[1269] Meet Locks Bicycle U-Lock Picked 

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The Editor AMVs
The Editor AMVs 3 órája
You only have to look more secure than the bicycle nextdoor
Areeb Masoodi
It's like surgery
Jose Rodriguez
I'm starting to believe those unlikes are from us who are disappointed it doesn't come equipped with a disc detainer core 😝😝
Easy as pi
Cain Beyer
Cain Beyer Napja
"little but harder than I was expecting" Lock making companies: WRITE THAT DOWN.
Bryan levie
Bryan levie 3 napja
Hey man you should look up "Making an unpickable lock. Calling locksmiths" from the Stuff Made Here HUrun channel and try and get the lock to pick it
Walter O
Walter O 4 napja
Was looking for a new bike lock, and just purchased it, after watching this video.
Facundo Morales Diorio
Thanks, now those cost double the price now
George Wang
George Wang 4 napja
Time to buy these
kylejiahsmith 4 napja
For the price, I'm quite impressed
Ethan Liu
Ethan Liu 5 napja
Could you please look at the hiplok u locks?
Devin Overmeyer
Your videos haven't popped up into my subscription page for the past week. Got some videos to catch up on.
Dale Anguiano
Dale Anguiano 6 napja
Ngl, that Z bar thiccc.
Eclispestar 6 napja
If you say its a bit hard it must be golden
Wict·Imov Go·Vo·Nca
One and a half minutes to pick, its a long time since I have seen LPL take that long to open a lock.
Sam Bo
Sam Bo 6 napja
Y don't u partner with Kryptonite or Masterlock a nd help them make a really good lock, since u know all the ins and outs of (unconventionaly) opening a lock?
Sam Bo
Sam Bo 6 napja
As in help them make an unpickable lock.
Marken Angel
Marken Angel 7 napja
i took him almost 100 seconds to pick what‽
dj manix
dj manix 7 napja
This guy reminds me of the Keymaker in the Matrix - love that guy :)
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 8 napja
That took way too long for the average bike thief to even attempt. The core is pickproof for all practical applications
Going Green Garage
😂😂😂 harder than he thought, aye took him a whopping
RWBHere 9 napja
From now onwards, these locks will be made more cheaply, so with less security.
That is a winner.
David Zuckerman
Short of buying a lock that costs as much as the bike it's locking, this lock seems like a pretty good value.
Google User
Google User 9 napja
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 9 napja
he already picked it
Viktoria Thaelin
3 minute video?!? Must be a good lock!
sdluke 9 napja
Any video more than 2 minutes it's an above average lock
Dman 14
Dman 14 9 napja
Has LPL ever fully endorsed a lock of any kind? I can't imagine he has or else they would be the only locks in existence anymore right?
Jcewazhere 9 napja
I would love to see LPL pick locks in situ. It's very different bench picking vs trying not to get bit by a bike chain while picking.
Mathew Michuta
I'd love to see this gutted against one at a higher price point...
killachief187 9 napja
I don't feel safe locking my bike anymore.
Sweet addiction to awesomeness
Stuff made here lock 🔐picking video? I thought so
Redreezy YouBeezy
Youre welcome @LockpickLawyer
Ma L
Ma L 10 napja
I´m looking for a light (- after seeing a few videos on your channel - just a little bit secure) bike lock for my new gravel bike. Do you have any suggestions? I´m planning to buy the Bordo lite, because I´m living in the neighborhood of the Abus headquarter. What do you think?
William Haynes
William Haynes 10 napja
any lock that last more than 20 seconds on a LPL video gets a Good rating
Robbert Sullivan
Nothing is in safe when you hear the first *click*
Kiowakid Anon
Kiowakid Anon 10 napja
Much rather watch any of these videos, then anything about the kardashians or tiktokers crying around.
Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious 10 napja
The comments: LPL said this was harder than expected. I need to get this! Me: too bad most bike thieves’ lock picks are circular grinders.
Dog Eater
Dog Eater 10 napja
never saw him struggle this mucuh with a lock lol
Jeff 10 napja
I think this may be a decent lock for my kids bikes
Lee Blake
Lee Blake 10 napja
LPL: "better than I was expecting" Mev *immediately looks into buying stock"
ImOldGregBro 10 napja
You wake up in the middle of the night and hear some noises at your door.. You put your ear to the door and hear.. "Nice click out of 2.. Nothing on 3.. Click out of 4"
Thomas W
Thomas W 11 napja
Woha, a bit harder than expected means it's basically pick proof.
Con Cahill
Con Cahill 11 napja
Better than a Master Lock. . . . . . . .
Jimjamjul 11 napja
This lock is about to sell out everywhere
Kevin Erickson
Kevin Erickson 11 napja
"It was a bit harder than I expected." And just like that sales went up.
Me and My Jogja
Me and My Jogja 11 napja
'a bit harder' means 99.99/10 for a $30 lock - let see how much they increasing sales a month after this video... 😁
hardyan pajero
hardyan pajero 11 napja
opeth84 11 napja
Passed the 8 second LPL time -> Manufacturer having a party tonight
Der Stoff aus dem Joghurt gemacht ist
You should crowdfund a watercutter or something to gut every lock after picking. Would get you tons of clicks for the satisfyingness.
Mark B
Mark B 11 napja
Thanks for sharing
Davii Mai
Davii Mai 11 napja
Ok, Chinese product, you get a pass.
tomek kądziela
tomek kądziela 11 napja
Still waiting for stuff made here lock
TheBobi321 11 napja
How can I be sure this is not a fluke?
Jan Dudziak
Jan Dudziak 11 napja
Out of curiousity, how's things with the lock made by "Stuff made here"?
Ronnie Flodman
Ronnie Flodman 11 napja
do not say y pick them all ..the best picker of all time is Jeff Sitar...
Ronnie Flodman
Ronnie Flodman 11 napja
hi lockpl. .. do you have a Naughty Bucket fore bosnianbill .. just curious ..;)
Anto Noza
Anto Noza 11 napja
sooo, is there a lock ou there that can not be picket? or one thats really really safe?
Killerofcats 11 napja
Josh Garufi
Josh Garufi 11 napja
The other day I saw someone lock their keys in their car. Could you make a video of picking a car door?
Man-Eating Monkey
Me thinks the company sent him this lock
Alfio Locatelli
Alfio Locatelli 11 napja
Still waiting the lock from "Stuff made here"!
Rafangel 2007
Rafangel 2007 11 napja
I wonder if he even has keys to his own house.
Great Leader
Great Leader 11 napja
A 3 minute video with 2 minutes of lock picking? Well this lock should be getting sold for $500 if it took LPL 2 minutes to open it up.
Markus Strangl
Markus Strangl 11 napja
With the mention of plastics interiors I was kinda expecting LPL to try and force it open with a screwdriver afterwards. Would have been nice to see whether one can actually skip the picking.
Supertech 11 napja
I really want to see a video of a bike thief "Click out of one, no movement on 2, click out of 3." As he's trying to steal one. (we will all know where he got the tutorial) ;D
leroy brown
leroy brown 11 napja
Dude when you gonna pick that dudes unpickable lock
banksiasong 11 napja
So, should Locksport become an Olympic sport?
Robert Lane
Robert Lane 11 napja
Feel like LPL is @shawnwoods / mouse trap monday's with maybe a slight voice changer
lost and confused
Well that was a surprise.
Sandra Johansson
any news on that unpick lock that was made by that guy on youtube. we still are wating to se if you will fail for the first time:D
Chad Burkle
Chad Burkle 11 napja
What's the best kind of bike lock to get?
zac mcgurty
zac mcgurty 11 napja
You should do the awesafe it’s a “smart” hand gun safe
saturniox 11 napja
Now I want to buy one. And I don't even own a bike.
skinnerMTB 11 napja
The person that sent that to you probably owns the global inventory and is about to make a killing on Amazon!
Scott Titchener
Scott Titchener 11 napja
"A bit harder than I was expecting." -LPL Meet Locks is going to put that on their packaging now.
J R Deckard
J R Deckard 11 napja
An LPL video over two minutes means that the lock is fairly good.
NA 11 napja
Could bill send you locks from time to time that he struggles with to you. I want to see you struggle. Nobody’s perfect, your good but I want to see you break a sweat
Ilya Ibrahimovic
For $25 this really gave him a hard time
kaylor87 11 napja
Plot Twist: LPL owns MEETLOCKS
kaylor87 11 napja
But will it blend??
RekTec Jedithon
RekTec Jedithon 11 napja
When are you doing the "unpickable" lock from Stuff Made Here?
James Misener
James Misener 11 napja
Look like a good bike lock to me.
billy morris
billy morris 11 napja
Hi plz could you do a lock picking 101 video
Manny Perez
Manny Perez 11 napja
This is probably the most secured bike lock I've ever seen
Cobra Heli
Cobra Heli 11 napja
pick the stuff lock
c2ashman 11 napja
This is a really good lock and the price is right. I'd buy that lock.
EinStijn13 11 napja
Meets Locks is definitely about to throw a party and hand out some bonuses after this video 🤣
Kyle Kinkade
Kyle Kinkade 11 napja
Take a lesson Master Lock!!!
PLease Kill Me
PLease Kill Me 11 napja
In other peoples terms "Its a decent lock"
wolfpile1 11 napja
By LPL standards, that is a "must buy."
James McCann
James McCann 11 napja
I know what lock im purchasing for my bike!
Nope 11 napja
A bike lock video longer than 3 minutes? That's some high praise.
Robbie the Robot
I would buy that lock!
Lewis 11 napja
Can u make up a rating system and then give the locks a rating Like how easy to pick Materials used Security Or something like that. U don’t even need to say it in the video just say in the description “5” for example
Ken Manning
Ken Manning 11 napja
Thanks for presenting all the “how to” videos teaching bicycle thieves how best to steal my bike. What are you thinking when you present your self-titled best exploits? If you imagine that your videos are doing anyone a favour you are sadly mistaken.
Yasirpathan 1st
Yasirpathan 1st 11 napja
Any lock available please contact me on Instagram @Yasir_pathan_1st
Gourry Gabrief
Gourry Gabrief 11 napja
Considering the time he took to pick it, and the number of tries he had to do, this cheap chinese lock is very secure. Too bad it can be smashed easily with a hammer.
xDefcon 11 napja
This lock got an LPL rating higher than Fort Knox
jack craft
jack craft 12 napja
do you do videos on car door or ingnition locks? if not can do some? I wonder if they could be picked. sprecially ignition locks.
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