[1263] PacLock’s “Universal Cylinder” Hitch Pin Locks Picked 

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seais level
seais level 2 napja
WHY do you have a 100 percent Spanish commercial at the beginning of this video??? Thumbed down
Joël 4 napja
I love how he's always modest and tries to review the lock as good, while seconds before he totally destroyed it's rep :D
foxrace0985 11 napja
Can you review the bolt hitch lock? Supposedly you key it to your trucks key, and it can't be rekeyed. If its any good that would be cool!
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Supermarket Yeast
the u bike lock took him like 2x longer and it cost 30 dollars whattt
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Tb0n3 15 napja
This would be great if they were available.
Tb0n3 10 napja
Just came up on Amazon. I was surprised at the price compared to the rest of their inventory. $120 for the 5/8 pin lock.
-- 16 napja
Didnt BB do a vid on these ??
Carson Geye
Carson Geye 16 napja
Damn I need one of these, had two pins stolen in one month. I didn’t find out both times till the boat trailer was in my bumper.
Complete and Utter Nonsense!
I never use locking hitch pins. Nothing I own is worth it 🤦
Zack 17 napja
That lock body is so huge the pin would have to stick way out to not get in the way of the chains
tamalemonster 17 napja
I'm confused about the point of the pin?
Sir Paramatus
Sir Paramatus 18 napja
It would be amazing if you could make a video explaining "false set" and show us what is happening on the inside of the lock. Your way of explaining is so much better than most HUrunrs and I am always happy to see new videos!
mixedgas2 18 napja
What outdoor padlock would you recommend?
Taylor Quimby
Taylor Quimby 18 napja
Just the fact that he had to run through the pins more than once means that for a regular person... it's kinda hard lol
Great Leader
Great Leader 18 napja
You got some major balls to send the LPL your product.
MR MR 18 napja
Superman: sure your bullets bounced off me but this might be a gun for you to consider
Plyrs 19 napja
LPL : "this may be something you want to consider" Paclock : **STONKS**
Noah Matthews
Noah Matthews 19 napja
“Here I have some hitch pin locks that the company sent me” Me: that’s a bold move cotton, let’s see if it pays off
TheBinaryNomad 19 napja
Don't let the Washingtonians hear you pronouncing Yakima that way, they're liable to have words with you over that one haha.
Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed.
Frank G
Frank G 19 napja
Did they send a check along with the locks or nah?
TheFriskyComiskey !
Comment for HUrun algorithm Love your videos !!
纪文 20 napja
the confidence of a company to send lpl a lock. i mean good on em. but it either goes good or bad. and this case good
Ruth Cook
Ruth Cook 20 napja
False sets and counter rotation are caused by spool pins, right?
pablo rages
pablo rages 20 napja
Damn this guy can pick so fast
Nit Picker
Nit Picker 20 napja
Yak uh Mah* bike racks :P
BurntFaceMan 20 napja
I'd love to see LPL in a race. him with 30 abus locks, and me with 1 master lock... He'd still win somehow!
David Maurand
David Maurand 20 napja
these videos are getting depressingly short.
Igor Kossov
Igor Kossov 20 napja
He seems to be in a hurry. Or frustrated with something that isn't lock-related.
Donnie Robertson
Nice job and video
Chain Jail
Chain Jail 21 napja
Sounds like he got sponsored
MesoTroniK 21 napja
That shackle design is very vulnerable to snapping.
Marie MacLawder
Marie MacLawder 21 napja
I feel like this is a reupload, I swear I watched this exact video like a week or two ago lol
bigjai 21 napja
"This may be something you want to consider" First time I've heard that here ever
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis 21 napja
Why do you rarely see T pins or mushroom pins?
Cory Ramsey
Cory Ramsey 21 napja
That's the first time I've ever heard Yakima pronounced as Yakima.
ITSyABoiNginda 21 napja
When will the unpickable lock be showcased?
dexobj 21 napja
With such praise I would use those locks to secure my house
Donald Darbonne
Donald Darbonne 21 napja
I recommend this lock because it took more than 10 seconds to pick it. Lol
woodcock696969 21 napja
Paclock sent their goods to LPL, they have massive testicles to just do that
Al Ewers
Al Ewers 21 napja
If it hasn't been mentioned earlier "Yakima" is pronounced "Yak-ah-ma" but you're not the first person I've heard pronounce it as "Yuh-key-ma" and yes, the "key" is my attempt at a pun. Love your vids & I felt especially confident with my purchase of a Progressive Industries trailer tongue lock prior to your review. Although it's not cheap it's less than my insurance deductible.
Bill Krause
Bill Krause 21 napja
I have combination locks that I had used on my tool box and locker at work, but since being retired and still owning these locks I forgotten the combinations, which makes them useless. Would you demonstrated picking a couple of these locks??
three wheela
three wheela 21 napja
Anybody know it he's picked Bolt brand locks? It would be interesting to see him pick one of those as it's keyed to automotive ignition keys.
ajquigg93 21 napja
Would be cool to see some destructive entry tests, in a real world setting
Fiorta 21 napja
Is there a single lock that works lol?
buttieboy666 21 napja
I'm sorry sir, you did not make that and most look like that took little skill. I feel I could get it almost as quick with how easy you make it look(that's a compliment)! It's scary to realise that anyone who would really want to... Can enter my anything with this ease.
OkayNiceOne 21 napja
He’ll never try to pick the one made by “Stuff Made Here”. It’s been several months. Pathetic! What a worthless fraud!
Alan Harris
Alan Harris 21 napja
Yakima is not asian. It's pronounced Yak Uh Mah. www.google.com/search?q=yakima+pronunciation&oq=yakima+pron Its a First Nations word/tribe.
JohnR2319881222 21 napja
“Paclock sent these to me.” Y’all have some fuckin BALLS.
SkreegTheGreat 21 napja
The accent on Yakima is on the first syllable
KillarneyMark 21 napja
How the heck does he make it look so easy to pick? I know, practice, but I can barely figure out which pin I’m on, let alone if it’s binding or a false set. The man is like the Pele of lock picking, it’s so effortless!
Lord TouchMe
Lord TouchMe 21 napja
Only picked once, must have been a fluke. :D
Matt Kish
Matt Kish 21 napja
I have a Paclock on my shed after the last LPL video where he said they were "something to consider".
Looking In With Victor B
Wow. A good lock... Might buy it just to start a museum
Adam Kratos
Adam Kratos 21 napja
Killerofcats 21 napja
Ben Kickert
Ben Kickert 21 napja
Yah-Key-Muh? Those in Washington state are cringing.
TheStraycat74 21 napja
will the Z-Bar tensioner be available on CI any time soon? you've been sold out on a bunch of stuff that I'm interested in
P 21 napja
It's pronounced less "Ya KEY ma" and more "YAkama".
nik kosten
nik kosten 21 napja
How to make a succesfull lock company? Ma a lock under a company name. Send to LPL to pick. When he tells you whats wrong just fix it. Make a new company. Send the the fixed rebranded one. He tells everyone its great. Something something profit.
Pickin' Fool
Pickin' Fool 21 napja
Yakeema... oof.
These vids persuaded me to buy a practice set and I'm actually somewhat worried about how quickly I'm picking it up XD
Dubz 22 napja
Plot twist: A zero bitting is actually LPL's kryptonite.
Eliran Cohen
Eliran Cohen 22 napja
Wasn't the lock Bosnian Bill took ages to open and approved? :O Is there anything LPL cannot open? xD That's the one! hurun.info/to/vide/ZaV_ypp_p2bWpas.html
Felipe Teixeira
Felipe Teixeira 22 napja
PacLocks stockmarket shares: BUY BUY BUY
Martin Henzl
Martin Henzl 22 napja
sounds like ad...
Paul 22 napja
I've asked before but didn't get any response. I realise you will be very busy but I was hoping for some advice. I've started to learn to pick locks myself with a set I bought online but I don't seem to 'feel' the pins that much. Some are more obvious but other times I feel like I'm pushing a pin and because the lock is transparent I can see that I'm actually not touching anything. Is there a technique or does it come with more practice? What about the terms you use like "binding"? What does it mean in the context of the picking? I can actually pick the locks that came with the picks without looking but I still don't feel like I'm doing it properly. Thank you in advance for any help offered by anyone.
Lee MacKinnell
Lee MacKinnell 22 napja
great video, it would be nice to see a video of recommended/these are not crap products
IMBlakeley 22 napja
Maybe something you want to consider. It's gold
Ronin 22 napja
the better you get the worse the locks seem.
Azonic 22 napja
*picks lock in 42 seconds* "This is something you want to consider"
theodore scott
theodore scott 22 napja
too bad no one sells this lousy product if you canT even find it on amazon
Jeffrey McNeil
Jeffrey McNeil 22 napja
While they obviously sent it to LPL in order to increase the visibility of their product, it was still quite a high risk and required some degree of confidence. That said, this was a fairy fast pick non the less. He simply didn't destroy it like some others. It's the difference between 1 and 2.
JaxxOP 22 napja
When would you say that you reached a level where you could pick any lock open in under 2 minutes LPL?
Jonas Ahrentorp
Jonas Ahrentorp 22 napja
I take this as s positive review.
Amadeus 22 napja
"It took me more than a couple seconds and I didn't pick it with my fingernail so I'd give it about a 10/10"
Closeup Channel
Closeup Channel 22 napja
It has a bunch of features but...
etro0 22 napja
nail trimming tutorial?
Keriel Watson
Keriel Watson 22 napja
I will only buy LPL endorsed locks
Flyn ’
Flyn ’ 22 napja
Try to reach out to stuff made here so you can try to pick his unpickable lock
john doe
john doe 22 napja
Your voice makes me think of the hologram doctor on Star Trek Voyager.
Billy Hale
Billy Hale 22 napja
Why is every single item in the paclock amazon store "currently unavailable"?
PACLOCK PRES. 22 napja
Because Amazon is having some sort of brain fart ~ for a week now. Very frustrating.
BlackBelt Jones
BlackBelt Jones 22 napja
Love your channel and dedication to instruction and the art of picking but I believe your pronunciation of Yakima was incorrect. Being a WA resident and familiar with the rack company, the pronunciation should be yeah-ki-ma.
Hugo Bloemers
Hugo Bloemers 22 napja
"You may want to conciser" Coming from the LockPickingLawyer talking about a trailer lock, that is not a bad result at all.
Greg K
Greg K 22 napja
I've never seen this style of lock before, where do you put them one exactly?
Fredrik Sandebert
This was paid promotion, right?
Dennis Caudle
Dennis Caudle 22 napja
LPL is the Bob Ross of locks.. I swear I've fallen asleep watching these videos.
Da Hai Zhu
Da Hai Zhu 22 napja
If there is ever a video of LPL failing to pick a lock, buy stock in that company ASAP!!!
Udip Adhikari
Udip Adhikari 22 napja
What's the use of that pin though?
PACLOCK PRES. 22 napja
Call it piece of mind ~ as we were researching this type of lock before we engineered it, some had said that it would be good to have that pin just in case. Plus, an added benefit, is if you want to move your trailer locally and not worry about the lock, then you can do that.
andyman aus
andyman aus 22 napja
"...this one came to me with zero bidding..." -- Brave move, PacLock, brave move indeed.
tubefr71 22 napja
I considered this exact same model to secure a bike rack for hitch. But it was about as expensive as the bike rack itself! Went for a Reese Towpower 7030200 instead.
Ur Kryptoknight
Ur Kryptoknight 22 napja
This might be an option buy buy buy boys this lock isnt bad.
Dark Knight
Dark Knight 22 napja
You should gut the locks all the time
j c
j c 22 napja
kick back city, I'm no HUrun vet but aren't the influencers supposed to disclose paid promotions? otherwise ...sweet pick!
Micheal Persicko
Can someone explain how the zero bid key shows that it's not susceptible to combing?
PACLOCK PRES. 22 napja
Sure. Combing is really the idea of pushing both the key and driver pins up past the sheer line. Doing so allows the plug to turn/unlock. Often manufacturers know this, and they will design their cylinders so that if you have a "tall" key pin in there, at least one, then the combo of that tall key pin and driver pin prevents the combing. But then the manufacturer has to make sure that every cylinder has, at least, one of those tall pins in it. That drops the effective number of key changes which is bad. Anyhow, by sending him a core with all small key pins in it, that is truly the worst case scenario for a combing situation. If that type of pinning cannot be combed, then every other key combination is good to go.
thehoovie 22 napja
this is the best hitch pin lock I have seen in a long time. A Long Time.
Jacob 22 napja
cool :)
vitaly 22 napja
For some context, Paclock is a great company that often works with pickers to improve their products
PACLOCK PRES. 22 napja
Thank you!
bru th
bru th 22 napja
A pair of vice grips one on each end... twist flex to snap shackle at slot? Abus Granit (37/80 KD) is my favorite design.
PACLOCK PRES. 20 napja
@bru th No worries at all! I was definitely sincerely interested, so all good here. I gotcha on being up in Canada, we're getting there. Granit's are good locks, and $100 for one is definitely a good price! Thanks for the props on the skateboard, that was one heck of a fun project.
bru th
bru th 22 napja
@PACLOCK PRES. Sorry, my reply was a bit brash. I have 300ish locks. I really like Paclock, (your skatebaord was awesome) but because shipping to Canada more than doubles the price I don't own one. Twisty pop... I ment (inTheory) one vicegrip on each end and twist till the shackle slot breaks. I think it would be better with only one end exposed. Working on large stuck bolts it works well. I will edit my post, as it sounds a bit rude. PS, I just purchased my 3rd Granit 37/80 for $100. Canuck! Good deal for up here. :)
PACLOCK PRES. 22 napja
Their Granit series are good locks indeed. And you pay for it. But not sure how you say two vice grips will "twisty pop" this lock... especially the full stainless steel version.
Powerguru78 22 napja
First time I comment, because first time I have the feeling of a "sponsored" video here...
PACLOCK PRES. 22 napja
Congrats on your first comment, but no sponsoring at all.
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