[1270] Same Garbage, Different Name... A Common Problem 

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TheSolipsist0 2 perccel
I wonder if someone used this „lock“ on a bike or something and acidently pulls the bike: Will the lock open?! 🤪
ICY-HURR 2 perccel
Wish he would explain the reasoning behind it opening like that
Jasonmanguy 45 perccel
I would rather you call these companies out than allowing them to slip through the cracks
Josue Go
Josue Go 45 perccel
You sounded like Enviosity. 🤔
Flash Thunder
Flash Thunder 50 perccel
now make another video about the next brand :D
Tanmay Garg
Tanmay Garg 53 perccel
He is getting better and better from clicks on three to bang on 1
Fairuz Fairuz
Fairuz Fairuz 57 perccel
Oh no, I was thinking about getting these type of lock for my bike... Thankfully I found this video
Arctic Wolf Official
Wasn't planning on buying a lock, but i'm glad i got the vid in my recommendations in the event that i eventually do end up buying one.
Jun Arnold Totaan
Still waiting for the impossible lock made by stuff made here
Musk Reality
Musk Reality Órája
I guess this is how LOCK bottom feels like
Alfian Fahmi
Alfian Fahmi 2 órája
And here we can see one of the things where the "Traditional" beats the "Modern".
Sawa D Frog Casting
You are the problem for lock makers.making videos on how to get pass the locks without a key.a thief may not come across any of the locks that is guarding someones home but walla.with your free video.they now know how to.not even a welded shut door cannot be opened.think about it.
Jimmy Sager
Jimmy Sager 2 órája
Bro talking like goofy
Muglok Decrepitus
Fuck now I don't know how to buy, before was like, "I see something for 30€ on Amazon and 10€ on AliExpress probably the 10€ one is only a falsification that will last 2 month only, so better buy the 30€ one that is the original with better quality" And now is like "I see a product for 10€ on AliExpress but then I saw the same for 30€ on Amazon. Better buy the AliExpress one, because the Amazon one will be the same product but for the triple of the price" Really, now we are simply fucked, we don't know wtf are we buying
Fasel Fasel
Fasel Fasel 2 órája
When a brand is already named Anytek, that should be a redflag.
Mouse 3 órája
Someone in this comment whos called "Rodrigues Icaro" is the kind of rude person who can change conversation topic very quickly, not gonna lie.
H. A.
H. A. 4 órája
This is common in every product category made in China. Rebranding is a non-issue for them since you can request to have your logo on any product.
- _-
- _- 4 órája
A real man never uses locks
Justin Case
Justin Case 4 órája
Is everywhere the same. With many other products.
CLOUD NINE 5 órája
Ahh. Kinda like "trump" and "biden" it all makes sence... Ha
Wes_The_Hunter 5 órája
Whats sad is big companies Such as Audio-Technica, Bush, Phillips, Sony ect ect Get poor quality mass produced crap and slap their logo and charge a premium price.
Loud Mime
Loud Mime 6 órája
I had this lock. it was so bad. You can pull or yank it and it will easily come off. And we used it in our apartment its so embarassing.
Gejamugam Latsoomanam
Basically because the sellers didn't sponsor this guy's video, he makes this fake video (after tampering with the locks to make them open easily) to sabotage their sales
MikeThe Melon
MikeThe Melon 6 órája
*Thiefs:* interesting...
Pretty shocked
Alex 7 órája
Don't look at my pfp
Thanks to you I got alot of target jackpot today. I'm a house thief
Les Nelson
Les Nelson 9 órája
there's probably no locking mechanism in them most likely just magnets that is why they open so easy
Anti-Fangirl Fanclub
You know it’s bad when LPL calls it garbage
RpiesSPIES 10 órája
I worked at a warehouse in vendor returns doing destroys and saw so much of the aliexpress crap on CONSTANT flow. The fact that storefronts like Amazon have almost exclusively on them makes it very hard to find products that are actually worth buying.
Rick Y.
Rick Y. 10 órája
This guy is the boss! Lol
D.B Cooper
D.B Cooper 10 órája
i guess this shit was from indiegogo
ViciousOnTheTrack 10 órája
Keep exposing them 😈
Peter Gomez
Peter Gomez 11 órája
Techpriest Mutt
Techpriest Mutt 11 órája
If LPL insults you, you know you have MASSIVELY screwed up
Shadow Reptile
Shadow Reptile 11 órája
Will any mallet work on them or just the urethane ones?
Adam Koetsier
Adam Koetsier 11 órája
Yes...this is exactly what dropshipping is.
Raven Rav
Raven Rav 11 órája
1 little tap ended that whole lock(s) career
Boomblox5896 12 órája
I have no idea why anyone would want to copy a "worthless" lock like this. (Other than for money of course) That seems almost counterproductive to be doing that as soon as this lock gets bad reviews. It would have been better to copy a half-decent lock or at least try to improve it somehow than do this.
im SANAholic
im SANAholic 13 órája
this channel says facts. those products are garbage
napadaan lang
napadaan lang 13 órája
Can you please feature the GIVI Motorcycle locks?
Swetang Sharma
Swetang Sharma 13 órája
My friend put one of these on his door. HE IS NOW WORTHLESS...
Juggie Bonebrain
Juggie Bonebrain 13 órája
Equally worthless...like my last two relationships.
Pomelo Tools
Pomelo Tools 13 órája
Keep doing this thing. You help people to waste their money on junk.
alex saavedra
alex saavedra 13 órája
Has he ever put up locks he recommends? Like these videos are awesome, love seeing him expose the crap locks, but yeah show me a video of you trying to open something that’s well made
Paguo 14 órája
this review was so calm yet so agressive
George St-Baptiste
George St-Baptiste 14 órája
This is the hammer smashing lawyer
Earof Misinfinomation
these small lock is prone to " hammer tap ", be it this kind of lock or a key one.
memes by the people
Your videos have taught me so much... i've just stole $500 and want to thank you
John Phillips
John Phillips 15 órája
That's impressive just how horrible those "locks" are.
It's Ok To Be White
Black labeled China garbage
Ranger Ryz
Ranger Ryz 18 órája
You the type of guy to braai on gas
This does not only happen on locks, its almost on everything. Those companies just change the name and logo, and release the same trash products to scam innocents
Alan Samuel
Alan Samuel 19 órája
Man!!! Haven't you seen that, even if you hit the lock couple of times it didn't got damaged and the finger print also worked, so you don't have to buy another. Afterall a durable product indeed.
Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson 20 órája
"Same garbage, different name" Like Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge?
Cal 20 órája
Scary to think locks that brand themselves as "secure" can be busted open with such ease...
októ 21 órája
but do they scan the fingers tho?
Sohad 22 órája
Jaosn Fuller
Jaosn Fuller 22 órája
It's called branded dropshipping. It's ALL over amazon or custom shopify websites for ALL kinds of products. When you buy one of the dropshippers products, they just buy it from alibaba or similar site for cheap and use your address to ship it. People makes loads of money doing this because customers are too lazy to notice.
mobile game is not video games
Give it to China to ruin everything they touch
Jonathan Chiang
Jonathan Chiang 22 órája
ahhh, so i need to buy stuff on ali and sell it for profit on amazon... helloooo retirement!
JC K 23 órája
half of what we produce is garbage from day 1, the other half is designed to up as garbage as fast as possible 🙂
Athaariq Ardiansyah
Manufacturer: mission failed successfully
BackFromTheAsh UwU
BackFromTheAsh UwU 23 órája
Burh its just a shitty electro magnet and they sell that for 40?
These Brands highest core value is your money
Shepard Napja
I have issues with a rebranded chinese product. At least make it cheaper than what I could get it for from buying from China. Why would I pay for an extra for the same thing, because I am unable to do a search on internet? If it's more than %50 more expensive than the original product, warranty doesn't make it any more worth it.
AntidoteX2 Napja
Making such locks should be considered a crime. People use them and believe their stuff is safe.
Ahmed Abdul
That made me wonder if open palm of hand hitting it could produce the same result.
bobby galyon
R.I.P to the person who bought this on Amazon for $55 😢
Ulubatlı Napja
"digital" is the most common fraud in our century.
smek Napja
I am 1:30 in and he hasn't even started yet. This is truly a bunch of garbage.
S A Napja
I've been subbed to lockpickinglawyer for years. Today I find out im unsubbed :S
Let's Get Lyrics
There were a program of Amazon support resellers buy from alibaba and ali express and sell with 10x to 100x the price. *Capitalism
jake halle
jake halle Napja
Holy shit, didn’t even have to pick it or nothing,
Ameen Hassan
ആദ്യം പറഞ്ഞ കാര്യം 101% ശെരി ആണ്.
Random-G Napja
Anytap is more like it
benton r.p.
I've seen the beginning of more dumb Grammarly commercials on HUrun than the number of times I've blinked in my time on this planet. No one should accuse you of being repetitive on this platform.
Jeremy Stanley
Can you anyone say copyright violation
NeeL Napja
Since they are the same lock, and seem magnetic. Can you mace a christmas tree decoration by connecting bunch of these?
If you want a keyless lock for a gym locker, just get a mechanical combination lock. No need to worry about the battery dying.
Bryan Taylor
Terrible that such crap is even produced
Anime MAN
Anime MAN Napja
Nani sore- Sore wa mattaku yakunitatanai.
International Karl
However who walks around with a hammer? What about a standard thief’s tool for say a bike
How rare it is to hear about American companies copying any Chinese product
Robert Nine
Not sure if you've already done it, but how about a top 10 locks? You always show us what to avoid.....why not show us what to buy??
phxgen Napja
Think someone of above average strength could just walk by and casually yank one off (whoever's thinking it, haha but stfu) manually?
King of the Lurkers
Good thing it could only be open with a youratain mallet
Albie The KIWI Cocker
OMG they are really crap? Now anyone using these will have to bin them...good vid
Chinese made
Simon Ci
Simon Ci Napja
New record. Open in 0.01 sec.
Coconutz Napja
What a Genius Title
alek Napja
Actually it's an iconic product.
Maic Haav
Maic Haav Napja
Same was with some "gaming headset's" They were rebranded by different companies that sold rm for like 10-20€ I then saw them with a different branding on wish for can you guess? 1 goddamn Euro
Dria Nyte
Dria Nyte Napja
this is like on tiktok lol, imagine many people bought this lock and get robbed lol
Lilingu Hongo
now it seems there's only one question left... if a "lock" is defined as "a mechanical device used to secure items of importance" ... why's the same word used for those thingies...?
Mr KKC Napja
Basically summing up the entirety of Chinese knockoffs
you know when he puts garbage in his title you're gon get hammered
Maciej Załucki
Well, it might be cheaper than similar size clip hook sometimes...
Garvit Sakhuja
This is business
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