[1264] Decoding 4-Dial Disc Padlocks 

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Brett King
Brett King 2 napja
Why did you move numbers down by 2 digits? What made you pick that number where as some videos you move them down by 3 or 4
seais level
seais level 2 napja
Sorry but I have to thumb this down because of the Satanic commercial attached to it.
SuperLaggyGuy 3 napja
Dude really spent more time scrambling the combination than actually unlocking it. At this point I don't even think my bedroom door is safe any more. And also why the heck is this in my recommendation HUrun
ahthisisgood 4 napja
So in other words, a cheap Chinese product.
Gaming Ninja51
Hi lock picking lawyer. I love your videos. I thought I might tell you about my lock that came with my desk drawers.... I can pick it with a pair of scissors. No joke. Just stuck the scissor arm in the lock fully and it unlocked.
Mindseas 6 napja
Lube? or grease? :D
Comrade Bear
Comrade Bear 9 napja
The only lock I have opened without the key or code was my dads key cabinets 3 digit code lock. I used a flashlight to scroll on each wheel untill I no longer saw a metall reflection between the wheel and lockbody on the left side of the wheels. After that I turned each wheel 5 numbers up or down, and boom that was the code. I don't quite remember which direction, and this only works if the manufacturing is shoddy, and there is a little play in the wheels, so you can see between the wheels and body into the mechanism, albeit through a millimeter wide crack, but you only need light to pass through
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Yasirpathan 1st
Yasirpathan 1st 11 napja
Any padlock available please contact on Instagram @Yasir_pathan_1st
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
B ST 15 napja
Any comparable lock that is combo/ shackle/ and better designed? I don't think anyone makes them, bc I WOULD HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT THEM!
B ST 15 napja
I've been dreading this video. I use these locks on EVERYTHING. Yes, they are pick-able but as a contractor I need a lock that is combo (no more 6am calls due to missing keys) and can't be cut (easily). These locks work for me. These locks actually do good in the weather, I use them in all my pintle trailer locks. Sometimes the wheels get stuck and you need to use a key to get them to spin but WD fixes it
Crispr Talk
Crispr Talk 15 napja
I just like the way he says scramble.
Roboute Guilliman
So... if you don't want this lock to get picked, just leave it out in the rain for a few days... is this in the manual? 🤔😂
MinerBloxer64 16 napja
There are 3 types of people who watch these videos: 1: enthusiasts 2: people who forgot their combinations or keys to locks 3: criminals
-- 16 napja
Why do you have to move the wheels down by 2 digits??
Csaba Reinhardt
Csaba Reinhardt 17 napja
How do you know about the amount of "dialing down" ? in this case it was 2
Yunus Lawi
Yunus Lawi 17 napja
Why tf are you teaching people how to burglar
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel 17 napja
Why 2 digits? How do you know?
Random gaming
Random gaming 17 napja
He I want to learn how to lock pick but I don’t know what lock pick sets I need someone help?
ElectricBlake 17 napja
"As you can imagine, decoding these is a relatively simple matter" My brain finishing that sentence- I just say "Hello this is the lock picking lawyer" And it tells me what the combo is and begs for mercy
VictorSeven 17 napja
When he scrambled the wheels, I could HEAR the Made In China with how rickety it sounded.
Melissa Grant
Melissa Grant 18 napja
I just bought this yesterday before watching this video 😂 lmao
CrazyJayBe 18 napja
How many locks has LPL /recommended/? I know it's happened but next to never... EDIT i don't know how to do italics
DrunkHog 18 napja
Hello, LPL! How do you know by how much and wether it's up or down when it comes to moving the number dials after finding the padlock?!
Digital Unity
Digital Unity 18 napja
A cheaply made lock? On LPL? It's more likely than you'd think
Nicksterrr 18 napja
It's witchcraft I tells ya!
Joe E
Joe E 18 napja
'fairly trivial matter' - yes you could say that
john cicada
john cicada 18 napja
but can he open a stuff branded padlock? hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
bud prepper
bud prepper 18 napja
What? A cheap piece of junk from China??!!!!
Peter Henden
Peter Henden 18 napja
He no rike Chinese rock!
Qu9ibla 19 napja
just from the thumbnail I see how it'll go, do I really need to watch it? .... yes? sigh welp, here we go
Beauregarde St. Beauregarde
Sponsored by: Covert Instruments
Felix Aguirre
Felix Aguirre 19 napja
Is this real or is this guy full of bullshit?
Joe Hamelin
Joe Hamelin 19 napja
Damn it, if you're going to show off the notch decoder, then at least wait until you have them in stock.
Ryvucz 20 napja
I think for a proper challenge, you need to pick a lock while jumping on a trampoline while Mrs. Lock Picking Lawyer sprays you with a hose.
TheFriskyComiskey !
Comment for HUrun algorithm Love your videos !!
zimzimzim 20 napja
ok how you know to move them by 2?!
DtWolfwood 20 napja
So any plans to collab with stuff made here and his unpickable lock?
Freedom Fighter
Freedom Fighter 20 napja
what amazes me the most is when he takes all the little pins n springs out of a lock and then puts them all back and the lock works. there's no way I'd get those tiny things back together in a functional manor lol
Mike B
Mike B 20 napja
Forget the lock, what happened to your hands?
Foregone Conclusion
Any chance of reviewing a litelok ?
Quân Đặng
Quân Đặng 20 napja
I'm looking forward to his April's Fool video
What Problem
What Problem 20 napja
Have you ever picked a Chastity Belt?
Negativo 20 napja
Have you ever finded an unpickable lock?
Gato Tyger
Gato Tyger 20 napja
It was a fluke for sure.
Dr mosfet
Dr mosfet 20 napja
Look like the same technique for opening an old style bicycle lock would work as well, with out tool's?
TJ 20 napja
Where’s the lock the channel stuff made here sent you ?
B Wilson
B Wilson 20 napja
Where’s the lock from stuff made here?
Rui Ni
Rui Ni 20 napja
when you come here to found out which lock is the best to buy and noticed most videos here only lasted 3~5 minutes.
GreenAppelPie 20 napja
FAKE! you didn’t actually move the dials while ‘scrambling’ while it was in the combo mode. Nice try though.
pablo castellanos
Hey LPL what happened with the collab with StuffMadeHere and the unpickable lock?
VinceThe1 20 napja
Seizing up is a feature, you can't easily pick it if it won't open even with the right combination. That makes you question if you picked it right 😅
Snacks Two go
Snacks Two go 20 napja
I'm a sinner JESUS please forgive me for all my sins I know you shed your Blood for me on the cross at Calvary. Thank you JESUS for my salvation they your Blood. I love you JESUS. Romans ct...❤️k JESUSisLord!Amen...
Daniel Restrepo
Daniel Restrepo 20 napja
I don't feel secure anymore when I'm travelling by seeing these videos hahahaha
crusadurus 20 napja
Have you ever scrambled a lock like that and ben unable to pick it open?
Jasiel Molina
Jasiel Molina 20 napja
Cuando eres ladrón de casas de ancianos. nadie me va entender puro gringo 😢
Vamp 20 napja
Why do we have lock if they this easy to open? I watch many videos on this channel and so I have not seen a lock he could not open. :)
tren van
tren van 20 napja
I appreciate he picked it but wouldnt this thing just split if you trapped it against something and just gave it a whack with a suitable hammer? perhaps need a screwdriver to rotate it and maybe a piece of steel behind it to protect the surface? if you didnt have your probe with a cutout handy..
Knifetime Story
Knifetime Story 20 napja
Spent more time scrambling the combo than decoding it. 👍
Lord of Arnor
Lord of Arnor 20 napja
So the ability to change the code is that easy to access?! That's the stupidest feature I've ever seen.
jrsrygley 20 napja
So on the locks like this how do you know to roll it 2 or 3 numbers past the flat spot ?
Lol I just bought one of these today. Luckily I was just looking for something to deter lazy kids. 🤣
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 20 napja
The lesson I get from LockPickingLawyer, BosnianBill and other lock picking HUrun channels is that multi-wheel combination locks (no matter who makes them or what form they come in) are junk and should be avoided for anything other than the lowest of security applications.
Bernard Hollands
You should collab with Mike Boyd. He does a fair amount of lock stuff on his learning quick series
Paul Morissette
Paul Morissette 20 napja
My keyed disk lock was bypassed by splitting apart the door frame.
Jedidiah 20 napja
Eventually he's going to scramble the code to 0000.
Robert Gillmer
Robert Gillmer 20 napja
So, I watched The Hot Rock last night in memory of George Segal. At the time when it came out, I had no clue regarding the mechanics of lock picking, but, now, it occurs to me that any qualified locksmith should not have had any trouble opening those locks. But of course, if George had opened them quickly, there would be no movie.
carcino Geneticist
I've read too much fanfic to hear "lube" and not get confused
Jame Retief
Jame Retief 20 napja
Can anybody tell me the best disc padlock on the market? I definitely don’t want to go by the manufacturer’s ad copy.
blablamannetje 20 napja
I thought a piece of a red bull can was enough to open these locks?
Zet Dota
Zet Dota 20 napja
Could you open an antique safe from 19th century with combination lock?
Nathanael Abednego
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Darth Bubba
Darth Bubba 21 napja
It's getting to the point where a three minute video from LPL seems like a feature length movie.
terry willis
terry willis 21 napja
If you need to move the wheels 2 more notches at the end to get it to open, would not that be considered a security feature? Who else would know to do that??
rkalle66 21 napja
Do you really need the gauge to feel the disks? Some tension on the switch would be sufficient to feel which disk is binding.
Mike 21 napja
Okay, whose mind went into the gutter at the mention of lube? Raise your hands. ✋
philip kemp
philip kemp 21 napja
Ha "turny tool" yup, just ask at your local Hardware store
Maachan Poku
Maachan Poku 21 napja
I still don’t understand how you knew that you needed to move two digits in the last part. Could you please explain?
Docco Myster
Docco Myster 21 napja
Okay...so. small story time. For a while a family member worked in a thrift store in their own room as a hairdresser. Once the badness disease hit, they came home, leaving the room vacant for someone else to make clothes in. Needless to say, that person didn't pay rent and all of the stuff they left behind was forfeit, so we went in and took the lot of it. We got a cashbox out of it that my family decided to force open with a screwdriver and hammer (luckily not fully destroying it, just denting it up a bit, easily pulled back into place). After it was opened, I wanted to see if I could learn how to pick a lock. So. I'm annoyed at the fact that while watching how to pick a lock, staring at the screen, I turned the lock without realising. So I've no idea what I did to now unlock the money I locked in the box.
Matt Graver
Matt Graver 21 napja
He said lube
youtube commentator
0:26 I need to be reserviced
Fukuoka International Democratic School
Scramble Scramble Scramble Scramble .........Scramble Eggs ready!
Mittens FastPaw
Mittens FastPaw 21 napja
Oh... China trash again.
Roy Sammons
Roy Sammons 21 napja
Poor locks on both accounts of ease of opening and weather resistant.
Andrei1324 21 napja
Can you pick a normal lock only with a paperclip??
AidsAndCheese 21 napja
sitting on my couch with a plate full of food while viewing your videos makes life worth it
FatjonB 21 napja
Imagine if code was 1264!
Viral Hunter
Viral Hunter 21 napja
Jerry Rig is now a lockpicker 👍👍
Ingo Girod
Ingo Girod 21 napja
So funktioniert ein Zylinderschloss/How an cylinder lock works (17.25min) wdrmaus (dot) de (slash) aktuelle (minus) sendung
Brogan Tait
Brogan Tait 21 napja
Sweet now I have two ways to open that one, thanks 👍🏼
fiendishrabbit 21 napja
Pretty much any 4 digit padlock can be opened by feel (and sometimes hearing) only. Each wheel feels different when it slides into the correct position. Back when I was a kid in highschool and a lot of idiots had 4 digit padlocks on their school lockers I used to be able to open any given codelock in about a minute.
Shuto Walsojad
Shuto Walsojad 21 napja
6 thousandths of an Inch? And in science units?
Kyle Pontieri
Kyle Pontieri 21 napja
Wouldn't someone with a small screwdriver be able to simply change the code and open it themselves?
"six thousandths of an inch thick" imperial units are a joke
Andreas Lindhé
Andreas Lindhé 21 napja
Request for covert instruments: a grab bag of bad locks to exercise on.
lllpatricklll1 21 napja
Speaking of generous amounts of lube, I have a question. Some of the older and the less expensive locks that I've been able to open seem to have little if any lubrication. Do you put a drop or two of oil into the keyway before attempting to open the locks you test? Thank you.
risingsun33 21 napja
On other similar locks you didn't need to back each dial 2 positions. Why was it required here? Thank you.
sassycassyg 21 napja
i may be sleep deprived but i can't believe the rush of serotonin i got when you opened this lock. no idea why but i think its time to go to sleep in a good mood now.
Craig Good
Craig Good 21 napja
These locks are very good -- at locking up your money in worthless hardware.
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