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Lobster Lock
Lobster Lock 15 napja
Lobster Lock Founder here- Your original video hurt, but it was fair and we appreciate you showing the improvements we made to 2.0. Now if only your many subscribers could go undo some of the damage that was done originally to our Amazon listing... haha you're welcome LPL!
riyadh 9 órája
ulli_ulli 15 órája
@Ryanthusar Most non-native-english speakers DO know the difference of your and you're... it's the natives who fuck that up constantly ;)
Custodes Dreadnought
Good on your for evolving off criticism. If I ever need a bike lock ill check yall out.
William McCartney
William McCartney 23 órája
looks like you made a pretty good lock in the updated version. glad to see it
Nothing you can do to your product will make up for not naming it Lock Lobster.
Wholesome Dwarf
Wholesome Dwarf 21 órája
That's a butterfly knife ( aka balosong ) change my mind
Stewart Yates
LPL: ...the tool Bosnian Bill and I made... Internets: *loses minds*
shoebert31 2 napja
If I were making a lock I would send one to this guy at every stage
LPL, do you have a video in your repertoire where you have explained how a disc detainer lock works? (and if so could you leave the link?)
John Grasso
John Grasso 2 napja
You know it's a good lock when he gets out the pick that Bosnian Bill and him made.
seais level
seais level 2 napja
There goes the 12 thousand dollar bike.
Jonah Huffman
Jonah Huffman 3 napja
Good redemption arc
Shane Bep
Shane Bep 3 napja
I will always buy lobsters
James Yount
James Yount 3 napja
99% of bike thieves don't have your specialized tools so this is a great bike lock now that they've improved it.
DrHarryT 3 napja
If the original lock cost $10 then I'd say you get what you pay for. The fact that it lists for top dollar means that the most important feature is that it's secure. To make it with a kids core either out of stupidity or more likely for profit margin it like LPL said "in-excuse able" It's great not that you have been called out on it new customers won't be getting ripped off. What about all the locks you sold for a high price that were substandard? If you really want true redemption...Then advertise/offer for previous customers to send you the old lock and then you replace it with an updated core and ship it back to them. That way the only thing your previous customers lose out on based upon you incompetence or greed is the cost of shipping it to you and the use of the substandard product during the transaction.
jakob kjær
jakob kjær 3 napja
Make a video with a lock you would recommend.😎
fast 4 napja
nice redemtion arc, wish my bike had a bootle mount, id buy this lock on this basis alone xD
James Sun
James Sun 4 napja
LockPickingLawyerLawyer: Nice Attempt Hail Lobster!
brody 4 napja
imagine this man is a dentist, "number 1 is binding".
Joël 4 napja
for some1 who has absolutely no trust in locks, he probably has more at home then any person here :D
James Potter
James Potter 5 napja
FlyingNugget 5 napja
One of the few YT channels where I think the video’s are to short. I just love to hear more about it, LPL is just straight to the point. To straight
Ramalingeshwar Vedagiri
Omg their Amazon listing really had comments like " Can this lock be opened with a can of Red Bull?". Multiple comments! Funny
Mahmoud Albaiyoumi
LPL: "It's a disk detainer core Me: "Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeere it comes" LPL: "I'm going to use the tool that Bosnian Bill and I made." Me: YEEEEEEEEEEES
Joshua Hoover
Joshua Hoover 6 napja
Man I love the lockpicking lawyer so much. He displays such eruditiousness as a world renowned physicist but with some kind of otherworldy swagger. Just an absolute joy to watch this gentleman work
Darwin Young
Darwin Young 6 napja
Thank you so much! I was struggling with this lock especially, but now I know how to steal the expensive bikes too!
blackjack1994 7 napja
Gotta love how this guy could be a cat burglar bit instead he's here on HUrun making lockpick videos
Jeff E
Jeff E 7 napja
*Jordan Peterson has entered the chat*
5hakil111 7 napja
So you can open any lock, what the fuck do I buy then?
Krzysztof bigzygi
is there any "lock" u can not open or u recommend ?
John 8 napja
They got to him
canonicaltom 8 napja
Always enjoy a chance to see the disc detainer pick. :D
M V 8 napja
Any lock that makes this guy use a tool is good in my book. Lock companies be praying There lock don't show up next to a toothpick or something
vaclav 8 napja
Thats stupid, most thiefs dont have THE PICK THAT BOSNIAN BILL AND I MADE but they can just unscrew the screws, cant they?
eidodk 21 órája
It would still be locked
Kebria 8 napja
And any change in the price tag?
Christopher Randall
Can you explain how you know what pin your on and how you can tell if its set in your up coming videos plz?I'm still confused as to how you do it all so fast
Mr XPExplorer
Mr XPExplorer 8 napja
after looking at a few videos about lockpicking (its that im very bored, and youtube recommended this) its pretty obvious all these locks are trash against vetted lock pickers. Perhaps the key is to include a small microchip in the key itself, that connects with the discs inside the lock, and if the IDs do not match the lock will not go open, or that you can hear a disc clicking or not. As a extra secuity step to get rid of poor people trying to steal your bike or belongings to score some dope that is worth a few cents if you buy it of the source itself. But why locks are so ancient today is because locks were made for sane people for a normal world, against regular street punks and that kind of kid criminals. not against insane addicted people and terrorists who do everything for money. Today's locks give a false security if you see how fast they all can be opened by youtube users with just a few tools.
Shaun Diz
Shaun Diz 9 napja
is it just me or do his fingers look fatter/more swollen than they used to?
Richard R
Richard R 9 napja
I thought it was a lock to keep people from eating your lobster
smash_sauce 9 napja
this is the true power of LPL
Do you also do gaming videos under the name "Modest Pelican"?
Edwin Concepcion
Where is the lock of stuffmadehere
Rowan Streeter
So it's a good lock now. Be sure to use security mounting hardware to attach this to the bike, because that's now the weak point.
ıllıllı קåȋη-åкåтsυкι ıllıllı ı
I think Lobster lock tried picking it the same as LPL with the redbull can and that is why they improved it now
That's it. I'm never buying another lock that doesn't have a disc detainer core. Then I can rest safe in the knowledge that my local bad guys don't have the skills, let alone the pick that Bosnian Bill and LPL made.
Ryan Acosta
Ryan Acosta 9 napja
Do you have any locks you recommend
Wesley Hartley
Probably good enough.
ShadowDrakken 9 napja
It's a shame though, because no thief attacks bike locks via the key. They always simply cut the bar, chain, etc. And even the Krytonite can be cut in less than a minute by a grinder. Videos all over the place of just how useless bike locks are against anything except casual opportunists.
Salma Aktar Shepi
How do you record your videos. Tripod or clamp. Can you make a video on your setup
Jeroen Manders
All fuctionality and rationality aside I think that the new keys, with the lobster-logo, are much prettier!
Bill White
Bill White 9 napja
This is the first video of his that made me feel kind of dirty.
John G.
John G. 9 napja
The unpickable lock won't have a key or combination, it will have continuous monitoring via cell or wifi, maybe even remote neural monitoring device built in to record anyone's EEG biometric signature who gets close.
Enlightened Doggo
Does anyone even pick bike locks in the wild? Patient, skilled laborers don't tend to resort to bike theft.
Prince Boateng
Where can I buy that picking tool?
KnowYouDont 9 napja
Nothing is "relatively unique". There is "rare" or "unusual" or "distinctive" or so many other accurate phrases. Unique means unique. A lawyer should know better
Kurto 10 napja
fuck ya lobster lock good work
Weavilepichu 10 napja
"so, i'm going to demonstrate what it takes to get the new version open" -1 minute left in video oh no
Beredro 10 napja
Say the line Bart...
Matthew Howe
Matthew Howe 10 napja
I can open that lock faster than lpl! With a crowbar....
Mark Ifi
Mark Ifi 10 napja
destructive attempt please!
BOB A 10 napja
Seems to me the common theme of successfully picking a key lock is that each pin/disc can be attacked independently of the others. So would somehow having them require a simultaneous set at least make it at little more difficult?
Stix Bman
Stix Bman 10 napja
1:10 for "The pick Bosnian Bill and I made." or press 4 for more buildup.
grungeman86 10 napja
Lobster Lock people have reached their pinnacle: when LPL uses the custom tool he designed with Bosnian Bill, you know this sh*t ain’t for regular people to pick. Kudos!
deeez00 10 napja
If it takes special tools it's good enough for me. 🤠
Bailey Hatfield
Bailey Hatfield 10 napja
See theres 2 sides to this story or two ways to see it. 1: They got so much flack for a poor product thye had to change to not go broke. 2: They seen all of the flack for a seemingly weak product and improved and now offer a better product to make their users and buyers happier and safer. I see their comment below and it seems like they care. I mean...Master locks hasn't changed anything so? We all know they suck, most of them anyways, but if you need a cheap lock which prevents...a child, from opening something, they're nice.
Kelikaku Coutin
Kelikaku Coutin 10 napja
Keep up the good work. בס״ד
Curtis K
Curtis K 10 napja
The real question is, what locks does this guy actually recommend? Im convinced any lock is worthless after this channel
Cleiton Oliveira
Is this the lock for Jordan Peterson's bike?
Trav Pots
Trav Pots 10 napja
Good job
Go Away
Go Away 10 napja
Stop the lockdown
Peter Vichi
Peter Vichi 10 napja
Why is watching your videos so enjoyable? Because you represent the result of bright parents and excellent teachers along ho locurs of focused practice resulting in a master locksmith. You are a JOY to watch and I hope you continue for as long as you feel so inclined and that you do so in the best of health.
Brandon Herrin
Brandon Herrin 10 napja
Once again, I want to see LPL doing these picks in real world scenarios. A lot of the picks he does here would be significantly harder when it's locked around an object. Trying to get an angle to do the pick on a street up against a pole, as an example. Just saying, a lot of the products he bashes that people seem to love him for, are far more secure in use because getting to the mechanisms in a real world situation can/is far tougher. I do respect what he does. No hate. Just trying to keep things a little more fair.
C. Jg.
C. Jg. 10 napja
What LPL really is, is a free consultant for lock companies. But not all listen. Or watch.
GRAYgoose124 10 napja
You can't ask for perfection, but you can ask for improvement. Thanks LPL for holding companies accountable and thanks Lobster Lock for responding to that accountability.
Thaddeus W
Thaddeus W 10 napja
1:11 lol he said the thing
SkyOctopus 10 napja
I'd love to see a video about how a wafer lock is different to a disc detainer.
Namiko Sai
Namiko Sai 10 napja
It was all over the moment he brought out "The pick that Bosnianbill and I made"
-- 10 napja
IMHO, most of the locks (bike lock especially) are designed to withstand another social group than lockpickers ..... opportunistic thiefs, homeless etc. .... no one will actually bother to picking bike lock, either they brute force cut it or just steal another bike ..... it is just fact, no matter how insecure the bike lock is. Just a food for thoughts:)
Reegareth 10 napja
Ayyyyy! That's one of the best lock reviews I've seen from LPL Congrats Lobster Lock :3
Sebastian Kleinod
Why does my brain wants to know all this information about locks!?
macaak 11 napja
Bosnian Bill did i hear that right? is that guy from Bosnia?? I mean the name would suggest that but idk.
Ascalone Vanmoure
This is one good lock
hansontan2010 11 napja
Lobster Lock inventor like 😱
OddPoppet Esq.
OddPoppet Esq. 11 napja
LPL needs a wheelbarrow to carry his balls after that Bosnian Bill comment... MLG, nah lpl is a MLP!!!
Very cool to see lobster lock interacting with lockpickinglawyer. Shows a company that cares about its product and improves upon it.
Arvin 11 napja
#unlocksbetter ❌❌❌ #locksbetter ✅✅✅
Dovah Elioth
Dovah Elioth 11 napja
He meant "It's pretty much pick proof now. Unless or a lockpicking God like me."
Stephen Griffiths
When you're picking the lock, it sounds like I'm at the dentist 😂
Gourry Gabrief
Gourry Gabrief 11 napja
Now it doesn't open anymore when you fidget it with a piece of can. That's an improvement. Next time, they'll maybe discover the concept of false gates.
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 11 napja
It’s harder to look at the lock then actually picking it
moofymoo 11 napja
I wish Zoidberg lock also had ink defense. whoop whoop whoop!
MrZorg 11 napja
Your very humble, you saw the change, and commended them for it. AWESOME. Just love your video's. I'll never do it, but it's fun to watch you defeat anything that comes your way. :-)
Krellio 900
Krellio 900 11 napja
If LPL needs to pull out "The Pick Bosnian Bill and I made" means that thing is pretty secure.
Yashar MJ
Yashar MJ 11 napja
That pick is sooo cheating lol
LordZeus 11 napja
If you see your company name lock on this channel and it's a short video...time to get up the r&d department for a new design
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Hwangster 11 napja
Its good to know that there are actually companies out there checking out videos and improving their product.
Fee 11 napja
@LPL would you ever consider letting us know the origins of that disc detainer lock pick? Specifically I’d like to know any parties involved with the manufacturing &/or creation of it.
Big-J 11 napja
LPL should do a series on most difficult locks to pick in categories such as pad locks, trailer locks, door locks, etc.
Zane Da Magic Puffer Dragon
Sweet Upgrade To An Awesome 😎 Lock 🔐
Zach M
Zach M 11 napja
LPL: Lobster lock, look at me. I am the quality control now.
B Val
B Val 11 napja
Glad they are learning
Gordon Laplante
Gordon Laplante 11 napja
I commend the owner! I also own a business and design our product and let me tell you criticism really stings. Like wake up most nights thinking of solutions, but if you don't accept faults and change your product then you are just kidding yourself. LPL and LL nice work... Now for 3.0
Tobacc0 11 napja
And all you need is a $200 tool and 5 years of skills...