[1268] Jaguar XK8 Door Lock Picked 

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The referenced Ford video: [1255] Ford Transit Van Lock Picked hurun.info/to/vide/lqygw3mZxnejppY.html



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Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins 3 napja
Okay yeah....... that dudes unpickable lock will be picked with a tool like this....
coolasianbro 3 napja
how to unlock this bag of chips i'm holding please, need to eat while binge watching
Bobmcjoepants 3 napja
It's an old Jag. Look at it weirdly and it'll fall out of the housing
Sebbus Webbus
Sebbus Webbus 4 napja
Who else is thinking about The Grand Tour.
Anon P
Anon P 5 napja
These techniques are scarily easy! Thank goodness we have moved on with lock technology on cars. 😀 You said the 6 disk tool wouldn't work on the Jaguar lock but would the Jaguar 8 disk tool work on the Ford lock?
Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter 5 napja
Good tools aren't cheap and cheap tools aren't good.
Oliver T
Oliver T 5 napja
Fuzznut Napja
@Oliver T Jag-u-are is the correct pronunciation in the UK. LPL is American, and the correct pronunciation in the US is Jag-war. And honestly, both are wrong, since the originators of the word were Portugese settlers in SA, their Js are pronounced as H. Like Hahg-war or something similar.
Oliver T
Oliver T 2 napja
@Fuzznut although the origin is interesting, I didn’t know that!
Oliver T
Oliver T 2 napja
@Fuzznut it’s a British car manufacturer, and as we’re talking about a key for a Jaguar car I think you’ll find it’s “Jag-you-are”
Fuzznut 2 napja
It's a Portugese word, that's how it's pronounced. Not the bastardized UK "Jag you are"
Joe Dahl
Joe Dahl 6 napja
The 60s French film Le Samuraï (a superb film in it's own right) contains a scene where the protagonist uses a huge set of keys to start a stolen Citroën DS, surely there's an easier way and more discreet way to start the ignition? If i can find i clip, I'll post it, but i believe it's worth watching simply because it's a great film too, but the huge set of keys he carries around with him is simply ridiculous!
Tyler Feemster
The trick isnt getting into the Jaguar, it's getting it to start up when you do.
JustWrasslin 6 napja
I feel like the lpl whenever I unlock my bathroom door with a butter knife
Jonathan Perales
Have stuf made here send you his unpickable look?
Hatem 7 napja
You revived the evil inside me 😅
Marc G
Marc G 8 napja
i reported your video, you can pick door locks but not car locks and you even name the car, i hope they close your channel
aspirinemaga 8 napja
who dafuq needs to steal this neverending maintenance garbages ? Dumb thief will do a favor to Jaguar owner by stealing that piece of crap...
Trent Trevorrow
Johnny Boy
Johnny Boy 8 napja
Why can’t Americans pronounce ‘Jaguar’ correctly?
RWBHere 9 napja
What is a Jagwar?
Helios0909 9 napja
why are car locks so different from regular locks
KUB04 9 napja
Hey lady in the Jaguar, who you tryin to impress?
Sweet addiction to awesomeness
Has the guy from Stuff made here sent you his 🔐for you to try? We are waiting for you to try, best luck 😉
Ian Britstone
Ian Britstone 10 napja
There are only 3 positions for each of the wafers, unlike the Ford variant that has 4. The key blanks themselves have a slightly different tip shape, as an aside. When I first started autolocksmithing there were none of these "Caterpillar" picks, so we had set each wafer using a pick. For other vehicle locks we used scopes to decode the locks, and make keys that way. Perhaps a scoping video might be instructional...
SilentGaming 10 napja
Looks complex Nah
LordCeeJay 10 napja
I had a 2000 Jag XK8. Good thing I never parked near you.
Steve T
Steve T 10 napja
Can someone point out the letter "W" in JagUar? Like the double "O's" in HUrun, sorry YouToob. Do American's think use of letter "U" will summon Satan?. Jagwar! Give me a break!!!
IAmEkza 11 napja
Tedacules 11 napja
Jag is a much better company now....
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
Rodrigues Icaro
Rodrigues Icaro 11 napja
the CEO of locks watching his videos: HE CAN'T KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT! *sobs*
Jacob Paint
Jacob Paint 11 napja
All Jaguars have a built-in starter randomiser so even if they pick the lock there is a good chance it wont start.
David Lindes
David Lindes 11 napja
That tool seems like it would be a *pain* to manufacture... but easy to use!
EinStijn13 11 napja
0:49 "If you do however have the right tool" Would 50 grams of C4 be considered 'right' to open a car door? 🤣
Bennett Lewis
Bennett Lewis 11 napja
How many Jags do I have to boost to afford the pick?
ThunderMCR 11 napja
Can you pick it while it’s inside the car door?
Give Academy
Give Academy 12 napja
but why did he not use "the tool that bosnian bill and I made" ???? ;)
Axel Gieck
Axel Gieck 12 napja
Is this the Jaguar Pick Bosnian Bill and you build...??
Amateur Shooter
Amateur Shooter 12 napja
Thanks LPL
Reinis Lusis
Reinis Lusis 12 napja
How does that tool work? Are there 7 super thin-walled tubes inside? Is it easy to break this tool?
RochRich 12 napja
James Rochon
James Rochon 12 napja
Could have been a fluke!
Juicy Fruit
Juicy Fruit 12 napja
If Tawny Kitaen isn't dancing on the hood, I'll pass.
Tommy Bridges
Tommy Bridges 12 napja
My only comment is that the Jaguar Key has a CHIP in it. It must be programmed to start the car. I had a new key made for my 1999 XJ8 Vanden Plas; it fits and turns just fine, but it won't start the car. The dealer wants $200+ to program the key! I said No and still use my original key. Lol!
Killerofcats 12 napja
Glenn Smith
Glenn Smith 12 napja
It’s Ja Gu Ar not JagWar
Captain Traction
"But its okay, because he has a jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag"
David S
David S 12 napja
How do you pick a lock on a Ford? Straight blade screwdriver works just like a key every time. Easy-peasy. Not to mention opening with a "key" also shuts off the security system. I filled all my locks in with glue - right up to the top. At least that will require a LITTLE effort by some jerk breaking in.
Dead Reckon
Dead Reckon 12 napja
Everytime someone says "Jag-Warr" or "Jag-Wire" I can't help but hear Jeremy Clarkson scoffing haha
Rick Martin
Rick Martin 12 napja
US: JAG-war UK: JAG-yoo-er
The Retro Collector
LPL, what's your lock collection look like?
Luxornv 13 napja
Lpl: ...disk detainer core... Viewers: he's gonna say it *video plays out* Viewers: wtf, he didn't say it!
Toto Guy
Toto Guy 13 napja
Did you know with the ford locks you can use any ford key to lock the vehicle but obviously you cant use any key to open it
yakir11114 13 napja
hey lpl, i have a question in those cases where you come across an interesting or unusual lock/core can you gut them? like you did in the past thanks !
Pixelmace 13 napja
Thats a good lock if you need a specialized tool
WASDxMerceless 13 napja
Any update on the lock from Stuff Made Here? Or has it go you stumped and we just don't know it yet? 😆
amogus 13 napja
Shamingeverysinglelockbrand lawyer
Colin Toohey
Colin Toohey 13 napja
You got that stuff made here lock yet? We're waiting
Luke 13 napja
Where is the stuff made here lock review
Gream Desu
Gream Desu 13 napja
When will you make a vid about Stuff Made Here's unpickable lock?
WASDxMerceless 13 napja
I have a feeling it may have actually beaten him, and we just don't know it.
Tommuli Haudankaivaja
Who here watches Incursus?
Alejandro Sintes Ruiz de la Escalera
Weee now I have a Jaguar :D
ruediix 13 napja
I'd like to see you pick it with your generic disk detainer lock tool. I presume Jaguar was using thse in addition to some electronic security as well in the recent years which they used them.
Benedek Benko
Benedek Benko 13 napja
Hi, I couldn’t decode one of these, however I managed to take it apart with a small screwdriver and reset the code. www.masterlock.eu/home-personal/product/8229EURDPRO
Jan Stoud Platou
I can only say "This is the lock picking lawyer" and the locks is open. Works every time.
Michał Kwieciński
How much for that pick ? It's not cheap is it ?
Rice Rice
Rice Rice 13 napja
Status on the stuff made here lock?
John Anderson
John Anderson 13 napja
I dont know if you read these comments, @LockPickingLawyer, but what is the best way to get into non destructive entry?
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero 13 napja
Supertech 13 napja
ahem.... Jag-YOU-Are.... not Jag War. You sound like an ignorant colonist. :D Long live the Queen!
martin 13 napja
Is that the tool that you and Bosnian Bill did NOT make?
ThatKiwiGuy 13 napja
Where is shane's lock
illitero 13 napja
That's a really nice pick, I want one. LOL
NobleSix 13 napja
Stay tuned for my next video to watch me pick open both the gates of Heaven and then Hell.
Cody Seren
Cody Seren 13 napja
The lock picking lawyer has been challenged. hurun.info/to/vide/kHCmsoSZz4u4tZo.html
Arslan Hassan
Arslan Hassan 13 napja
I'll just say and give you a challenge in this. You can't pick a lock on the other side of the door.
Craig McVeigh
Craig McVeigh 13 napja
Opening the door is fine, rob the contents, your not going to drive the car away though.
jgordonyyz 13 napja
I guess Bosnian Bill didn’t invent this one.
Brad Jones Go-Karting
I'm an auto locksmith and I love it when people think we don't have these ways to break in to cars 😅
ThaFuzzwood 13 napja
Windows always open, some only once.
Steven Gomez
Steven Gomez 13 napja
Why are you showing people how to pick locks? I understand it's with the intention to give buyers awareness to the fact that locks have flaws but robbers are more inclined to watch these videos than potential buyers. Potential buys are relying on the inherent security of them to give them peace of mind. You are just giving robbers more of an advantage and not protecting the consumer.
SammySamff1 13 napja
You know you're fucked up on Easter when you see the thumbnail while you're taking a mushrooms shit and say "oh damn that's Like 12 cylinders"
Declan O’Cuidigthigh
It’s the same lock as the lock for a Ford transit of that era
Benny Dewey
Benny Dewey 13 napja
Still thinking about the johnson episode....
DarkReno94 13 napja
Can you do a video showing the storage of all your locks. The storage solution must be insane.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith 13 napja
thanks for teaching me this, just stole my neighbors jaguar
Straatzz 13 napja
Can you do a video on the zamtac retro cyliner lock
Maverick 13 napja
My first car, a Ford Escort, had that kind of lock. My mom was borrowing my car one day and managed to unlock, start and drive half the way home with a different Ford 😂
cadavernl nee
cadavernl nee 3 napja
Haha, at work (we had a car fleet) I drove away in the wrong car and found out in front of the customer that I had the wrong stuff with me.
Maverick 6 napja
@Shane Earley No, just a different Escort 😅
Shane Earley
Shane Earley 6 napja
I take it she didn’t drive home in a Ford GT?
you think ford being supreme penny pinchers is a joke, probably overblown, but then stories like yours start cropping up everywhere...
Mr. Beacher
Mr. Beacher 13 napja
Will the pick he built with Bosnian Bill work too?
Joe Public
Joe Public 13 napja
Nobody wants to steal a 2006 jaguar 😆
Gummiel 13 napja
So for obvious reason's you can use the 6-disc tool when there is 8-disc, but would the other way work (ie. using the 8-disc tool for a 6-disc lock), or said otherwise, does the tool have to match the locked in disc count exactly or does the tool just have to have the same or more disc than the lock?
John Mitchell
John Mitchell 13 napja
What's a Jagwire?
Greyson 13 napja
giant midget
giant midget 13 napja
can you use the 8 disc tool to open the 6 disc lock ?
michjsear 13 napja
LPL sounds so much like Samcrac
Cameron G
Cameron G 13 napja
I dare him to try to lock pick my Tesla😂
Animal Planet’s
You make everything fucking sexual
Kenneth Nielsen
Kenneth Nielsen 13 napja
SHIFTY 13 napja
Worst key ever. JAG-YOU-ARE
Eric Schneid
Eric Schneid 13 napja
Cathal Graham
Cathal Graham 13 napja
What’s the best lock pick set for a beginner
Richard Barnett
Richard Barnett 13 napja
Jag u er
Meelek Edits
Meelek Edits 13 napja
Over all these years LPL destroyed many locks and companies and build his reputation to finally bring out his own lock! Give it to us, the only one lock we need and we can trust in !
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