[1265] Gardall Hotel Safe Opened With CI Jigglers 

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Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain 4 órája
I removed the door... well heck. Why bother now?! Have a nice day. I want to see how he removed the door
James LaFayette
Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive
Bryan levie
Bryan levie 3 napja
Hey man you should look up "Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths" from the Stuff Made Here HUrun channel and try and get the lock to pick it
AdmitNone 3 napja
the 68 dislikes are hotel owners.
Oliv étom
Oliv étom 3 napja
What do you expect from a company that can't even spell "guard all" properly
Alec Churkin
Alec Churkin 5 napja
I'm not gay, but I like his voice.
Carlmis 6 napja
This man only has open doors in his life
koal 8 napja
Make sure if you ever stay in a hotel to check the safes, a co-worker found 10k in one.
Ok.. Ok.. Oceans eleven I am ready
Dan Palu
Dan Palu 10 napja
Wonder if LPL is still lawyering
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Clyde Perrine
Clyde Perrine 11 napja
I would like to see how you get in one of those garage door keypads. There is one on Amazon. Universal Garage Door Keypad that is compatible with many garage door openers. I didn't see one in your previous videos that I could see. I find your skill interesting to watch. You make it look easy.
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lockpicking lawyer has been challenged! hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
FaZe PoZeR
FaZe PoZeR 13 napja
Why did I just get notified of this now
Skit 14 napja
Isn't that fraud. How can a company sell a product that doesn't even come close to serving its purpose.
Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill 14 napja
Hey I’ve been in a hotel I bet you never seen without you very unique safe in at one of the gang saves in it guess what I saved her bonnet they have dropped off like oh old phones very old for a bond while I had a landline to plug-in and charge the batteries on Yep you heard me I’ve been to a hotel with that pizza on I say you have a climb across Randolph met a lock pick a lawyer is in New Brunswick if you want to know whenLS with that bitter about drop off not a drop off for us court connect to the TV a landline cord connects to the wholesale phones that kind of god what a hotel safe with that sleep in a hotel having that reader on it I live in New Brunswick branch Lake New Brunswick🇨🇦 My name is Bradley Hill you got my address now though like lawyer747 Green builder
Terry K
Terry K 15 napja
Lol this guy has probably helped so many burglars
Mark B
Mark B 15 napja
Thanks for sharing
H M Saad Amin
H M Saad Amin 15 napja
I think LPL is jerryrigs secret brother
TheSonicsean 15 napja
I can't wait for jigglers to be used for an April 1 video
Crispr Talk
Crispr Talk 15 napja
I love jigglers.
minj4ever 15 napja
Was there ever a safe that does not suck?
Patrick Deditius
Is he just going to hotels to find out what safe they use?
Jacqueline Czernecki
This is going to be my new hobby - anyone know where can I find a tray to keep all the lock parts properly separated when the lock is taken apart? Thanks!
Joao Carlos Viana
Hi, do you recommend to use this keys rakes for padlocks either???? Thanks a lot, cheers!!!
Wolf The Shade
Wolf The Shade 16 napja
Watching these videos make me realize when I get the funds I need a bunch of decoys safes and hidden specially designed safes.
Evan Chang
Evan Chang 16 napja
I feel like your content is more suited for tiktok
I'm a Cup
I'm a Cup 17 napja
Suggestion:try prison locks and love ur vids gj tc
Courvoisier White
Try the 2a 4life gunsafe
Gamal Kevin
Gamal Kevin 17 napja
It is believed that The US Army hired LPL to supervise the safety locks of Fort Knox.
William Glaser
William Glaser 17 napja
I can not wait any longer please upload the April 1st video...
Sisu & Ville
Sisu & Ville 17 napja
Vauhtia saatana, tä kanava on SUN TYÖ 😠😠😠
Doughy 17 napja
Why havent you done the lock made by Stuff Made Here yet?
Qwe Fhj
Qwe Fhj 17 napja
who's here for april fools video too?
Sisu & Ville
Sisu & Ville 17 napja
Where the fuck it is 😠 this chanel is he JOB, se why he don't do he work ✊🏾
ve2mrx 17 napja
Crooks rip the safes off the wall/shelf/etc. to later steal what was inside. LPL jiggles open the safe then steals the door to do a video about how bad the safe was...
VVOUX 17 napja
Somebody call a medic
AnAngryGiant20 17 napja
still waiting on the stuff made here lock
Tim 17 napja
I’d like to try those jiggler keys on a cross lock I have on my rental property drop box. Previous attempts of mine to pick it were futile.
F 17 napja
It takes me longer to finish a duolingo lesson than it takes LPL to finish a video.
DankyDonk 17 napja
Hows the progress with StuffMadeHere's unpickable lock
Trevor Crane
Trevor Crane 17 napja
I would love it if you could look at the Road lock. Test its actual security. It's a premeum disk brake lock for motorcycles. But it's different because it attaches to the brake caliper. So it lives on the motorcycle. With a cheap motorcycle wheel you could demonstrate.
Matthew Gailey
Matthew Gailey 17 napja
There is a reason they misspelled the word "guard" 😂
Blender Forever
Blender Forever 17 napja
I would pay anything to see lockpickinglawyer roast locks
James Rochon
James Rochon 17 napja
It wasn’t a fluke!
C West
C West 17 napja
Imagind you losing your arrogance and gaining a million subscribers.
Midn8 18 napja
How do you know which jiggler to use? Just an encyclopedic knowledge of locks?
Ju3lz 19
Ju3lz 19 18 napja
When will you pick Stuff Made Here's lock that he supposedly send you ? Its been 5 months
Icalasari 18 napja
Holy shit we got confirmation LPL actually calls his lock picking gear his keys
If it wasn't a fluke, it must've been a flounder.
Dat Guy
Dat Guy 18 napja
Geez, that intro was the most savage I've heard from LPL in a LONG time
Mike Olmsted
Mike Olmsted 18 napja
Clearly the funniest channel on HUrun.
Brutoz T.
Brutoz T. 18 napja
Hey unrelated to this Video but can i order "normal" picks from american sites tto pick european locks. ty for answer :)
Anthony D.
Anthony D. 18 napja
0:55 How did he guess my luggage passcode?
Philip Payne
Philip Payne 18 napja
Love the way you expose security failures and provide the knowledge and tools to defeat them. Not giving a flying feck that they will undoubtedly be used for nefarious purposes. At least you get a cut of the money I guess. Good for you, why would you care.
S L 18 napja
I have a question, your exceptional gardall you talked about in the video. I'm guessing it was 2 hour USA made version, what do you think about the 1 hour foreign made economy version I believe they call them microwave safe?
gloriouscock 18 napja
can u do barnacle
novajnior 18 napja
I'm wondering where the StuffMadeHere lock is. The colab was going to be such a cool thing to look forward to but now it's been months
Kirsten Dean Janse van Vuuren
When are you going to do 'stuff made here' lock?
UniGaming 18 napja
You should make a video explaining some of your lingo, like what a false set is
Ethan Andrews
Ethan Andrews 18 napja
I bought one of the practice locks off your website, and I was wondering if you put an extra parts section where we could buy extra driver/key pins and screws/springs because I lost a driver and a key pin when I was messing around with the lock in my car
Gared Kroucher
Gared Kroucher 18 napja
Fill the mechanical override keyway with Bondo; hope the electronics don't go out and always have fresh batteries in it😎😂
Brenna T
Brenna T 18 napja
When its not even three minutes long you know they hecked up xD
BX B 18 napja
Another fine product from China.
Captain Sterling
Lock picking lawyer to Mrs Lock Picking Lawyer: time for a getaway. I need video ideas from the hotel room
FLASH FIRE 18 napja
Stuff made here unpickable lock ?
Michael Walker
Michael Walker 18 napja
@LockPickingLawyer! I would love to see you and Shane Wighton from Stuff Made Here collaborate on the lock from this video: hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html (only if you do end up being able to attempt the pick, you can't watch his video on how he made the lock first :P). I am late to the party. I see that Shane's wife called you out in the video and you have already seen it and commented. Love you guys!
god_ animations
god_ animations 18 napja
Have you ever had to pick your front door
K S 18 napja
Did the Stuff Made Here lock come through yet?
Hash slinging slasher
Has he ever recommended any locks?
Zack Bliss
Zack Bliss 18 napja
So if most locks can be open, but some are harder to crack than others, what kind of bike lock would you recommend? Or what kind of padlock?
bill reed
bill reed 18 napja
Great!... now every hotel maid will be buying your jigglers to rip us off.
Peter Thielen
Peter Thielen 18 napja
2:00 it it's never a fluke...
AlucardPawpad ClownWorld
Last episode I commented LockPickingLawyer secretly forgot his house keys and got used to just lockpicking his door; and became a lawyer to help talk his way out of being caught. And now this theory gets stronger with "I call these my hotel safe keys" HAHA
AlucardPawpad ClownWorld
One of these days we'll have a video of a safe so poorly engineered that LPL casually takes off the door with the hinges, right off the safe, even though it's still locked, and just calmly says "Let me just get this door closer so I can pick it easier."
W Fermier
W Fermier 18 napja
QUESTION: Can you open it if you DON'T have a set of your jigglers? Just asking.
Clinton Rausch
Clinton Rausch 18 napja
Perhaps Fluke should start making locks.
Cole Lacey
Cole Lacey 18 napja
Can you please show us ur Good Gardall lock and pick it for us please??
JohnBattman 18 napja
@LockPickingLawyer I was wondering about some good lock pick sets that are reasonably priced. I followed the link you have posted in the description but little to expensive for me so I wanted your opinion on other good sets that you have come across in your time picking locks
Kyle Taylor
Kyle Taylor 18 napja
Sparrows is relatively affordable i went with their vorax set wide range of tools great quality peterson is over hyped/over priced in my book southord isnt bad either again reasonably affordable but my sparrows vorax set has to be my favorite
Louis Cirignano
Louis Cirignano 18 napja
2/10ths? Jk jk hahaha
Sights and Sounds
Can you show us the actual vulnerability in those screws? I don't see how it would be attacked.
Belze 19 napja
Oh, we are all waiting for thursday.
Szabo Tudor
Szabo Tudor 19 napja
You always do these very bad locks, but can you do a video about locks(bike locks especially) that are actually good? Mine gets stuck shut easily since it's pretty old, and I am planning to buy a new one, but I don't know what to buy. edit: Forgot to say that It's not a bad lock in the sense that it's not necessarily easy to pick, it's just that stuck thing that's really annoying.
George Stark
George Stark 19 napja
2160p60 videos when? :P
Lockpicker1973 19 napja
Hotel " safe" NOT
Kalandro99 19 napja
Commends on LPL videos are just as entertaining as the on point vid's it self.
Jedidiah 19 napja
Next from DC Comics, Batman vs The Jiggler.
Brendan R
Brendan R 19 napja
LPL: "I actually used an exceptionally built Gardall for a number of years...." Everyone: "Where can one find this unicorn! "
beijingbond 19 napja
I'm now going to book a hotel room just to practice on the safe.
Marcfx 19 napja
Do you see any Chinese knock offs pretending to be from Gardall?...like you said these are usually good units..
Noedell 19 napja
Genuine question. Do you EVER get in touch with these companies for quality control? You don't have to give names but I (and I can only guess a lot of people watching your videos) am very curious if 'they' ever listen to your advice. Please let us know!
Amica Aranearum
Amica Aranearum 19 napja
Is it ever a fluke?
Michele 19 napja
Hi LockPickingLawyer, could you please pick harder locks? your videos are too short and I don't have enough time to poo, thanks
Jonathan P
Jonathan P 19 napja
Who also was staring at the reflection to get a peek of who this man is!!!
Mohammad B
Mohammad B 19 napja
I would love to see safes like this torn down and their designs discussed
Mohammad B
Mohammad B 19 napja
if the back of this safe is constructed like a sentry safe. Then the 4 screws aren't the only thing holding the bolts in place but they also use a welded plate hidden underneath the cover that the bolts pass through.
Andrew Flanders
Andrew Flanders 19 napja
The jiggler used to open that is still a lot less common than a hair pin, or even a standard lock pick set. i think it's fairly secure insofar as a would be thief would have to have both a special set of skills and tools.
Somehow Surviving
"so you can see it's not a fluke" is it ever a fluke??? No...
Asap Naylor
Asap Naylor 19 napja
Hmm how much them keys???
Strong Wang
Strong Wang 19 napja
You: *These are available at **covertinsturnments.com* Burglars: *I’ll make sure these are in my toolbox or the next illegal robbery.* The police: *we’ll see about that.* The curious witness: *Caught you red handed.*
Strong Wang
Strong Wang 19 napja
Note: Hotels are the worse at privacy. especially when it comes to built in room safes; the first thing a blood dreaded thief would look for.
Aaron P.
Aaron P. 19 napja
LPL won't let you get away with shit, companies. Get it together.
It's like a spaceship for sharks.
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