[1262] Using Thermite To MELT Open Bike Locks! 

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Adam Hoisington
Adam Hoisington 2 órája
Those things are sold as tactical items, just imagine trying to do something undetected then lighting one of those bad boys up
grmpfhmbl_yt 2 órája
I wonder how much damage a bike would take when "picking" the lock with that method :-)
Michael Hall
Michael Hall 3 órája
daniel chan
daniel chan 6 órája
as i say to every video my grinder would make short work of it but i love your vids
daniel chan
daniel chan 6 órája
u need the gloves for sure lol
AcidFlame 7 órája
I love how he does everything “one more time to make sure it was not a fluke”
Chris Fitch
Chris Fitch 15 órája
Me: That was just a fluke. LPL: Let’s do that again so you can see it wasn’t a fluke. Me: It worked twice in a ROW? The odds are astronomical
Toy Police Cars
Toy Police Cars 17 órája
You almost need a welders mask
Reptiloid MitGlied
Reptiloid MitGlied 18 órája
As a professionell idiot I would have cut through the pole to get a working lock ☝️
800kawasxr 18 órája
One thing I noticed you were standing with the wind coming in your direction if anyone use these pens to cut a lock make sure the wind is at your back so no sparks or molten metal will burn you 😎
Feral 411
Feral 411 22 órája
I’m sure that wouldn’t damage the bike you’re trying to steal in any way lmao
MK80 Napja
Is that what used at 9/11?
Random-G Napja
Top 3 tools to get into most locks... Before: Z-bar and two standard rakes. Today: Thermite, thermite and thermite.
Igrella Zeta
9/11's steel beams say hello!
Same thing used to melt the steel beams of the WTC. 🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨🛑🚨
David Napja
Step one: Get an elephant.
Natasha Glaze
Try Jet-fuel next time.
Alex Angel
Alex Angel Napja
Thermite the compound used to bring the twin towers down during 9/11, no matter the cover up the American government does, it's still a fact that airplane fuel doesn't come close to melting thick iron bars unless pressurized and mixed with compressed air.
Pim van der Meer
twin towers collaps explaind :)
ultranitro 2 napja
Last night I watched "The Bank Job" with Jason Statham where they use a "Thermal Lance" to cut through the flloor of a bank vault. This is sort of a mini thermal Lance. Lol
James LaFayette
Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive
Smoke 003723
Smoke 003723 2 napja
LPL striking the starter match: "Nothing on 1, click on 2...."
ThornInTheEye 2 napja
What would be an intended use for this product?
Dave Southey
Dave Southey 2 napja
J C 2 napja
Jeff Sutthoff
Jeff Sutthoff 2 napja
Needed this in Breaking Bad
Zowie Hughes
Zowie Hughes 2 napja
“When you mix fuel,metal oxide and metal powder in just the right way... you get a free bike”
James Cricket
James Cricket 4 órája
Comments going nowhere, soory I know you had high hopes for it, wasn't that funny sorry
seais level
seais level 2 napja
The average person doesn't have access to thermite. Since you don't mention that thermite was used in 911 i give you a thumb down.
Neo2266 3 napja
Just make thermite out of shakeboards
Augusto Campos
Thermite: effective since 9/11.
W J 3 napja
The lock has been broken but the bike is split in two parts also lol
Slothman Jay
Slothman Jay 3 napja
Walter White approves
Raj S
Raj S 4 napja
Just pull it. - Lary Silverstein
akadapo 4 napja
Steel lock is melted in half no one ever: "idk maybe it was a fluke, maybe it was just luck i bet he can't do it again"
Garden Corn Robber
Yes nano thermite was used to knock down the twin towers and building 7.
Joël 4 napja
so uncivilized !
Otze 4 napja
1. Use a 140$ TermitePen to Melt a Bike Lock to steal a 100$ Bike? 2. Melting the Lamp Post seems to be faster.
Domi Nus
Domi Nus 5 napja
jailbreaking tool
Bigger locks!!
Lol, I heard about breach pens last week and was wondering exactly this
The Dave
The Dave 6 napja
Never mind the thermite, where can I get a box of those matches?
Kash Sattar
Kash Sattar 6 napja
Lord have mercy I've seen some match sticks in my days ( when I was a little kid I had bad nose bleeds all the time and the Dr used a 4 inch match to burn the inside of my nose killing the blood cells) but nothing ever like that beast.
Marty Shannon
Marty Shannon 6 napja
Pissed off Girlfriends or Wife's not allowed to operate. And you refereed to them as Trained Operators. Nice.
Izaiah Creager
This reminds me of that one time this certain country tested their weapons twice to make sure it wasn't a fluke
Mathew Maneri
Mathew Maneri 6 napja
why did you stand down wind?
Toly Gunn
Toly Gunn 7 napja
Never forget. Thermite melts steal beams
John Smith
John Smith 7 napja
But you've also melted the bike.
duckadence 7 napja
"When you mix fuel, metal oxide and metal powder in just the right way, it burns at 2000 degrees Celsius. Hot enough to cut through nearly any barrier known to man. Throw some C4 into the mix, and you've got one hell of a combination."
Harry Bedford
Harry Bedford 7 napja
Breachpen vs. Squire SS100CS?
Azul Cosmonaut
nice. gonna get myself a new bike today
Duane Stevens
Duane Stevens 8 napja
Sanguine Nebelhain
Jet fuel, steel beams and all that Jazz.
Jonathan Young
That match though!
SG 8 napja
This is how my house was robbed when I was a kid
Victor Huff
Victor Huff 8 napja
Ah, my favorite internet video. Two Pens One Lawyer
Grim Reefer
Grim Reefer 8 napja
Walt didnt know about this product
Trevor C
Trevor C 9 napja
If someone's using thermite to steal my bike, I'm not stopping them
Jensen 9 napja
We have finally found a simple yet very effective weapon to surpass Metal Gear in all seriousness.
Je 9 napja
That match looks very menacing.
That had to be fun because I think he can actually pick them faster.
Christopher Stigson
I use this method at night when I want to remain discreet on a busy street. Not been caught as of yet.
Jacob Mayes
Jacob Mayes 10 napja
One more time so you can see it's not s fluke. I laughed.
Travis Conover
Travis Conover 10 napja
Lol please tell me what motorcycle lock would you recommend. Please if anyone knows please let me know.
2gud 4u
2gud 4u 10 napja
I dont know what this is but Its kinda hot
Mr Mr
Mr Mr 11 napja
Anyone else thought 9.11 as soon as this started
Mr Mr
Mr Mr 11 napja
Dooby match
Tippex 11 napja
Remember that we made some thermite in my science class, using some magnesium (I think) and iron. We did put it in a ceramic pot and it cracked so it goes to show how powerful this stuff is.
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
shteebo 11 napja
Even if the lock held up, he could use it on the pole.
MartII89NL 11 napja
A welder can also do it with a thick enough electrode and enough power (not the average household type though)
Nick Boutsikos
Nick Boutsikos 12 napja
vin d ni
vin d ni 12 napja
Same stuff found at ground zero
Scrub Cyber
Scrub Cyber 12 napja
There goes 6 months special effects budget.
Dirk Rieger
Dirk Rieger 13 napja
so, i stole a bike....and melted it......
Icelandic Acro Team
Thermite was also used to take down twin towers in 2001 not airplanes . . 🤫
Samantha Izaguirre
"Let's go outside." OuTSIDE?! OUTSiDE?!?!?! *am a literal dog*
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Alex W
Alex W 13 napja
Not gonna lie, I'm down to see LPL added to R6 as a hard breacher
Joshua Gano
Joshua Gano 13 napja
1st... i'm surprised Breach Pens don't come with some kinda handle to help hold it out farther from the Operator with... 2nd: Thermal Breach Pens in the Lock World looks & feels like if one were to play Hunt: Showdown & cheat via Hacking in ability to Dual Wield Avtomats equipped with "Aimbot Ammo"... O_0 Then again, considering the 2 Digit IQ of typical street hoodlums, I wonder if attempted 'Breach Pen Hacking' would have a high accidental self frag rate... :P
The Geezer
The Geezer 13 napja
When the BreachPen may be more expensive than the item it is destroying, I muse even the dumbest crim would have thoughts about it. Very entertaining though!
Valsuir Caetano Leal Junior
cutting tools using thermite, nice.
forsmarc 14 napja
Omg, we need to see these Pens in action again, europlebs like me don't have stuff like that in the stores
Leo S
Leo S 14 napja
My cigaret lighter was always going out on me in the wind. Now my problem is solved. I can smoke in gale force winds.
Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera 15 napja
Damn I needed to put on a welding mask and gloves to watch this video
Brian C.
Brian C. 15 napja
Yikes! Didn't know there was a commercially-available thermite stick! I scorched the ceiling and burnt a spot into an 'unburnable' lab table doing a thermite demonstration for my senior HS chem class. It was powdered aluminium and manganese dioxide, though, lit with a burning magnesium strip. Thermite with iron oxide is still used to weld-in-place railroad rails. While I was a student at Univ of Arizona in the late '80s-early '90s, the local police busted up a lively bike-theft ring that was operating on campus. They were actually using liquid nitrogen to freeze the U-locks and then would shatter them with a hammer to steal the bikes. A little quieter and less conspicuous, but jeez ...
Chris M
Chris M 15 napja
World Trade Towers come to mind !!!
Roboute Guilliman
Get the thermite brother! The HEAVY thermite! 😂
bansheemania 16 napja
Definitely need for my Go Bag... Start a fire in a Hurricane
stuff4Sale FromKraigzList
these would gt camfire goin in the rain 😈
Strong Wang
Strong Wang 16 napja
Doing this in public especially with thermite rods would make you valuable.
tom builder
tom builder 16 napja
goes full stryropro!
Hisoka 16 napja
If someone melts the fucking lock off my bike they can keep it.
ctrentelman 16 napja
Is it just me or is this series morphing into a "how-to" for bicycle thieves? There's a national shortage, thefts are rising very rapidly and there are a lot of hints and tips here.
Tricky nick
Tricky nick 16 napja
Not very practical at 90 a piece might as well call a locksmith but its cheaper than a good angle grinder ill give it that
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ 16 napja
For those of you who don't know, thermite is what brought dowm the world trade center. 9/11 thermite
Regis Philbin
Regis Philbin 17 napja
How Walter White unlocks his bike.....
Z- 17 napja
Use another hard breacher next time! Thermite is cool but outdated. Ace would melt through a bike lock too!
David Reynolds
David Reynolds 17 napja
Oh great, another way of getting through steel bars advertised willy-nilly on the internet for all the scrotes of the world to read (those that CAN read that is).
VoidBox 17 napja
Next I want to see the damage a couple of them could do to a lock 😯
216 17 napja
Where do I get one?
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