[1266] My 18-Inch Long Johnson (April Fools Video) 

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Happy April 1st to everyone... to see some of my past April 1st videos that follow this genre, follow the links below and have fun. 👍
[1266] My 18-Inch Long Johnson (April Fools Video) hurun.info/to/vide/nmakraSgp6nNybs.html
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Happy April 1st to everyone... to see some of my past April 1st videos that follow this genre, follow the links below and have fun. 👍 [1071] Getting In My Ex-Girlfriend’s Back Door (April Fools Video) hurun.info/to/vide/e6iVxmaGlJrJxsk.html [862] Getting Into My Wife’s Beaver (April Fools Video) hurun.info/to/vide/hYuf3HeYwn3UnbM.html [651] Manipulating My Tiny Coq hurun.info/to/vide/nHKGx62NrJipw5Y.html
Otonashi Yuzuru
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Ahman Millener
I really had a hard time writing the johnson one I posted. I kept laughing.
ig33ku 4 napja
Obviously you dont spend enough time putting tension on the slot and raking the chambers.
Justin Powell
Justin Powell 8 napja
I live for your April Fool's videos. ❤
RWBHere 8 napja
Can you find a big Hampton for next year, LPL? Apparently they're a really tough piece of equipment.
Henry French
Henry French 3 órája
Did anyone count the euphemisms?
Frank van Dijk
Frank van Dijk 6 órája
Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more.
TORTH 6 órája
He should’ve inserted the 18 into the hole of the 24 and exclaimed that it wasn’t girthy enough to lock
Fred 7 órája
good one
André 8 órája
it's not about the length it's about the thickness and how hard it is 😉
Thomas Neal
Thomas Neal 10 órája
Why didn’t you pick your Johnson
Raimizan razak
Raimizan razak 13 órája
dang now i wanna know about Mr LPL senior
Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain 14 órája
I wonder how many takes this took.
bigs. 16 órája
That's what she said
Subzero Arctics
Subzero Arctics 16 órája
The fact that HUrun didn’t recommend this to me even though I’m subscribed proves HUrun doesn’t know me at all
ccc310 18 órája
I love how this series is always correct in both... interpretations 😉
Deveon 19 órája
OMG, I didn't get the joke the first 2.30 minutes. I thought the joke would be him saying it's safe when it's obviously not. I felt so stupid when my girlfriend started giggling. in the background.
Harpy 20 órája
I had to come and read the comments section.
Ape with Grape
Ape with Grape 20 órája
Listen to this without a video
Tony The Tiger
Tony The Tiger 22 órája
is this a nod to richard prank calling public access shows
Leah Cansler
Leah Cansler 22 órája
What’s going on here 😳😳😳
Nunya Bidness
This man, the fact that he can say this entire video without laughing out loud, he is a fucking mad lad.
never gets old !
The Editor AMVs
Well that was very... phallic...
allan pheonix
I get the feeling he was not talking about lock or am I wrong?
1994 Honda Civic GLi
What’s funny is that he already made an episode of *this exact lock.*
Black dolan
I find this very satisfying
thank you got the sex the
arcnova Napja
Growing up I used to collect keys I love the sound of keys opening locks and skeleton keys are
Khel Venturi
I too have a 24" long Johnson
Caleb Gabriel
I can tell he barely kept it together with this one
Kill Me
Kill Me Napja
It's all fun and games till he reveals his Mom's Johnson
Jellyon Aplate
the real Austin Brown
Lololol love it
I did it Like this
This is how he taught his children the birds and the bees.
Juan Pablo Hernández
Diana from NYC is crying with a bowl of icecream.
lll lll Ertasimus
Didnt he upload this one already one time? still a good video and funny!
Robert Canales
Only a lawyer could have the resolve needed to not crack up while saying something like this
Arnold Napja
Oh long Johnson Oh don piano
Matthew Zbiegien
😂😂😂 never thought I'd see him make something like this
Jayme Nolan
Jayme Nolan 2 napja
Harry Todhunter
For real though, thats a hell of a lock!
- 42 -
- 42 - 2 napja
Gotta say you took that very well, I'd feel devastated if my wife (if I had one that is) brought home a huge Johnson after showing so little interest in my tiny coq.
Alex K.
Alex K. 2 napja
It's beyond my comprehension how anyone could make a video like this without even giggling once.
Ahman Millener
LPL sure had his johnson in hand! But, I'm not quit sure about having his dad's johnson in his hand also. I'd be remiss in my duty to not point out that Johnson's are not always passed down from father to son. With that said, I'm going to play with my own johnson.... Have a nice day!
TheDrLog 2 napja
splendid gag
eggo leggo
eggo leggo 2 napja
No one: LPL: my two and a half inch *COQ*
AkumaRaizen01 2 napja
And here I thought I was being juvenile laughing at the entire video... Lol
John Gargon
John Gargon 2 napja
This made me so uncomfortable lmfao
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner 2 napja
There's no way he made this with a straight face
Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston 2 napja
I much enjoyed this
Nikita Efremian
Pretty funny.
o my
Cr4shMyCar 2 napja
So… we’re blatantly disregarding phrasing now?
Seriokan 2 napja
Can't wait for the video where you pick your nose.
seais level
seais level 2 napja
Lmfao all the way through
I usually never laugh as hard as I did at this video. Thank you for this!
Eric Ruhlmann
Eric Ruhlmann 2 napja
I would love to see somebody react to only the audio, and then be shown the video and the context. hahahaha
G Madary
G Madary 3 napja
He had great fun with the narration, didn’t he?
Arthur Coppernoll
That was premium xD
Idkwhatthisisfor Plzhelp
Hello? Susan? Yes, there’s a new suspicious video
FLYING FOX studios
I used this to prove that my cousin had a dirty mind lol and im laughing my ass off XD
Thomas Wahl
Thomas Wahl 3 napja
How many tryes did you need to do this without laughing :D
Bryan levie
Bryan levie 3 napja
Hey man you should look up "Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths" from the Stuff Made Here HUrun channel and try and get the lock to pick it
Austin Seambos
Holy fuck
Jack’s Farm
Jack’s Farm 3 napja
Kiimoru Breaking Games
I have many questions. I'm not sure if I want them answered yet or not 😂😂
The Charred One
The fact his tone doesn't even change is hilarious
Ezra Hill
Ezra Hill 3 napja
You absolute legend!!
Iain Harper
Iain Harper 3 napja
How many takes did this take to do? 😂
CrimsonSnow 3 napja
Everyone was trying to hold the laugh in and just watching the video with a slight cringe on the face
der.Schtefan 3 napja
This channel undoubtedly has the best April 1st videos of da whole planet!
Captain Yolo Waffle
This entire video my mind was going “that’s what she said” “that’s what she said”
rem45acp 3 napja
I’m a sophomore in college and I guess I really have been sheltered my whole life as I never knew Johnson was a slang term and not just someone’s name.
Jester 3 napja
How many times did this take to do without laughing
Stevee Wonders
Genetics. I’d always heard the size of one’s Johnson runs in the family. Great illustration. And kudos to dad, that’s one very impressive Johnson.
Ty Brown
Ty Brown 3 napja
Got to love these April 1st videos
Adam Morse
Adam Morse 3 napja
The only april first video worth watching and I completely missed it! Still amazing, gonna watch the collection back to back for a solid laugh.
Central New York Responses
This sounds like sex😭
Matthew Bertrand
every now and again, writing genius arises from some of the most unexpected places
Plasterville 3 napja
You should have thrown in, ‘These Johnson’s are all generally lengthy, but they’re only available in black’
Adrian Roggeband
Not a single chuckle. Brilliant.
QuickSqueeze 3 napja
Sir Puffball
Sir Puffball 3 napja
I almost forgot to check in on April 1st
Jack Woods
Jack Woods 3 napja
Myotic Tesseract
imagine showing one of these to someone who has no idea what sex is
• • nannesoar •
This is poetry.
HeFiK 4 napja
People that dislike have 2.5 inch johnsons
Glory Sky
Glory Sky 4 napja
My brain hurts
its the way he says shaft kills me
That Guy Again
Dude makes puns for 3 minutes
Rääh 4 napja
Very nice Johnson, no hetero.
CEB Said
CEB Said 4 napja
Help me step-lock I'm stuck
Nassim Assaf
Nassim Assaf 4 napja
When LPL yearly April fools videos are better then HUrun rewind
Glip Klopsyiop
One of the best april fools jokes
JP Perry
JP Perry 4 napja
It's funny because Johnson means penis.
not nathan
not nathan 4 napja
i literally wait for these every year
matthew zimmers
This whole video is out of pocket 😂
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 4 napja
this is incredibly accurate
flypcyde 4 napja
LOL> #zerocontext
Tedasaurus rex
I love his April fools videos.
P77777777 4 napja
The only reason I get this joke is because I watched that one =3 episode all those years ago
Clian2 4 napja
Pure blooded comedy, gotta love it
SYBR DARC 4 napja
Tyrone has entered the chat.
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