by length.
Alex Keister
Alex Keister 23 napja
"Let's try this again." 1:31 out of 1:59 Legit took 1.5 seconds
roguesquatcher 24 napja
Wow! That was quicker than a master lock
Charge Ride Repeat
Lets be real here, I could rake that all day with no success, the police would turn up to laugh at me doing it and offer suggestions.
Yunis Rajab
Yunis Rajab 24 napja
All these locks should just be made out of plastic and stop pretending they're secure
That paper bag
That paper bag 24 napja
Steve’s Howtoinfive
Omniscient Dan
Omniscient Dan 24 napja
I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed-LPL probably
Henry Hernandez
Henry Hernandez 24 napja
OMG, what a joke of a lock
Quiet Oratory Productions
1:23 Ha, fluke, very funny.
Sanjib Roy
Sanjib Roy 24 napja
Is there any lock can not be picked
P H 24 napja
Wish the covert tool had a way to store a tension wrench 🤔
Silender 24 napja
That is soo good .... but sooo bad !!
בשר העניין
dad is dissappppooointed
Spherify 24 napja
you know it's bad when the key is in shape of a rake.
Tom austin
Tom austin 24 napja
That's embarrassing.
Дмитрий Хабаров
why do i even carry keys?..
Yarin Suissa
Yarin Suissa 25 napja
Would love to see you show ONE LOCK that ticks all the right boxes, is there such a thing?
Luceph Angelo
Luceph Angelo 25 napja
The keys pretty much look just like little rakes. I wonder if you could just turn the rake and open it lol
arnersae 25 napja
It's not a fluke. It's never a fluke.
Canadian Survivor
What website would you recommend for buying lock pick equipment
Chris S
Chris S 25 napja
I have this lock (came with my 63 rockwell hardness chain), everything is 100% the same expect its not branded. This lock is so bad I can take the back side of my pick (flat surface) and 'rake' it open. Ended up replacing with with the mul-t-lock SBNE12.
Ben Falsetto
Ben Falsetto 25 napja
1:46 E
Gino Bragoli
Gino Bragoli 25 napja
Wow, I think the lock opened itself out of fear before you even inserted your rake. Pretty secure looking but anything but. 🔐😱
Remy Note
Remy Note 25 napja
When there's a very heavy lock, but the video is under 2 minutes...
rrpalk 25 napja
I’ve been watching a ton of your videos having only found your channel recently... must admit you seem as talented as some locks are crap. Love the education, and completely blitzed the other day I went on a tirade about how bad the average gun lock is, based on your videos. So, three sheets to the wind I was challenged to prove my claim. Having never picked a lock in my life (and with no shotgun involved) I successfully picked a mossberg chamber lock with only two paper clips (in my mind I was emulating your wave rake technique). Took me a few minutes, but considering my condition and complete lack of skill, I’m absolutely shocked how bad they really are. You definitely make it look easy, but I never actually believed when you say it takes little to no skill until I tried.
Brute4rce 25 napja
picked open in vitro or Viro
MEMATRON 25 napja
Don't worry Viro, LPL knows that you can do better. The same can't be said for Master Lock.
FJ80Coop 25 napja
Everything on Covert is sold out and has been the past several months that I've been going there...
Jacob Paint
Jacob Paint 25 napja
I find it hard to gauge where these locks should fit on the spectrum of price/quality. Obviously a cheaper lock won't be good but is it as good as it should be for the price. There may also be some logic to making some locks that prioritise other features over their pick resistance (not sure what that logic is but it seems possible).
Jacob Paint
Jacob Paint 25 napja
Has LPL designed any locks or have plans to? He features so many bad locks on his channel that working with a company to design a better lock seems like a no brainer for lock companies... Although LPL would be putting his reputation on the line if he couldn't help to design a really impressive lock or the company refused to implement all of his design features.
TheDudeGuy 25 napja
Every time I hear him say "LockPicking Lawyer", my house unlocks.
Jeremy Pajot
Jeremy Pajot 25 napja
Yo where is stuff made here's lock?
MrPMRing 25 napja
Is it me, or did the keyway actually look like a masterlock profile?
Diamond Gamer
Diamond Gamer 25 napja
did u get the lock from stuff made here channel ? I'm curious if u can pick his unpickable lock
josin boop
josin boop 25 napja
Question: what do you do with all these locks
Llama Monster
Llama Monster 25 napja
Anyone else excited for his April fools video? You know it's coming...
Fabio Munhoz
Fabio Munhoz 25 napja
After a few months watching LPL you end up learning some facts: 1- Always try to rake 2- It's never a fluke
Smarty Charles
Smarty Charles 25 napja
So, after watching your videos, I have a video to send you, @lockpickinglawyer
David T
David T 25 napja
*looks at the key* When the key looks like a rake you know it's gonna be raked.
astrangemann 25 napja
By "soft inside", I assumed there was a plastic core. But I got something better than that, a rake-able core.
Kevin at KAB
Kevin at KAB 25 napja
Can you comment on where you get that c clip removal tool? I have seen you use it in other videos, and could really use it in my business here. some turntables we work on have a similar type clip. thanks for any help.
David Birch
David Birch 25 napja
when he puts the lock down at 1:37 and says "A bit disappointing" I can only think to myself "I rate it an E"
Jake Buttrick
Jake Buttrick 25 napja
I feel robbed by this one, is there no real lock to challenge LPL?!? 😎🤤
Smarty Charles
Smarty Charles 25 napja
So, I recently bought a brand-new £1000 bicycle (then I bought a £12 lock (temporarily), but on the packaging it said unbreakable untouchable and secure by 10/10 So, I messaged you on Facebook with the pictures of the lot, but I managed to pick that lock with a pair of scissors, so I was just wondering if you could have a look at the Facebook messenger and see what you think?
mitchese1 25 napja
FAIL by Vero? Or FAI?
Steve Kaz
Steve Kaz 25 napja
Have you checked out "Stopbox" handgun safe? Marketed as the best handgun safe, because they all are, but it does look interesting
T Arseneau
T Arseneau 25 napja
Wondering what lock do you recommend?
Colbey Hair
Colbey Hair 25 napja
Oh good, I was worried it might be a fluke
Arlene S.
Arlene S. 25 napja
Thanks 🖐🏻 I'll let Guido 👺 know so the mob 🔫🇮🇪can get their stuff out of storage before the 👉🏻🤡🤡🤡FBI 🇨🇳👈🏻 raid👎🏻
Kyles 25 napja
Yay for Italy!
bonebloke 25 napja
Locking Picking Lawyer at the The White House like “well that was disappointing”
Monk Mayfair
Monk Mayfair 25 napja
You know it's bad when lpl doesn't even have to use picks, just a rake.
godnessy 25 napja
How do you say Destroyed in Italian?
Forensource 25 napja
Poor Viro is like a boy about to be spanked when his father tells him what a disappointment he has been. It would be amusing to find something locked up with this and pick it open and then rel9ock it obviously in a different way.
25 napja
Hey LPL, can you try to open the Reach 2 handgun lock by Vara Safety?
Richard Bridge
Richard Bridge 25 napja
ive been picking locks for years, but today was the first time it came in handy, my cuz locked his keys in a garage with a padlock, took about 3 mins to pick it, its so different doing it for a reason than just playing around, thank you for getting me into lockpicking its finally been useful lol
Max Power
Max Power 25 napja
You're a wizard. I just know it.
alsmith20000 25 napja
My keys don't open my front door that easily.
藍染 惣右介Aizen Sousuke
LPL sounds like Asian parents disappointed with their viro Asian Child. 😅
Andy Owens
Andy Owens 26 napja
But how many potential motorcycle thieves would see Viro and walk on to the next bike. They might just get away with ONE weak link in the range.
Frank Biz
Frank Biz 26 napja
The key bitting actually looks like a rake. Lol
Clonedcheese 26 napja
I’m an experienced picker Of my nose
coladict 26 napja
That rake is the shape of the key bitting!
JarHead 26 napja
When doing things like this and raking open the core do you need the turning tool? I remember one video where you did not use it, what features warrant using a turning tool over being able to go without? Could you have opened this lock without a turning tool?
Beacon Blaster
Beacon Blaster 26 napja
when is smh's
Clint Coats
Clint Coats 26 napja
Have you ever thought of starting a network of practice locks for locksport? Essentially a group of like minded individuals sharing a bunch of locks to pick. I would be willing to help set something up if there is interest. Website, database, etc... new to sport, just a idea.
Abdel Aziz Menouar
wow literally me
L Gabriel
L Gabriel 26 napja
you should make a live video, chat with us :D
BlackBuzzzard 26 napja
I have a brand X shutter lock with identical appearances and construction. I was SHOCKED how easily it was raked open!
BlackBuzzzard 26 napja
Try a Viro Euro Monolith- dimple core......you might not get it open.
joey merrett
joey merrett 26 napja
Your are a lock can you admit that lol “each to there own”
evi1wombat 26 napja
You knew this was gonna get raked open just from looking at the bitting on the key.
TesserId 26 napja
"Let's try that just one more time..." Haven't seen him fail on a second try yet.
John 26 napja
Nilog 26 napja
Hey LPL, so for my Understanding you use a picking tool which everybody can buy ? or what is this thing ? so its looke like that every lock makes no sense cause everybody can pick it in seconds... or is this just for pros like you ? pls help
ivymike83 26 napja
LPL, you’re gonna have to put a quick link on screen whilst you’re describing where we can buy these tools... it took you 3 seconds to mention where to get them, and only 2 seconds to rake the lock!
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